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Bad Crazy

"Bad Crazy" (1994)

1. Tiger Shark
2. It's Not Over
3. Bad Crazy
4. Meltdown
5. Action
6. Goodbye '89
7. Damned If You Do
8. The Gates
9. Beijing
10. Beast with Two Backs
11. Nomad
12. Liar
13. Chase the Dragon
14. Nightmare Landscape

1. Tiger Shark

You glide through the streets like a Tiger Shark
Relentless thin cold blade of steel
Prowling the shadow world after dark
Consumed by the danger you feel
Jet black flat eye of the hammerhead
Suddenly burns with desire
The sky is alive like an animal
Streetlights still burn frozen fire
Night creatures creep through the dream of the city heat
Dawn is a lifetime away
Children are screaming through jaws of a nightmare
Lost and forgotten by day
Death from below (running and screaming for mercy)
Jaws of the Tiger Shark(you sense the death in his smile)
Open your eyes (don't try to run)
He's already there
White water churns and turns crimson red
Teeth of the tiger attack
Accept the caress of the Tiger Shark
Feel his love fade into black

2. It's Not Over

Well you been around for a long, long time
Thought I saw you yesterday
Now I wake to find you been on my mind
And you just won't go away
I can't deny it's an empty lie
It's a wasted, broken life
I need you and I want you back
But it hurts too much to try
There's been too much said that you can't forget
And you never will forgive
Sometimes we just cut too deep
And it hits you where you live
I better get it through my head
You're never, never comin' back
It doesn't matter any more
Now I lie awake in a dreamless sleep
In a mindless senseless daze
There's a black hole where you used to be
And I haven't slept for days
Who would have thought it would come to this?
Who would have guessed the end
Like a blinding flash of clear, blue light
Now there's no need to pretend
It's not over 'til it's over
Believe what I say
Lost and lonely, barely living
Trapped in yesterday
It's not over 'til it's over, never go away
It's not over 'til I say it's over
Wait another day
It's not over
I been around for a long, long time
Thought you saw me yesterday
Now you find I been on your mind
And I just won't go away
You better get it through your head
I'm never, never comin' back
It doesn't matter anymore, doesn't matter

3. Bad Crazy

Before I began I was born to be bad
They didn't wanna have me but
Somehow I was had
Born out of a bottle- rollin' on a Saturday night
Livin' wasn't easy when the child was young
Daddy took to stealin' and Mama, she got hung
No one could save me
So I had to learn to get out and fight
Out on the rocks they broke both my hands
Beat me so badly that I couldn't stand
Couldn't fight them all alone so I ran
Tried to get away but they kept on callin' me
Made myself a livin' for me out on the street
Hustlin' and dealin' and
Rollin' the whores and the freaks (and the junkies)
Saw what I liked and took everything
I thought I could steal
Danger is waiting for you out of the light
Your future's impaled
On the end of a switchblade knife
Hunger and pain are the
Only things that you ever feel
It's all that is real
Gnawed at my bones like a rat in a trap
Stretched me so far that I finally snapped
Got to get the monkey off of my back
Tried to get away but they kept on clawing me
Bad Crazy you know you've gone insane
Well you can see the madness in my eyes
Can't survive if you don't stay alive
You can't be free until you die

4. Meltdown

Left alone between the ashes
Afraid to move, afraid of standing still
And it's too late to change
You are runnin' from the pain of the frozen rain
And you're cryin' out your name
But no one gives a damn
And there's no place to hide
Once you thought you knew the way
To everything you wanted
Now you wonder if you'll catch that
Dragon that you hunted
You look around, your friends have gone
They've left you standing naked and alone
As long as you can hear what I'm saying
You're still alive
You still got a reason to breathe
As long as you can see where you're going
You still got time
It's never too late to change
All of your life you can still feel the need
All of your life you have tried to be free

5. Action

6. Goodbye '89

Goodbye '89, goodbye '89 good bye
We are lost and locked in changes
As the decade slowly dies
Though our mem'ries surely fade
Don't forget the plans we made
Left behind now in the distance
With the year of '89
Can't believe I'm ten years older
Ten years ago today
Looking back it doesn't seem so long
But if I could have looked ahead
And gone another way
Would ev'rything still ended up so wrong?
Someone older, wiser told me how it ought to be
I was too young to listen at the time
So I dreamed and wandered blindly
Through the best years of my life
The wasted effort seems like such a crime
But recalling all the days gone by
And things I left undone
Can't remember how they got away
If I could still go back and change it all
And relive ev'ry one
What would be the price I'd have to pay
But let me be the first to say
When I look at myself today
I wouldn't have done it any other way

7. Damned If You Do

Listen to me- listen if you wanna go far
You better do what I say
You better slow down the car
Your sound is too scattered
And there's too much guitar
But if you do what I say
Then I'll make you a star
Damned if you do, Damned if you don't
I've listened to your music
I don't like what I hear
But I can do something with it
If you give me a year
I'm in total control let's make it perfectly clear
But I'm in with the big boys
So there's nothing to fear
Damned if you do, Damned if you don't
So you might as well play with yourself
Your clothes have to change, gotta mousse up your hair
If you don't get more commercial you won't go anywhere
I been around and I know what they want
And they don't want you
I know the market and I know what will sell
I know the secrets for a fee I will tell
That's why I'm rich and famous and that's
Why I live so well Just look at me
Gotta change the logo, the look and the name
Your songs are too different
Or else they're the same
Throw out half the parts you know the
Beat's so god-damned lame
I'm in with the labels, now hear what I say
I just had lunch with a VP today
I'll get you a contract but first you'll pay
You're damned if you do
And you're damned if you don't
Damned if you will
And you're damned if you won't
Fools spouting ignorant, useless advice
Fingers are in your pie, everyone wants their slice
Ev'rybody's talkin' try n' tell me how to live
I don't know what they mean
The lamer they are the more they think they know
Ev'rybody anybody anytime at all
Sneer at what they can't see
I've had all I can stand I can't stand no more
Shut up and Fuck off you don't know thing
It's amazing how stupid you are
Can't comprehend it's all over your head
Asshole you're too dumb to care

8. The Gates

9. Beijing

Walls built of adamant towers of jade
Enter the gates of the city of pain
Warlords in armor and courtiers in silks
Blind peasants grovel and die in the filth of
Forbidden city of shadow and stealth
Cathay of spices and infinite wealth
Fierce Mongol tribesmen and palace intrigue
Almond-eyed maidens from out of a dream
Night falls like flames from the dragon in flight
Thieves and assassins lurk waiting to strike
In Beijing
Emperor sends terror and death through the streets
Soldiers on stallions like jackals to meat
Traitors are torn from the bowels of the deep
Heads set on pikes in the fell castle keep
Ming dynasty rules with a cold iron hand
Sere wind of disease and a curse on the land
Evil and splendor- the tyrants regime
Anger and passion- the concubine screams
City of fire and water and earth
Cradle of knowledge and wisdom's rebirth
Ancient god's kingdom of Buddah and Zen
Rises to engulf the orient again
Enter the gates of the fortress Beijing
Terror and hate, evil tortures Beijing
Almond-eyed maidens of pagan desire
The Yin and the Yang and the universe entire

10. Beast with Two Backs

There's a burning taste of whiskey on your lips
The scent of Chanel in your hair
Sharp shock synapses sense the swaying of your hips
Sweet smell of passion in the air
Two boxers sweating, swirling, swept into the sea
Slick sleek emotion of your thighs
Meat grinder pushing, pounding, pulsate to the beat
Green glint of madness in your eyes
You're in the saddle of the beast
You know the pain brings you release
Broken on the master's bridle
Riding in into the final call
Slide into the saber dance
That cuts your soul in half
Slip in sync, you're part of the machine
Sword of fire pierce your vitals
Pain brings you release
The world explodes, the sky recedes
Drive-in movie cartoon soundtrack
Whistles in your ears
Silken slap of skin against your flesh
Temptress teasing, squirming squeezing
Moan under her breath
Riding' in the saddle of the beast
Ride 'em cowboy
You throw your head back and
Release a silent scream
I taste the nectar at your breast
Blue steel stallion, drunk with power
Spent but unafraid
Lust hasn't finished with you yet
Feel your hunger, feed your need
Soft candy in my hand
Caught within our sultry velvet vise
Rubber puppet, was it worth it
Do you pay the price?
Ridin' in the saddle of the beast

11. Nomad

Naked and blind I been alone all my life
One step ahead of the law
They want me dead, they won't be takin' me back
They won't believe what I saw
Home- God knows I want to go home
A lifetime has gone since I been there
And when will I ever return?
Can't find my way back home
Late at night I hear a haunting voice in my head
Time to be movin' along
You better love me while I'm still here
Miss me when I'm gone
I won't be back- I won't be back
No road leads home, been on the run all my life
Nobody knows my name
Keep to myself, I never trust anyone
All I need is my blade
Cuz I'm a Nomad and the road is my home
Got to keep movin'- it's all that I've ever known
I'm a Nomad- a silent shark in the night
Nomad- stay in the dark out of sight

12. Liar

Lies, living life full of lies
The truth is just too hard to take
I won't even try
I- I've seen it all
Winning and losing and caught
With your back to the wall
Eyes peering deep in your soul
Seeking out secrets
Eyes that are bright hard and cold
And you think they believe
Deep inside they despise
Your words drip with contempt
As they lap up your lies
Run- run to flee from the pain
Lines on your face as you scream
In despair from the strain
Cry- still the mem'ries remain
Reality comes crashing down like a runaway train
Bonded and sold as a slave
Condemned to a watery grave
Once you could pray to be saved
Now it's too little and too late
Now it's too late
Relief from the fire in your brain
But you just couldn't wait
Feel the ice in your heart
Feel the cold bitter burn
Spinning a web of deceit as the years slowly turn

13. Chase the Dragon

There's a cool clear crystal silence
Frozen fire burning
Draws me nearer to the flame
Dark and distant smile reveals nothing
Hooded cobra's flat unblinking gaze
Nothing matters, nothing lasts, nothing's real
All else fades before her liquid gaze
Still and silent, sullen silver statue
Fills your head until you doubt you're sane
I flee through the night and I think I get away
But all roads lead back into the snow
Sparkl'ing shards of shining ice and diamonds
Fill your head and rule your very soul
In the distance there's a hard horizon
I can see her flashing beacon rise
There's a fatal flaw that bids me follow blindly
And entranced I walk on mesmerized
I must feed the hunger I can't heed the warnings
There's a white-hot need I can't deny
It sucks me in and then it pulls me under
'neath her frozen will, strong and alive
You can Chase the Dragon but you'll never find him
For he'll pass right through you like a flame
Once you taste forbidden fruit of knowledge
Your life will never be the same
Look deep into the mirror now
Bend to answer her command
Empty cartridge saves your life, this time
Still the gun is in your hand

14. Nightmare Landscape


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