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Embrace The Silence

"Embrace The Silence" (2005)

1. Hollow
2. My Virtue
3. If Only I
4. Live to Live
5. Embraced
6. Season of Sundays
7. Once A Believer
8. Reason
9. Breathe
10. Somebody Save Me
11. Insight
12. A Life Less
13. As I Reflect

1. Hollow

A mind lapse succumbed by fear
The framework fades then disappears
Unto my world this loneliness surrounds me

Trust foresees it's final wake
I close my eyes, it's breath I take
Denied and drained are years befallen from me

In these hours seized by memories
Reflective paths of light appear
I walk alone , I disappear

Now I watch you burn inside me
The truth is damned and empty
I breathe the ashes of your soul

That gives me silence , gives me peace
Gives me space , gives me release
In sullen thoughts , you make me feel so hollow

Tangled in this lifetime , tangled in it's sorrow
Moments of clarity , fade into tomorrow
Tangled in this madness
What was deep now shallow
If I believe in miracles , why do I feel so hollow

Change forced from disarray
Yesteryear wasted away
Sheltered from this shattered life within me

Now I see , truth in memories
Reflective paths have disappeared
I walk alone , I reappear

In darkest days , I'm on my own
Why do I feel so hollow
An open view, a fading soul
Why do I feel so hollow
If I believe the new and not the old
Why do I feel so hollow
I'm lost in truth from what was told
Why do I feel so hollow

2. My Virtue

Whisper words of strength untold
Give me peace to rest my soul
Iím forsaken for my virtue, mercy left me lost

If temptation leads to sin
Who's now hurting , who gives in
I'm mistaken for my virtue , mercy left me lost

Illusive grandeur, weakened life
Left unchallenged, justified
As I hope, I plead, salvation leads to paradise

The journey you made through your mind
Plays again, over and over
With space in your life you revealed
Truth abstained, over and over

Now that heavens far away
I stand alone, yet feeling to stay
Innocence is surely breaking
Mercy has its cost

Life uncertain, yesterday
Is in ashes blown away
As I shed a tear, I'm finding out salvation is burning

Again, youíll find out where truth began
Oh, this journey has no end
Oh, this outcome is now in your hands
Will your truth reach the end

3. If Only I

Silence that dawned forever
Drowning inside
Days passed into a lifetime
Inner minds collide

Washed of my sins forever
I turn back the tide
Of the years fallen to waste foreseen
By countless eyes

Fear inside, changing time
As I dream, faceless figures are watching me

If only I could run far away
If only I saw the corners of your mind
If only I ran from yesterday
If only I escaped to the other side

Denied envisioned mercy
I dare to find
To disguise, the meaning hiding
In my life, in my eyes

Dying unto this world
Blinding my eyes to see
Ever changing, re-arranging
Pieces of my memory

4. Live to Live

If life is overrated, empty space in me
This twisted mortal coil denied inside of me
I pushed away my anger , psychoanalyzed
I lived my years , I lived them deep in your lies

I see a new a new sunrise
I felt the emptiness
The light before my eyes , breathing into my life

Give into light , give into dark
When outside is jaded , we all fall apart
Shelter my world , rebuild my mind
I rise above , tomorrow's no end

Regret lasts forever, time is life's enemy
I began a new day of discovery
Chained I'm locked inside you
Release this memory
These open wounds unleashed inside of you and me

5. Embraced

Inside my heart thereís questions
I donít know where to start
It seems that every time I grasp heaven
In my hands there is your heart

When my eyes are closed, your face I see
With your arms open, I am set free
In paradise Iím lost within
Breathing, begin, Iím living

Hours turn to days, at times I feel one
Iím drowning in what seems, embraced eternally

Fly in circles in my dreams
Cry a new day will begin
Surround my mind, surround my soul
Cast away your fears outside
Give me sight to see inside
Finally I see the truth, Iím lost within you

Iím jealous of the sun
That sees you everyday
And of the moon that watches you sleep the night away
Finally temptation leaves me
To overcome my fear
Inside my soul, I've lost control of sight that was so clear

6. Season of Sundays

Take a look mankind, what have we done
Walk on silent, what has become
This age we lead that leaves regret
We move forward and we forget
Look now mankind, what has become

See in these eyes a broken man
In worlds different, who understands
What justice have you to take away
The innocence of yesterday
See now mankind, who understands

I fall to your knees, I crash to the ground
As I cry out your name, I didn't hear a sound
If your view ever changes, I hope one day it will
Until a phoenix rises, I stand still

Guide me father, what can be done
You have the answers, I want the truth
Can I forget what engraved my mind
Can I rebuild what I had inside
Tell me father, tell me the truth

Look now mother, what can be done
In time life changed under this sun
That never sets in this gray sky
Where everyone's attempt to try
Tell me mother, what can be one

As I fall to your knees, I crash to the ground
As I cry out your name, oblivious to sound
If your view someday changes, I hope today it will
Until that moment, until the truth, until minds rest
Until itís in you, until the spirit flies into forever
Until the phoenix rises, I stand still

7. Once A Believer

Time helped pass this world you left for me
Crucify my selfless sanity
That turned away, faith I had in you

Words cut deep, these wounds of misery
Your lies nailed my soul internally
Cast away, to your self made truth

Understanding what is lost
Thoughts and days unfold to black
Faded memories
Deep inside

I can't fight the walls inside , I once was a believer
Truth overlooks my life , why can't I believe
Cant climb these walls inside , I once was a believer
Is there truth within your lies
Why can't I believe

High and low I searched for answers , searched so endlessly
In the corners of your world , was there space for me
This crown of thorns on my life , spineless , so untrue
Shaken , my foundation shattered
And my trust in you

Understanding what is lost
Months and years unfold to black
That fade our memories
Deep inside

Separation , frozen , timeless thoughts have gone by
Closeness , embraced by denial to these eyes
Revolution , giving hope from giving in
What will become , of answers denied that exist within

8. Reason

Does it matter if these feelings are gone
Are we moving on
Or do words mean nothing anymore
All the honesty left behind
I canít trust you no more
I donít want to be second anymore
Thereís a comfort in finding love
Your soul feels at home
Youíll never believe how close we've come

A world that whispers
No thorn in my side
Iíll fly to the sun
That wonít burn my eyes
Faith can move mountains
No force is implied
Silent stars passing
The answers to life

Hold onto the secrets of dreams and desires
The secret is so hard to find
The secret is found in her eyes

I guess my pride has got the best of me
The pain is still strong
Your storyís complete, mines far from done
Take a bow, Iím no angels son
I have faith in me
We are like leaves, we change and fall

9. Breathe

Gone are the days of not fully knowing
I think for a while
I fly for a while
I'm dreaming

The earth delights to feel your bare feet
For the wise to follow
I think of her smile
My heart beats for a while
I'm breathing

Each of us are angels
With only one wing
And we can only fly embracing
Each other within

I hope the day treats you kindly
Don't waste it by not smiling

You move me in perfect ways
The special thought I wrapped with your name
I feel the change in my life
When I look in your eyes
I'm living

You found me in a crowd
And poured the love I'm giving now
I'm elevated

10. Somebody Save Me

Give me a moment I can freeze in time
Give me the passion that was in your eyes
Speak empty words to warm my heart
Show me reasons why we fall apart

Give me the sun to warm my soul
My thoughts are blackened, I have lost control
Hear me cry your name inside
These walls that you confide in

If now will be forever
These oceans Iíve drowned deep in you will make time
Move back the years I lost

Somebody come save me, in these days of innocence
Somebody come save me, where I thought my life would end
Somebody come save me, shadowed by what now is lost
Somebody come save me, leave the past forever is it gone

Holding out waiting for a sign
My faith in you has died
Whisper words in harmony
Give me time to believe

If now is all or never,
These oceans Iíve drowned deep in you will make time
Move back the years I lost

Somebody save me , somebody save me , somebody save me from life
I feel like someone's helped me
I feel like someone's helped me through
Someone has helped me , I feel I need someone like you

11. Insight

Faceless eyes watch over me
Surrounding my perception into fear
In the days of dark I sheltered truth
Viewing through transparent words you speak

The change in me
Closed doors to a darkened past
My soul set free
Beyond these eyes

Release me , set me free
Unchain this past , unchain me
Cold are the years , inside you
Inside me , do you see
The peace denied , the peace set free
Light shines through dark I lived in you

Reality emotionless
Insisting to believe never what is true
Denying scars that bleed in you
Donít deny the scars that heal the truth

The change you see
Closed doors to a darkened past
My soul set free
Beyond your eyes

12. A Life Less

Water fills my mind, hate contorts my vision
Senses disappear, Iím left within decisions
Give me strength to breathe
The purpose is what I need to defeat
Binding perception running out of time

Can you feel the tension rise
Was I spared, did I survive
The cruel hand that feeds on life
Will forever take away our pride

We never know the end
But we still count the days
Not knowing, pretending
To be somebody else

Will we ever be content, weíre living
Will we ever see the unrest in our ways
If you look, youíll see, it will never be the same
I turn around, still lifeís in front of me

You wake up with silence, your only friend
Uncertainty remains, if I disappear
Will my thoughts remain

Days collide
My heart divides
If Iím not heard at least you know I tried

Will we ever be content, weíre living
Will we ever see the unrest in our ways
If you look, youíll see, it will never be the same
I turn around, lifeís still in front of me

13. As I Reflect

Moments of inner melancholia
I turn to you in memory
Symbolic visions in the withered wind
Have all but flown away

Distress signals from a golden age
Flow through these veins
Temptation haunting me to turn the page
Do I walk away

You said the past could never make you change
You said the distance and time will cause heartache
You said that there could never be a way for us

I know Iím not the wonder in your eyes
I see the truth, but I could deny
This longing to belong is hurting me

Unveiled the faceless names of yesterday
In this sanctum bleed
Dreams dying eternally
Will I be free

The fallen leaves of autumn in my soul
Let the sky cloud my mind
The sun rises, a new day unfolds
What was left behind

You said the past could never make you see
Knowing what hurt you, could have hurt me
I thought that there could be a way for us

I know Iím not the wonder in your eyes
Iíve seen the truth but I could deny
This longing to belong is hurting me
I know I hold no glimmer in your eyes
I know the feelings are denied
If you take a chance in time you will see
Take a chance, take a chance , in time you will be free
Take a chance, take a chance, take a chance , in time you will see


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