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The Curse

"The Curse" (1999 Demo)

1. A Thousand Tears
2. End of Times
3. To Wait For the Sign
4. The Curse
5. Autumn
6. The Mountains Are Waiting For You

1. A Thousand Tears

My face is the moon, my body is ice,
My soul is fire, my heart is the light.
The bodies are getting tired, the arms are getting weak
Even the ice is melting, the hearts start to bleed.
Yet our souls remain strong like glory in a war.
Dreams are in our eyes, we cannot hope for more.

Sound covers everything like a hovering veil.
The memories are hurtful, over me they prevail.
A seaful of sorrow, a mountainful of pain,
We can feel it inside; the outside isn't mundane.
Black storms and scorching winds race,
The present is a mere vision, a narrowing space.

A thousand tears,
Frozen fears
Heading for the vale
Where Eternity prevails.
A thousand tears,
Rolling down the faces.
They're coming from deep inside
Bringing the new ones out.

Every awakening is a dream, all the past is memory.
Everything we've believed in is nothing but theory.
When the bird reaches the vale, like a teardrop it falls.
But it starts to fly again, as high as the sun it soars.

2. End of Times

Why do we need something else?
Why do we need this vision?
We don't have to
Oh, be afraid, we don't have to
When this song is playing.
Yet it's not enough.
This voice, this word,
This tune is tiring.

Another dawn,
Another night song
Screams silently and it's sliding on.
You can still hear it, you can
The new rhythm of old words.
The wind sweeps away, the summer is cold.
The lonely veil of a thousand dreams is flying.

In the deepest corner of our souls
The Evil is there.
Let us watch it
Let us watch it a bit longer,
This picture
That was painted by silence.
Hot glass, the light's refracted.
We are tearing along the fantasy of times.

We don't care
Where we fade away,
What we are in for.
We are still standing in the light.
Our shadows make the ice bright.

End of times...

3. To Wait For the Sign

Listen to the voices coming from the deep
Listen to the words and don't get weak.
See the signs coming from the deep
They're calling you indeed.

The essential things come from the deep
Anger, pain and tears; they make you creep.
The dark sorrow is always with you
Even if you don't want it to.

You yourself are the Depth
Everything's denied by Death.
You seem to be too cold
But wait for the sign.
Feel the peace of your soul
See the depth of your mind.
Listen close to your heart
It will tell you when to part.

The signs don't come from the deep any more.
The voices don't come up, either.
They listen to your words, not like before.
Now YOU are the secret keeper.

The voice of secrets is what you are.
The dark key of magic, the reader of stars,
Expert of signs and you know how,
You closed your soul, it's hidden now.

4. The Curse

You're running like a hunted game
Cos you were damned for causing pain.
You'll have the curse at your heels for ever
It will chase you and make you suffer.

You cannot find tranquillity,
Endless wandering's your destiny.
You made innocent people suffer
Now this is what your life has to offer.

You have seen the misery
You have caused deliberately.
Still you remained unaffected
Others' feelings you neglected.

This time it's you who is tortured
It was high time the roles altered.
You don't know what's in store for you
You fear that you won't pull through.


When the morning comes
Your fear may be gone
But the curse will be there
The chase has just begun.

5. Autumn

6. The Mountains Are Waiting For You

The mountains are waiting for you
You are so far away now.
You forgot when you were at home,
You can't recall it anymore.
You are so lonesome,
Your heart's become as cold as ice.
You live alone now
In seclusion for ever more.

In your loneliness you think
You've become hard.
Tears don't make you feel crying
Happiness has lost its meaning
You won't be weak anymore.

Darkness prevails over you for good
And you can't break free from your loneliness.
You are all alone like a star in the sky.
Only creeping worms surround you.

Foggy morning, cloudy, murky day,
Dark clouds and damp freeze.
Without stopping your heart beats
You may live again one day.


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