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From Birth to Expiration

"From Birth to Expiration" (2003)

1. A New Life Begins
2. Doomsday
3. Birth
4. Deadly Temptation
5. Human Being
6. In the Land of Forests
7. Acedia
8. Expiration
9. Lost Reality
10. The Son of Nature

1. A New Life Begins

2. Doomsday

It has never been so cold before,
The world has never been so cruel.
Whenever we try to get up we fall,
Over our lives doom's begun to rule.

Just dream on but don't wait for me,
Your life is controlled by destiny.
Wait for Doomsday, it will come soon
Darkness will rule at the height of noon.
Don't say your prayers cos it's too late
Unwillingly though, we'll meet our fate.

We are still searching but it's no use.
We'd like to win but we can only lose.
We want to fight and put off our fears.
But we are now in the Vale of Tears.
The more we know the less we forget,
We want to get out but there's no way back.

We'd like to make the dark side bright,
But we're losing strength, we fail to fight.

You never thought it would come your way,
Can't avoid it cos it's Doomsday

It has never been so cold before,
We won't be so strong any more.
Too late for us to beg for pardon,
We can't leave the Devil's kingdom.
It's too late cos the time has come,
When the gates close, we're dead and gone.
You never thought it would come your way,
Can't avoid it cos it's Doomsday.

3. Birth

After a painful struggle you're finally born,
A new life begins yet you seem a bit worn.
An adventurous voyage is ahead of you
On the sea of circumstances, everything's new.

Birth is a chance that won't last for ever
Life can be great or an endless suffer.
You'll feel sometimes that it is not fair.
There are ups and downs but don't despair.

Life is a gift you should never throw away.
If you don't lose your head there's always a way.
You are the captain of your drifting boat
Where ever you steer it, it will float.

You'll have to learn a lot about people
Who can be nice but sometimes evil.
It's hard to decide who to trust.
Beware! Or you may bite the dust.
But if you make good friends, you'll see
There will be no place you'd rather be.

You are floating in a boat on your own,
But in the open sea you're not alone.
Keep your chin up and you'll be alright.

If you're positive your days will be bright.
You choose how you want to live
But take the advice wise men give

4. Deadly Temptation

Yesterday you stood proudly on the summit,
Looked down in the deep, you wished you hadn't done it.
The deadly depth was tempting and you failed to resist,
Its greedy hunger witched you, the wind under you whizzed.
Stones began to fall from right under your feet,
Suddenly you slipped and fell into the deep.
Grabbing at the air you headed for the ground,
Life let you go, you were falling hell-bound.

Depth….the hungry beast,
Devoured you with the greatest of ease.
Depth….the merciless yawn,
To which you felt drawn.

The giddy depth, the chasm captivated you,
You thought you were tough but it wasn't true.
You foolishly allowed yourself to be tempted,
The summit was the aim but now you regret it.
You had gone too far to achieve your desire,
Today you are history burning in hell's fire.

While you were falling, dizzy and blind,
Thousands of memories and pictures revived.
Your eyes got tearful and they opened wide,
Because you realised there was nowhere to hide.
You started to think over the things you'd done,
You tried to scream but your throat got numb.
Then sudden darkness and you ceased to be,
Now silence surrounds you and tranquillity.

5. Human Being

Human, too human
On the boundary of sanity.
A wonderful feeling
That's void of vanity.
The experience of trust,
The secret of longevity.

I compare this indifferent life
To a distant, irrational one.
The strictness of the world is growing,
The distortion of my senses has begun.

Let there be emptiness and pain
So that I can clearly see
What kind of power it is,
What kind of trust resides in me.

There's only one way you can
serve the interest of existence
If you remain
Human, too human
A will is coming true
Human, too human
And you will pull through

If your views are too ordinary
You will never see the light
Which is more than necessary
To guide you through the darkest night

There's only one way you can
serve the interest of existence
If you remain
Human, too human
A will is coming true
Human, too human
The only way for you

6. In the Land of Forests

Its trees that greet you have a warm smell,
Its paths hide secrets no one will tell.
Its soft branches embrace you gently,
The voices that call you sound friendly.
Its cool stream is the river of wisdom,
This land is the cradle of freedom.

Do NOT break the Harmony
Cos the forest in revenge
Will let its dark curses free
That will chase you to the edge.

When the night falls you'll be charmed to sleep,
In your dream, into the past you'll dip deep.
Its dense thicket will provide you shelter,
The weird sounds won't make you shiver.
This is a forest that's full of mysteries,
Still it's the place where you can feel at ease.

The spirit of the forest is always alert,
It's quiet and still but can also hurt.
It can protect you from the outside world
But it can outcast you without a word.
Bow to Nature's power, you'll keep your youth
And you'll find the passage to the ultimate truth.

In the land of forests,
Where the rough goes real mild,
You feel like an honest child.
In the land of forests,
You learn what's inside,
You hear the call of the wild.

7. Acedia

8. Expiration

My existence is such a pain,
No one knows what hides in me.
I've tried to change but in vain
I'm locked inside, I'll never be free.

My wish, under the winter moon,
Is to silently pass away.
My unwanted birth signed my doom,
I can't find another way.

I feel the chilly silence hypnotise,
It makes my body freeze.
I'm falling asleep with open eyes,
And starting to feel at ease.

I see the tomb of my expiration,
My dying soul is soaring to the sky.
Suddenly I feel such desperation,
I've realised I'm really gonna die.

I see myself in the depth of the grave.
Admiration and fear hid in me.
I know that it's time to be brave.
Hope deserted me already.

Emptiness fills the freezing night,
Life has lost its energy.
On the gravestone fate will write,
Born immortal, dead for eternity.

9. Lost Reality

What kind of mystery will I reveal?
What kind of dogma will I enforce?
The beginning of insanity I feel.
The realm of strange sins alter my course.

What kind of vanishing illusions?
What kind of elevated, holy belief?
A huge room of restless reflections.
Lively space of my guileless dreams.

What happened to the truth
We cherished as the ultimate proof?
What happened to reality
That gave us our identity?

The false ideal has become
A miserable and false ambition.
And it makes me feel gone
That reality became a lost mission.

What happened to the truth
We cherished as the ultimate proof?
What happened to reality?
It turned into formality.

My voice and words disperse in the air.
Remembrance falls into a silent tomb.
I came from you, now I'm going there,
Innermost thought, where your realm booms.

10. The Son of Nature

Somewhere behind the beyond, in a deserted place,
Once crowded with people, now as bleak as space.

After a murky, rainy day as it was getting dark,
Out of the black, cloudy sky struck a vital spark.
A child was born that night on a desolate land
He was left alone, nobody gave him a helping hand.
He started to breathe and opened his innocent eyes.
There was no one around, he had to sadly realise.

He cried the tears of sorrow, sadness filled the night,
He fell asleep slowly and woke up in broad daylight.

The wind was still blowing and it heard him cry,
Picked up the little boy, couldn't let him die.
It took him to a place where he wouldn't be alone.
He was taken care of for a time then unknown.
Nature gave him food and taught him to survive,
His life was rather hard, still he stayed alive.

He learned to respect the largest power on Earth,
The one that brought him up from his lonely birth.

"Don't lavish anything and kill only for food!"
These were the rules of life that he learned for good.
He never destroyed anything just for pure pleasure,
He always thought of Nature as the only treasure.


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