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Rape Reality

"Rape Reality" (2006 EP)

1. Join the Carnage
2. Destroy/Create
3. Fuckworld
4. Rape Reality
5. Wake Up

1. Join the Carnage

2. Destroy/Create

Another day has born, born just to die
Sun comes from the night's womb, blood painting the
Dusk comes to eat her son, just to purify
Circle of destruction is the circle of life

Everyone seeks for light, running from the dark
Run from your inner self, run to your lies
But what destroys our world is the creation
No sense in their eyes, the essence of life is death

You try to run from her
yeah, the world desires it
Her touch always comes
Yeah, the world needs it now

Humanity will end
Yeah, we're the plague of this world
We run to her embrace
Yeah, the world need us to die

3. Fuckworld

Come and lick me, scream and bleed
Prove all pleasures of this Eden
You deeply want it

World is filth and we like it
Drowning in a tear of our innocence
We laugh loud and scream for more

Spread luxury the world's wheel
Men and woman just want to fuck
There's no ideal

Creator's hands washes in sin
We are just a part of it all
A great couple between light and dark

Deep inside
Just a primal instinct

We're born just to this
Be fruitful multiply
Angels fall just to join this
So show them the way

Angels fall just to fuck
So hold their wings and rape them

4. Rape Reality

Everything inside you
screaming to be free
this prison of flesh locks yourself
hiding the true nature of all

All divine power
Its our birthright
taken from us in the sheep's
fields by the shepherds

You pray and ask your god
"Please show me my way"
But his answer is silence
And you cry in vain
If you ask to me
I know where's your way
Extract it from your body
The path is made in red

There is a supreme being
There is a salvation
But his name is not God
And his kingdom is not in heaven

He lies inside your chest
He sleeps deep in your soul
Pain is the way you'll find him
Pain is the scream that will wake him

Gods exist only to make us believe
that we are limitaded in this flesh
and bone useless form
come and join the carnage
free your mind and free your soul
kill the gods that try to control us all
get free from all this shit
rape reality

Adore no idols and no messiahs
God or satan
Follow your own path
Ascend to a higher state of mind
Where are no rules
No good or evil

5. Wake Up

Wake up
all those fucking masks you wear
you say
this is the face the world must see
fuck you
you need to fight and not to hide
kneel down
and let the blade of time cut clean

destroy this fake world
and live your life
don't be so coward like they want, no
look deep inside you
and you will see
forever bounded to your soul, that's me

you're fucking with your life
you could raise the dead with one command
you fucked with my life
but i killed them with my own hands

suck me
you will never forget my taste

you won't sleep
and dream
'cuz you would see my face again


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