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Reign Forever World

"Reign Forever World" (2001 EP)

1. Reign Forever World
2. Frozen Paths
3. Privilege of the Gods
4. Total Desaster (Destruction cover)
5. Rapid Fire (Judas Priest cover)
6. Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)
7. Creatures of Light and Darkness (live)
8. Carnal (live)
9. Red Dunes
10. Lord of Desert

1. Reign Forever World

The inevitable process of evolution, climbing on to the higher levels of development is today available only for the chosen. This is a true fruit of Christian pestilence but also a reflection of the eternal law of nature: the rulers need the mob.

Left hand vested in the symbol of Mars
Right hand vasted in the symbol of Sun
Standing Proud
We raise foreheads adorned with the symbol of Jupiter

The end of the Nazarene has come...
We evoke dominion
We bring this world to its knees

Dominating, masterful, self-assured
Invoking our wishes
Whirling in chaos
With yellow red and blue
We as chaos...

We evoke dominion
We as chaos assume control
We as chaos, we rule our lives
We bring this world to its knees

2. Frozen Paths

I am soaring
Among the endless mountains
Grim winter, crystal sight
Place forgotten by the gods
Unknown for me
Towers, bridges, structures
Mirage conjured in rock
Mirage conjured in ice.

Dark shadow blights
Paths rambling to the sky
Everything laid in frost
Winds of loneliness and despair
Is all I heard here?
Abyss haunted by Demons
Whirling picture
Of The Old Race

Bestial landscapes
Sound of imminent decay
Amorphous Creatures
From time before time

The sun is glimmering

Caves dwelled
During Chaos time
Dangerous screams and whispers
The signs of the upcoming fate

The Frozen Ones ...but alive

3. Privilege of the Gods

Our world is sick, our world is dying. All brave, honourable and dedicated to themselves men are the past now ... but the flame of a wanderer, a seeker, a creator is still burning in a few hearts. This is our hope and hope of all mankind.

Enraged demons, chaos in my soul
Destruction, cauldron of thoughts
I embrace eternal cycle
In an endless struggle
I snap all the enemies
Ripping asunder their souls
Courage, gift of the ancestors
And privilege of gods

Powerful, creative, joyous and free !!!

Lucifer rising up to the sky
The bearer of light
Ea â Lord Of The Deep
Who gives wisdom and might
Odin, the sage of the tree of life
One-eyed god
Symbols of sacred heritage
From our past

I am shedding skin like a snake
I am slithering through the Abyss
Mind charred by invincibility
Lycanthropic instinct
Berserker's soul
Expanding kingdom of self-realisation
I desolate the world
Of morality

Rise up the banner of hate
And leave the followers of Christ
Obdurate for moans of the crucified ones
Smash the face of God

4. Total Desaster (Destruction cover)

I was born in a dark winter night
Thunder and lightning greeted me
Now it's time to begin to fight
Kingdom of heaven; I can't see...

My home is the bloody Hell
The place where Satan rules
The world is now like a big shell
The fire of hell will destruct you fools

I can never trust the virgin preacher
I don't believe in Jesus Christ
It's all right cuz' Satan is my teacher
Hidden them when we arise

I command and you get down on your knees
We sacrifice infancy on Satan's order
Come taste blood, our living grease
Headless bodies found, one is your daughter...

5. Rapid Fire (Judas Priest cover)

Pounding the world
Like a battering ram
Forging the furnace
For the final grand slam

Chopping away at the source
Soon the course will be done
Leaving a trail of destruction
That's second to none

Hammering anvils
Screaming muscle and might
Shattering blows
Crashing brow beating fright

Fast devastating and
Desolating the curse
Blasting the cannons of
Truth through each man
Of this earth

Wielding the axe
Comes the one culmination
That's always seemed
Certain to bring down
The curtain on greed

Sifting the good from the bad
It's the age for the rage for the
Dogs which must fall to the just
And be free

Now grate for the vandals
Who trampled and sampled
Till this place's conditioned
Brought forth demolition to war

The slipping and sliding
Corrosive subsiding
That withered and wained
Till the world seemed all drained
Fills the bay

6. Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)

Everything here is so old
Everything here is so dark
I remember it as from a dream
The corner at this time

Diabolical shapes floats by
Out from the dark
I remember it was here I died
By following Freezing moon

It's night again
Night, You beautiful
I'll please my hunger of living humans
Night of hunger
Follow it's call
Follow the Freezing moon

Darkness is growing
The eternity opens the cemetery lights up again
As in ancient times fallen souls

Die behind my steps
By following the Freezing moon.

7. Creatures of Light and Darkness (live)

A man chosen to trace down a god
In the world between two houses
The cycle unwinds so slowly
The middle worlds laid to waste

The things that cries in the night
Defeated by the prince who was a thousand
All gods could not withhold the nameless
The terror that lurks outside

Creatures of light and darkness
Are born in great numbers
Creatures of light and darkness
My die and rise again

For the want of control
They can set all worlds afire
The hammer that smashes suns
Its work cannot be undone

Horus hermes trismagistos
The calls of the universal panthenon
Realities fold and submerge
When gods combat against their own blood

On my lips the name of the god
Whose face no one remembers
Eternal feud of those of the unlight
Set the destroyer, the lord of chaos stomps down

Creatures of light and darkness
Are born in great numbers
Creatures of light and darkness
My die and rise again

They're creatures of light and darkness
They're creatures of light and darkness
They're creatures of light and darkness
They'll die but shall rise again

8. Carnal (live)

I tasted the fever of Your existence
Seems like cold grain to my mouth
I stand aside, I stay away
Transmuting my quicksilver blood

KIA - that I may see
ZOS - that I may touch
Insipid are the describing words
The self needs no vulgar praise

This worship has no supplications
My rite is to live and do
Things naked, pure, of honest lust
The throbbing vortex feeds on it all

Sleep is the best of possible prayers
The winged eyes are blessed to see
Downtrodden deception of every torment
Transpierced hymnes my lust adores

Many images yet one raw flesh
Animal steps I love to tread
An ideal point where Time is Space
Memory giant sores this journey must heal

Lady of Mourning and her monsters
Lay down the scythes for here I come
Joyful and praipic my baby soul
A new-born one, ten million years old

9. Red Dunes

10. Lord of Desert

"Set is perhaps the most mysterious god of the ancient Egyptian pantheon:
a lord of contradictions and conflicts,
a god at once saving the world and rejected as a traitor,
an incarnation of "Other" which, unlike all remaining Egyptian deities,
was not even given a recognisable animal face".

The red dunes are my home
Far away from the black Earth
I have to wait for the barbarians
To come and worship me again

Nightly I save you all from the serpent
Which stalks the world with no end
But you still kill me and castrate
Turning me into my victim

I am trampled by those whom I save
Despised down and up the river
The double slayer, the isolator
Set, the lord of desert, is me

Riding the storms of sand so alien I am
You can't even give me the head
There would be no life and rebirth
Without my fratricide and fight with the bird

Yet, you break my statues
And spear them for a sign
Of ungodly displacement
And banishment to the edge of the night

I am trampled by those whom I save
Despised down and up the river
The double slayer, the isolator
Set, the lord of desert, is me


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