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"Enslaved Under the Cross" (2004 Demo)

1. Enslaved Under the Cross
2. Visceral Attack
3. Colossus (Borknagar cover)

1. Enslaved Under the Cross

we are born to kill
we will not make superficial cut
because we are abnormal

retaliation, annihilation
cannibalism and rape until death

teaning the knife
in your lung
soften my nymphomania

the pleasure growns
to each penetration
without surviving of this brutality

sacrifice .............. sacrifice

hate uncontrolable
grace unchangeable
god undesirable
the sacrifice is the only satisfaction

we know that we aren't right
but this morbid less our grief
i belive that lord satan is here
and it will raise our force to the extremity

we change the world
we reconqyer carnage
we profane of virgins
we blaspheme its god

2. Visceral Attack

connect to hell
mayhem your soul
with a mystic evil
by my control

pictures of death
submerge in blood
the madhouse of jesus killer
absolve you, for the insanity

yes, i live to torture the christians

the supremacy of darkness rise and destroy the world
everytime you kill your god
your thirst reduce
alleviate your soul
amplify your powers
create the disorder
by the grace of satan

your pain exist because you don't belive in devil
extend me your hand and come to born the infidels

i am the blesser of night
psychotic, the satan's knight

my arms are open to redungn your insolence
liberating the burn staying to aquander you
my heart is pure hate and now you will be finished
the corrosive feeling begin to murder you

3. Colossus (Borknagar cover)


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