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Rainy Days of October

"Rainy Days of October" (2002)

1. Rainy Days Of October
2. Naughty Elegy
3. Damsel Of Grief
4. Desperanter
5. Reap The Grand
6. Buried Alive
7. A Deeper Gray
8. Vile Pledge

1. Rainy Days Of October

2. Naughty Elegy

distressful decisions take charge of thee
the ones who deny to dare and measure the risk
passive suicide fight for the dimmest kind
praising to pleasure, immunizing my mind

I embraced so many oceans
I defeated darker storms
I have scorned your beliefs
I wilt not live through this

nourished by lies, chains that vindicate
thou took back on what was consumate
hemispheres collide and mists refuse
to roam in the void is for the obtuse

bear the denial of the naugthy elegy
damn the unborn and adore who flee
you shall see that I dwell in a nightmare
red stained furious eyes unable to stare

3. Damsel Of Grief

farewell, damsel of grief
you have never been so nigh
sadness is your birthmark
tearstained fate's beginning to writhe

faltering steps from the cradle
lead me to these grasping thoughts
life could be just a fable
neverending pile of knots

harlot, crumbles on her knees
flawless skills brings anything you please
mundane, insane cult of fall
securing peace by clinging to lies unheard

willing to bestow all her memories
don't feel sorry for my plight
her eyes shudder with all she sees
dirges are sung whilst I dispel the night

4. Desperanter

wrath is your native tongue
for you dwell in a supressed soul
notes in crimson - sad song
feebled man dies... where is hope?

can you figure out what intolerance alights?
will we live to see every shadow departs?

desperanter, thou shalt forevermore
remain deprived of hope
I am forever damned
you could not understand
that you made my dream come true
I am forever damned
a feeling has been vain
and life has lost its pain
forever damned

anger flows within me
only petals fall through my eyes
yelling laments remain unheard
I only recall your lullabies

5. Reap The Grand

clairvoyance bewilders me
beholding what I shall deny
fulsome vertigo, balmy spring
whithering, slipping through my eye
once a saviour, always a slave

what's she weeping for?
I have been to this scene before
life refuses to change the end
the end refuses to reap the grand

fear not my taintless acts
for they should set me free
quarrels on future tense facts
another backslide reverie

only love could make us even
need your eyes to reveal what's hidden
between darkness and light

6. Buried Alive

I wish I had been buried alive
to find some rest in peace
in the fluid of life that brings death

I wish this night would last forever
to find a bloody kiss
in the fluid of death that brings joy

you lay far beyond my wishes
I learn from all this silence and I wither
envying your peace

eternity has taken everything from me
even those small things that we take for granted
eternity is nothing but a useless memory
it made me lose everything I ever wanted

I wish I had been buried alive
to bring beauty to death
if only someone could hear my cry
I wish this night would last forever
to find another bless
in the fluid of joy that brings fear

the angel fled away (no one came to bury me)
carrying all my faith with him
what's left to pray?

in a world that's free behind the bars
risible quest of yours, illusioned by freedom
dreams are just a pretext to breathe scars
blaming everything on the nightmares inside this cage within

the pain of giving love
makes this fear feel so real
I'm alive but no one came to bury me

7. A Deeper Gray

daylight is closing my eyes for the last time
I can barely see what you seek
I can barely hear what you speak
daylight is coming to end my suffering
I can barely live as I lived
I can barely cry when I breathe
my eyes can see just a deeper gray

blood is burning inside of me
pain is dancing in front of me
lies are laughing at my tears
harm is increasing throughout the years

so give up on me
shall I now say farewell
for our future has been denied
for our tears have all been cried
the dawn is about to come

daylight will bring deliverance and my payback
I can barely wait for my last
I can barely move from my chair
daylight is near me but I can't hear
I can barely keep track of time (I can barely hear)
I can barely ask what is mine (I can barely hear)
my eyes are blurred by this deeper gray

so give up on me
shall I now say farewell
for our lives have done us apart in me
shall I now say farewell
for our lives have done us apart
the dawn comes so alone
all I can see is a deeper gray

8. Vile Pledge

bitter ode that gradually wilt
an immense abode for the mentally ill
by the hands of mishap it was built
an irony that smoothly undoes the seal

cure me evoking labored truths
as I am prostate under this log
lure me into following you
devious words coming from the fog

I watch you from the slits in desolation
I call you through the ripples in immolation
I stalk you through the woods in desecration
I foresee your flickering self-obliteration

vile pledge (to be forevermore secluded)
diving into idleness (bereavement's cold caress)

this excuse, released through the fever
chosen sufferings playing the deceiver?
plagues are fast, the dews keep aching
spells are cast, parasites procreating

but the rain is gone


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