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The Renouncement

"The Renouncement" (2005 Demo)

1. The Renouncement
2. Prisoner
3. Apocalypse
4. Lover Diablo
5. Prince Of Darkness
6. When The Night Comes

1. The Renouncement

Then Sun will die
I'll come to rule.
Then you can lie
And think it's true

No war, no peace
Just only Hell!
And you, young priest
Will earn dark spell.

Don't you so tired
In cage of Life?
Feel smell of freedom
With Evil sign.

You wrong, if you think
You're lead by God.
The Prophesy can't fails me
It's in your heart.


Sleep well, my little king,
I'll come in to your dream.
You'll see the plan of mine,
Dark Prince, wait for my sign.

And now, my son,
Let's break the rules.
Kill faith inside,
Renounce with fools.

Unchain your mind,
It's your last dream.
Get my last sign,
Dark reign, begin!

2. Prisoner

I open my eyes with vacuity and easy weakness
My thoughts are mess and my mind is burnt
I feel the black virus inside with strange satisfaction
And feelings like that give birth to my scorn

Silver moon shadow falls down on my tormented body
Deep blackest sorrow spreads in my head
Crystallization of sadness produces dejection
Defrauding myself I'm brought to the bad

My gloomy room presses me by the climate
Silence and cold fills my internal space
Strange wizardry feeling surrounds me and my desires
My only wish is I had left this place

I'm prisoner, I'm hostage
Of my awful dreams
My mind and my knowledge
They become against me

Abyss of despair
Now lives in my heart
With abhorrence to slayers
Who live inside us

I'm lonely, and I have no friends, have no future
And I always know my destiny will not be mine
Life can be beautifull and full of great moments
And I realize it's not my way of life


3. Apocalypse

War or peace, something we miss.
This is (a) choice of (the) mankind.
Past and future are the same.
Gods will tell goodbye!

From the moment that we see
Always take anger and greed.
Colors of the life
Turn into black.

Make your choice
And vote for freedom.
Choose the peace
And blue sky above...

Agony, heroin, melancholy,
Wrath within.
Revolutions, life disease
In the future - Apocalypse.

Human's insolence so much,
Our plan's destruction.
Everything is falling down.
We have no reaction

Acid rains, polluted seas,
Fucking soot instead of breeze.
We must stop all this
Or we will die.


War or peace, something we miss.
This is (a) choice of mankind.
Past and future are the same.
Gods will tell ... goodbye...

4. Lover Diablo

I am the Evil master
And you should know.
Diablo is real
Don't you think so?

My ancient entreaty
Shake the air
And awful devil
Is instantly here.

Diablo it's your nightmare.
Diablo is everywhere.
Diablo takes you and me.
This is insanity.

Devil has come
Like pretty girl.
She took my proud
She made me crawl.

I see reality,
I choose my love.
She is a devil,
But who cares of staff

Chorus 2:

She is a horror evil,
I understand that.
Maybe I want it,
Maybe I'm not.

This is my way I choose it,
And time will tell
I'm falling down,
See you in hell.


5. Prince Of Darkness

In one thousand years when Jesus Christ has crucified,
Someone knocked on (the) gates of monastery in dark and rainy night.
Old monk opened (the) door and saw a creche with infant crying.
And something strange was in green boy's eyes.

Time went by, boy grew up, his faith was unrestrained.
When he spoke of God, his speech ensemble of the startling things contained
All predicted him the future like he had God's bless.
But something strange was in his green eyes non the less.


I always have a dream to die without pain
And God will take my soul and Earth will take my shame...


Be my spy
Be my virus
Be my eyes in the land of light
Be invader
Guide black riders
To throw down the God.

It is time
To set us free
When you reach your age
Act my son
And let them see
Let them feel my rage

Once in midnight, when Romeo was in prays in his dark room,
Something had forced him to get up and run to the forest's gloom.
He looked back and saw a person from his own dark dream.
And Romeo realized that Man talked to him.


- Do you know Romeo, who am I, and who you are?
- Evil?
- That's right. But that is not the worst news for you.
- You're my only son. You will be key of mine to heaven.
And in some time my Prince of Darkness we shall rule together.


I always have a dream to die without pain
And God will take my soul to have a rest
I'll kill myself. I don't wanna play your game
And look now how knife is entering my chest!

6. When The Night Comes

Dark rider has shuttered all light in the sky
Gloom comes down to land and shrouds all
You realized this night's last in your life
Tonight you should make your great fall

Darkness gave you strange inspiration and influx of power
You always felt you'd die exactly in disappearing of light
And now you look into the darkness with presentiment this trouble
Divine must be separated from devilish in the dead of night

The nightmares always torn you and now you see it's fucking real
Old man's child in the heavens must be greatest awful deal
Sin destroys your light in the name of rescuing the whole mankind
Light soul falls down to dark abyss but it was right to your mind

Look at your life way and do not convict that you have done
Look at your fate and understand you were not born under the sun
Look in the sky and darkness fills your soul, but you don't cry
Look into (the) darkness over you, take last breath and die!


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