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Malicious Intent

"Malicious Intent" (1990)

1. Black Ace (E.O.S.)
2. Whipped
3. Cry Havoc
4. Murder in Your Eyes
5. Carnivore
6. Reign of Terror
7. Blood Money
8. Judas
9. Killing Frost
10. Alone
11. Neo-Nazi
12. Latter Days

1. Black Ace (E.O.S.)

Boy, are you a boy or a man?
Little girl watch you move like a fool I just can't understand
Flash, just a flash in the pan
You think you hold all the world in the palm of your hand
Leopard skin panties and spandex
Knee pads slide cross the stage
Head scarves and Afro-sheen hair-gloss
Sweat pours out of your face
King, of the sleaze-bars you are
Amazing the crowd with your ripped off old recycled licks
Grind, bump and grind like a whore
Shaking your axe to the jungle-beat sway of your hips
Plays like the sound of an echo
Dresses like old mollycrew
You can teach any fool to play guitar
It's all monkey-see monkey-do
Your heads swollen ‘til its twice its size
Burst like a blister- pus runs out of your eyes
One man show won't make you a star
Tributes to Hendrix never go very far
You're big shit in your little world
Wait 'til you hit the real scene
They'll laugh you right out of your dream girl
Voodoo Chile, black leather queen

2. Whipped

When Mama calls you better listen good
You know you can't stay out late
She don't like you playin' that metal noise
When she's here I can feel the hate
So follow the leader, no mind of your own
Jump when the fat bitch calls
I watch you grovel and I can't believe
She's got your balls
There's just one thing you gotta know
That you're Whipped
You're Mama's little whippin' boy
You're pussy whipped
The lady's little whippin' boy
Phones every hour just to check you out
Keepin' tabs on her baby boy
Snaps her fingers and the puppy barks
Commands and he plays her toy
She hates your music, she picks your friends
She's trying to run your life
Walking the dog on a short little leash
Bitch-queen with a knife
There's just one thing, you better know

3. Cry Havoc

So this is the ruin of the nobl'st man
Who ever walked on the tides of time
Woe to the hand that shed his costly blood
Over his wounds I do prophesize
A curse shall light on the limbs of men
Blood and destruction shall cumber all the Earth
And his spirit raging for revenge
With Ate by his side screaming hot from Hell
Shall Cry Havoc and in his anger
Let slip the dogs of war
Who scourge the Earth with plague and pestilence
Fear and famine, fire and sword
Cry Havoc, take no prisoners
Cry Havoc, no mercy now
Cry Havoc, no quarter given
Cry Havoc, slaughter them all
Hunt the hills, scour the land
'til they're cornered like a beast at bay
We shall wreak havoc on their heads
We shall make them rue the day
That they dared to tempt their destiny
That they dared to change their fat

4. Murder in Your Eyes

"I believe that we get whatever we project" -John Lennon
Run like a whippet, scream like a cat
Burnin' like a hellion
Tear it up rippin' ride it like a dog
Cat's head swellin'
I'm not afraid to die
We'll flash across the sky
Don't listen to my lies
There's Murder in Your Eyes
Give a good lickin', strainin' and kickin'
Slap it like a child
Wet and wicked, ready for the lash
Mad-dog wild
I don't see you anymore
I don't even know you're there
I can't hear you anymore
But I know you're everywhere
I don't need you- I won't free you
I can see the Murder in Your Eyes
Show no mercy, Malicious Intent
Give as good as you get
I don't wanna play games anymore

5. Carnivore

I'm in heat tonight, lookin' for a fight
And I won't take no for any answer
Well she's soft and scared, proud and golden haired
But I could make her cry
Lookin' for a piece, keep her on a leash
I ain't choosy, I'll take what comes easy
Gonna leave no doubt, if her claws are out
Then I know she'll give in
Take a long hard ride, I'll use all nine lives
I won't waste on tryin' to please her
Give her all I've got, 'til she's wet and hot
I'm waitin' on the edge
I got her down on her knees
Girl from the magazine
White lace seventeen
Young and eager to please
Sweet Carnivore
Straight to the root of my desire
She still wants more
And she won't stop until I fire

6. Reign of Terror

7. Blood Money

8. Judas

Traitor, you sold out your friends
Liar- betrayed all your trust for thirty pieces of silver
Fool, hang by your own hand
Drowning in Death's cold remorse
Coward, now where will you hide?
Beast- hunted and hated by those who once loved you
Wretch, soon you will burn
Flames tearing and searing your soul
Judas, you stab in the back
Judas, you freeze in your tracks
Judas, you sleep with the damned
Judas, you wear Satan's brand
Judas, you planned it so well
Burn now in fiery Hell
There's no escaping the well
Cry for the lives, scream for their sighs
Die for the lives that you sell
Demon, you run with the dogs
Scourged, down on your knees
Broken beaten and bleeding
Dying, your life ebbs away
Blood that is blacker than sin
It comes to you as it came to me
Fear and despair shall rise in your throat
Feel sorrow burn, evil mem'ries return
Soon you shall meet with your end
Fall with your face to the ground beg mercy
Cry to the gods but they send no relief
Darkness falling, hell is calling
No escape now, fire awaits now
Soon you will meet with your end

9. Killing Frost

Burning acid rain is falling
As we run from the Killing Frost
Horizon's lit by frozen fires of
Cities that are lost
We race on to the shoreline
To escape into the sea
Frost is getting closer
Cold death chasing me
Invaders from the ocean wait
In ambush for their prey
Caught between the fire and frost
We fight like dogs at bay
I feel the icy fingers of the
Frost stab at my heart
A killing cold has reached us
Tears our world apart
You can't escape, you won't evade the frost
Another step into the depths, you're lost
The Enemy has sealed our fate
Unleashed the Killing Frost
Now it reaps its cold white deadly cost
The planet's changed from blue and green
To evil black and grey
The sun's gone out but still the blast
Lights the land like day
Winter has descended
That will last a thousand years
Savage cold that burns your flesh
And dries your frozen tears

10. Alone

Now I've been left out in the cold
Alone, without a word
I'll never hear another voice
Once I was happy on my own
Alone, never needed someone
Now I reach out no one's there
Here comes the fear I can't resist- I'm Alone
I never thought it'd come to this- I'm Alone
Which way can I turn there's no on there
Naked on all sides and no one cares
I never thought I'd need, I'd need
Winds cut my wounds, I bleed, I bleed
There's a darkness deep before my eyes
Stretched out the past before me lies
I have no sense of time or space
I've lost all feeling in this place
Been on my way here all my life
Now at last I see the light
There is no sin, no wrong or right
There is no day, no black or white

11. Neo-Nazi

Jack booted stormtroopers march through the ruins
Panzers attack as the cowards retreat
Mezzerschmidts screaming, the city's afire
Invasion accomplished, destruction complete
Blitzkrieg, total devastation
Lightning, strikes and kills
Luftwaffen, scouring every nation
Wahrmacht, stalks the hills
Neo-Nazis, moving faster, pushing further
Bloody butchers, screaming bastard, scheming murder
Fourth Reich is here and they're hungry for Vengeance
Gestapo is back and there's blood on the streets
Death camps are filled and the furnace's burning
Aryans avenging der Fuhrer's defeat

12. Latter Days


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