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Year of the Tyrants

"Year of the Tyrants" (1987 EP)

1. Tyrant's Reign
2. Jack The Ripper
3. Untamed
4. Deadly Eyes
5. Reign Of Terror
6. Fadeaway

1. Tyrant's Reign

Many years ago when tyrant´s ruled the land
Reeking havoc and destruction by their own hand
Rivers of blood flow in their wake
Thousands of lives they did take
Legend has it they will rise again
To take command once again

Like the sound of the whispering wind
You can hear their voices screaming again
As darkness suffocates the light
On their throne tyrant´s reign tonight
I have come to this land just to view
The devastating sins of the few
To watch them work and climb beneath the hell-line
By the look in their eyes it´s time

Here they come, it´s time to run
It´s tyrant´s reign
No time to haste, no time to waste
It´s tyrant´s reign

You better obey by their law
Cuz if you don´t you will fall
Into the hand of the evil one glancing
You can hear all the gore in their chanting
Will risk my life just to save
All these people from a bloody grave
I will raise my sword though I dread
That I cannot return till their dead

Mountain topple ever more
Into seas without a shore

The time has come for them now
I must think of a way I must think of how
I´m captured oh no what will I do
Wait their asking me to lead them to
A place they can live on forever
A place we can all endeavor

(Repeat Chorus)

2. Jack The Ripper

Acting like a maniac, on the prowl on attack
I slip inside your dreams
I´ll never leave you alone

A stroll through the park, it´s evening getting dark
I´ve got my eyes on you

You turn around I´m nowhere to be found
Your time has come
The chase has begun

Cuz she´s, she´s the one for me

Little ladies of the night, they walk the streets their in my sight
No one to hear your screams, you hope it´s all a dream

Headlines in the paper say watch out for Jack the ripper
You know he cuts right through
Get off the streets and lock all your doors
Cuz Jack the ripper he´s coming for you

Cuz she´s, she´s the one for me

She invites me for a drink
She says let me lick that dribble off the bottle of ripple
Then looks at me and winks, I said "oh all right"
I think I´ll stay the night, can I please?
She said yes you bet, then light a cigarette
Her time has come this is gonna be fun

Cuz she´s, she´s the one for me

The man of thousand years
The man of thousand tears
I will return, again in your dreams someday

3. Untamed

Prowl like a tiger, through the jungle heat
I feast upon the thought of you I have to eat
Don´t roam with the packs
I do it on my own
I have no thing called shame
Cuz I´m untamed

I´m untamed
I have no shame
Nothings ever be the same
Cuz I´m untamed

Scratching at the walls, creeping down the halls
Smashing out the lights, looking for a fight
You better hide in case I´m tearing up the place
Your shrilling scream of fear
My foot steps come near


You better look out, I´m coming your way
So you better, you better beware
Thrashing heavy metal is three quarters of my brain
The other quarter is the crazy part
That makes me so untame
And if you want to feel your inevitable doom
Release your mind, take off your clothes
And crawl inside my room

I´m untamed
I have no shame
Nothings ever the same
I´m untamed

4. Deadly Eyes

Moon lit night, know one in sight
But still hear the crys
See those deadly eyes

Hide from the lightning
Run from the thunder
Winds of destruction are forcing me under

Seeing the shadows lurking around me
Where do they come from, it´s too dark I can´t see

Hear them scream, through the night
It don´t seem, don´t seem right

See those deadly eyes

Bottomless pits and endless dark caves
Watch where you walk
It´s your life you save

For all these spirits
This place is Eldorado
Look for the ones that lurk in the shadows

(Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus)

5. Reign Of Terror

Without a warning, people mourning rises through the air
A dark suspicion a premonition of evil so beware
There lives a madman who´s mind is so black he controls your destiny
His domination rules the land so others should take heed

He lives within castle, shaded from the sun
A fortress full of evil and the madness he has done

A curse from hell
Can´t break the spell so runaway
Or just kneel down and pray

Reign of terror
Reign of terror
Reign of terror
Forever & ever

Tonite your hear his victims, screaming in despair
Sound of desolation running through the minds that bare
Scars of all the hatred and the madness he has done
See a town of ruins and the twisted minds of one

The people have a vision to gain their power back
Only one decisison get together and attack

(Repeat Chorus)

6. Fadeaway

Fade away
To the end of the day
Gaze at the sky
Your life passes by
Fade away

Fly away
To a place unknown
Hoping to find
Peace of mind
Fly away

Is this for real or just a fantasy
What does the world have waiting for me
Why is the future such a mystery
And am I searching for a hopeless key
I´m hoping to survive until the very end
To taste the fruits of life my friend

I´m not gonna fade away
I´m gonna live every day
I´m gonna shout at everyone
I´m the lucky one

Think for a moment, then the moments gone
Searching for answers at the edge of the dawn
Wondering about life at the edge of the sea
My body is weary but my mind is free
We lock at each other only with eyes
Wishing that somehow we could see inside

(Repeat Second Verse)


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