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Tangled In Dream

"Tangled In Dream" (2000)

1. Surreal
2. Samsara
3. Closer Apart
4. Bring On the Rain
5. Never Walk Away
6. The Real You
7. Two Minds and One Soul
8. I Will Awake
9. Dancing With the Devil
10. Father (7 Years)
11. Tangled In A Dream
12. Inner Peace
13. Tangled In Europe (Video Clip)

1. Surreal


Am I in a dream?
This looks a perfect scene
My will remains but I am falling
Tell me where I am
Will I understand?
The mystery that is surrounding

Uncertainty remains, views left unchanged
A pure heart is now stained

Could it be so real
Seek the truth beyond perception
Life left unanswered
Will I find what I am looking for?

Take this mystery
Turn and set it free
Endure the pain when it's hurting
Images surreal
A hate you cannot feel
It's all revealed as the days are unfolding

Rise above don't wait
Decide your own fate
Look far beyond the truth that is lying
I've come to understand
As an optomistic man
That one day I'll find all the answers

2. Samsara


Seen it all before,
you've seen the rise beneath the fall
Seen it all before,
you've seen my back against the wall

A timeless energy, tears a sultry eye
Now in turn despair becomes divine
The changes in yourself,
you've yet to embrace
In the last passing breath,
I took my first taste

Living life in slow motion,
it seems you world is standing still
I see, I breath, I know, I speak, like you

Is your life,
timed by the moving grains of sand
Close your eyes,
feel the lifeline in your hand
Search for the words,
relate to what you feel
Don't let seclusion be your own ideal

3. Closer Apart


Closer, moving in on a certain opinion
You realize it's hard to compromise
your own ideals
Inside a circle hides a line,
within a day a moment lost in time
Whenever you're near me,
I'm so far away

Can you speak to me?
Tomorrow I may learn to see
The truth inside is hard to find
You turn me away

Find a way through your mind
To leave your memories far behind
Just let go
Don't be my shadow

Seconds too late,
is there time allowed for my escape?
Am I left here drowning
in the words that you speak?
Behind a curious stare,
lies the reason why you don't care
If ever you need me, I'll be so far away

Can you listen to me?
Tomorrow you may learn to see
The truth inside you'll never find
You pushed me away

Am I afraid of my emotions?
Counting days I had to find myself
I listened to the words you had to say
Giving in to you,
isn't worth the price I'll have to pay

4. Bring On the Rain


Feel the lines, across my face
I felt the many years erased
Feel the pulse on life I've known
It's sojourn tears I taste

View into your world and see
Seek an unborn day
With your heart and mind and soul
Your will will we find our way

Past left of centre, what I am
Could you understand?
If you're the outsider viewing in

You'll never know
The shades of life, unless you open your mind
You fear change
So bring on the rain

Is the silence, my only cure?
As thoughts start to grey
Your touch that covered me
Now remains in yesterday

The sea between you and I
Moves in perfect forms serene
The distance from me to you
A million miles unseen

5. Never Walk Away


I can feel you near, in control
You've taken my mind please spare my soul
Left alone to cleanse the night
Forge what's right, sanctify

How can I be to blame?
It's been done now the wounds still remain
Crucify and deny me
Static, silent, just let me breathe

Stand alone where life is safe
Is it all a mistake?
Somehow the hurting is over

Can't stand the pain, walk away
Leave me virtue for another day
Trapped inside there's no way out of here
Scared, am I dead? I just want to be free

Stand the test of time, don't walk away
Once its happened it's here to stay
Is it worth the waiting?
I know healing takes time,
but I'll never walk away, never walk away

Illusions can be real
Just look at me and I will show you
We may seldom find, a place where we
can hide away from our dreams

I don't remember,
I don't believe
My eyes have been deceived
Can't take my sorrow
The past is my tomorrow
Wake me on the other side

I am here to stay
Another day has passed
Now hear me calling
I need some time
To take what's mine
I will never walk away

6. The Real You


Just because I listen to your views
Doesn't mean that I agree
When I don't stand up to you
Doesn't mean that I am weak

What would it prove before your eyes
Secrets unfold of pain
Still you wonder in your world
You search your soul insane
I'm still hurting again

Another broken promise
Another broken truth
See how much I'm hurting
Till I see the real you

When the tears fell from my eyes
Didn't mean I cried for you
When you had to go away
I had to always wait for you

Now you see before your eyes
Your boy became a man
Still you wonder in your world
Refuse to understand
Come on take my hand

7. Two Minds and One Soul


I feel emotions are denied
I hide through day to welcome night
Just to get away from you
Is it me that you've deceived
Now you drown in make believe
I'm so far away from you

I know you can't see my face
I know you wont change
The way your outlook is to life
The way you tend to speak my mind
Many words I could describe
You'll never know

I won't change
Won't listen to those empty words again
Past is shadows, covered cold
Such indecision you have two
minds in one soul

I could not see the shades of light
You gave into the empty lies
You could never face the truth

Blind before the facts you've known
The picture now has turned to stone
You have two minds in one soul

8. I Will Awake


In the silence I hear a call
A childlike cry of innocence
Overcome by a guiding light,
but I just want to rest

Cascading shadows appear
Breaking through a whirlpool
of broken dreams
A merciless hand wipes the tears
from my eyes as whispers turn
into screams

As I close my eyes
The vivid rain, enclouds a memory
If I'm dreaming don't wake me
I will rise so easily
As I close my eyes outside the world,
lies in yesterday
If I'm dreaming I will awake

Breaking promises, breaking hearts
A mind has been led astray
Alone you walk a misguided path
that no-one dares to stay
Can I bring something back
with me to show I was really there?
And as I awake beside myself
lost within my stare

9. Dancing With the Devil


What makes you wake up in the morning?
Who gives you strength to carry on?
Why do you play blind to the warning?
Why do you let your head hang low?
Why do you feel your all alone?
Why should you be the last to know?

I won't look into the mirror today
It's been such a long long time
Won't make a difference if I believe
I'm dancing with the devil

Why do you fear to speak your mind?
All of your dreams are locked inside
You never tried trusting me

Why do you feel you don't belong?
What makes you think your
always wrong?
Take a chance, one last dance

10. Father (7 Years)


Hope has fallen, hope will rise
I remember, a paradise
Expose my heart, left to rust
Mankind buried in the dust
Emotions, entwined,
what will it take? (7 years)

7 years you took your time
Reluctant thoughts went
through your mind
Justify our will to live
I'll justify my soul I'll give

7 years you took a life unknown
From this boy now to a man alone,
man alone

Thought that I could fly
Father forgive me
I was once your child
Mother remembered me

Words of wisdom, untold truth
Restless ways, I lived my youth
Resurect trust in time
Resurect faith with time

11. Tangled In A Dream


Tell me what's on your mind
what can you feel?
Recall transcending times, yet so real
Reaching voices guided far away
Through pitch blackness
to the dawn of new days

Questions left unanswered
often wondered why
Looking at this world
through transparent eyes

Search through memories
that didn't care
I hear laughter give
it's one last stare

So tell me where we are?
And how we came so far
Awake me from this dream

12. Inner Peace


Falling, my feet on the ground
I descend from inner peace
No one sought to understand my
Outlook to life, what I see

Nothing is pure anymore
With open eyes, I ask why
I can't pretend, can't believe
Forever is gone, it's you I see

Standing in a room with no view
Trying to gain my inner peace

I won't change, won't give in
To your empty words, your life in grey
I cleansed my hands, stopped my fear
You're in my past but won't disappear

What choice do I have, but to leave you alone
The choice you had, was to leave me alone
There's no more I can do
But to deal with, deal with the truth

Standing in a room with no view
Trying to gain my inner peace
I close my eyes, open my mind
And visualise true harmony

Standing in a room with no view
Standing in a room that's next to you
Trying to gain my inner peace
I close my eyes, open my mind
I close my eyes blinding time
And visualise true harmony

13. Tangled In Europe (Video Clip)


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