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Vision Of The Unholy

"Vision Of The Unholy" (2001 Demo)

1. Vision Of The Unholy
2. Namelouk Assiojrav
3. The Servant Of Belial

1. Vision Of The Unholy

Ancelcunts I mutilate
With anger and hatred
I devastate

Burning, destroying
Laughing and screaming
I enjoy my arts of macabre

By my empty soul I rape
my illusions of my empty life
Through the grief and misery
of mine appears the beast of lust
and Desecration

...and when the Darkest night
spreads its wings upon the dying
and I begin to fulfill
my abhorrent visions

Mayhemic slaughter
beyond the death
Is soon to be real
in my realm of wrath!

2. Namelouk Assiojrav

Kylmän surusta kylmän koston
vannon kaikille niille,
jotka iskivät miekan rintaan
pakanallisen miehen

Jälleen nousee vihamme
musta ylle matojen noiden,
jotka saapuivat miekkoineen...
Käännyttäkseen, tappaakseen
nimeen isänsä pyhän

Alla vahvan vihan Saatanan
me synnymme kuolemaan
tappaaksemme, tappaaksemme
miehen kristityn pyhän!

Rinta nousee hengitykseen
enää viimeisen kerran
Ei pelastusta, lohdutusta
sinun rakkaan herran
Näin vaihtuu rakkaus suruksi
ja valo pimeydeksi

Alla ikuisen vihan Saatanan
me kuolemme syntymään
kostaaksemme, kostaaksemme
miehelle jumalan pojan!

3. The Servant Of Belial

Nocturnal visions of my
painful Eternal death
Makes me so weak,
I must fall to insanity

Abhorrent visions of my
endless last breath
Makes me so dead,
I must fall to eternity

Call my name and I will come
Call twice and I will come

Scream His name and He will come
Scream only once and He will come

Soon Iím forever gone,
soon Everything is gone

Darkness appears
with many forms of Satan!!!
Iím one with Eternity and
All Behold, bow for Belial!!!


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