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Bleak Vistae

"Bleak Vistae" (2004 EP)

1. Passing Through Ague
2. The Leaden Stream
3. Drown

1. Passing Through Ague

I transcend all mundane exceeding contemplation
weaving apathy to my need
Its aspects concealed in vague reptilian shapes
adepts in oblique passing without meaning

We are saturrated of cold intent
and the air feels dead
so no-one breathes

I sense light blending
in broken mirrors
I sense world bending
around me

In this bleary mind I trail my reason
like a withered limb a burden to consume
Even in this delirium still binding me
Frail is the illusion of world bound by flesh


2. The Leaden Stream

I dream for the equable hour
and the dream became a river
a stream of running lead
I felt its timeless flow
and its ageless strain
to burden me I sat on the grey banks
and I watched passing of waves

And the stream bore a body
pale and quiescent wench
a bride came with the tides
eyes open unseeing
were of same colour as the stream
I pondered this solemnly

And the earth shook to my thoughts
and the river went running red
as a mountain falling heavy
a hoof struck the ground
I turned to see
and behold
spanning from horizon
to zenith of the sky
a mare rearing its legs
foremost reaching above clouds
hinder trampling the earth
casting an ancient rhythm
and this earth resounds...

3. Drown

I howl my pain
dirge of agony

Throes strained sense
Aque rides my body on
down a beaten path

Days spill into one
Bleary hours melt

I yield yet no avail
Spasms whip me further
torn by a fever
ravished without death

"Remember thee!
Ay, thou poor ghost
while memory holds a seat
In this deistracted globe."
- Hamlet

And in this river
I'll drown

By this cold river
I lay
Spitting entreaties
in servile breath

And in this river
I'll be undone

I hear the billows
through stranger thoughts
though stricken I aspire
to drown

Driven to greet death
trailing to the waters edge
I heave myself below
the waves

And cold water fills me
Seamless, without end
I blend from transience
Away from strain
in swaying light I flow
with the tides
to expanse of the ocean floor
in languid haze I drift
Sonorous through halls
echoes the ageless
soliloquy of the sea
ancient beyond time
I travel untold vistae
with lifeless eyes


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