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Solo Poject

"Solo Poject" (2006)

1. Battle Love
2. Cry
3. Drug Dealers
4. Our Evil Ways
5. Grama
6. Hypocrisy
7. Only Linux
8. Souls of Serenity
9. Void Within My Heart
10. We Are Damned

1. Battle Love

Battle Love (by Tym Morrison)

Life was hard, and made me loose all hope
Without, the love of home
Without her love, I don’t think I could cope To live my life alone.

She came into my life,
She’d take the wrong and make it right
For I’m the one who’d seen the light.

Together will win this battle love.
With troubled times I’ve walked the line alone,
just searching for a home.
I have to find the great devine of love,
before I start to fall.

(Guitar Solo)
(Chorus) Will win this battle love (repeat 5 times)

2. Cry

Cry (by Tym Morrison)

Tonight it came as no surprise
I see it deep within her eyes
I hope she comes to realize
Cause I’m the one who see’s her cry

I seen her with another guy again today
One guy leaves her heart, another’s on his way
I’m not saying, that she’s out to get a lay
I think she needs someone who cares, as much as me.


It’s Only natural, for feelings to appear
The fear of loneliness, when no one else is near
She’s cry’in out for help but no one seems to hear
I know that love is blind, but need to make this clear

(Chorus) (Guitar Solo)
(Chorus) (Outro Guitar Solo)

3. Drug Dealers

Drug Dealers (by Tym Morrison)

Drug dealers are the ones, that feed your worst addictions
it's always free at fun, recruiting the new victims
They act like their your friend, because they need the business
They’ll bring you to an end and all your inhabitations

Consuming all the coke, inhaling all the smoke
Not knowing what's in store, your body hits the floor
The drugs have taken you, a deathly rondayvu
You’ll still be wanting more, from the drug dealer’s store
Drug Dealers, Drug Dealers

Drug Dealers get the girls , by giving them the free taste
girls know they can't afford, but chose to be at their waste
they pimp them off like hors, and make all there decisions
they'll have you wanting more, because they play the victim

(Chorus)(Guitar Solo)(Chorus)

4. Our Evil Ways

Our Evil Ways (by Tym Morrison)

Time must go on, so listen to this song.
Life can go wrong, that’s why we must be strong.
Time will not tell, or make it turn out well.
Cause Satan from hell, derives, from what you dwell.
We live our lives, in different ways
Some carry knifes, and live like strays
Nothing you do nothing you say
We have to change our evil ways

Our Human Race, it hides behind a face
Must we erase a life for our mistakes
We have to change, and start to rearrange
Our evil domains, it isn’t out of range
(Chorus)(Guitar Solo)
The damage is done, we must live our life’s as one
Why do you run, from what we might
The government lies, the problems still arise
Things we despise, are hidden in disguise

5. Grama

Grama (by Tym Morrison)

There’s a lady, in my life She’s the one, who’d sacrifice
All her time, cause she cared
Thanks to grama, she was there
I still love you, my grama, your the one
I still love you, my grama, for all you’ve done

The winter times, when it’s cold
She made sweaters, kept us warm
Her gentle hands, we would hold Knowing grama,
loved us so
She played the piano and we’d sing along
She’d always would play, all our favorite songs
She always baked cookies For when we got home
We always had clothing that grama had soen
(Guitar Solo)
I still love you grama (Spoken)
(Chorus 4 times)

6. Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy (by Tym Morrison)

I’ve been around this world, I’ve been to holy places.
I’ve been told of hell, how Satan will await us.
How can we stop this now, confusing human races.
Our God would not allow this evil to disgrace us.
I know inside of me, God is the light I see
No religion, I am free, from this hypocrisy

Those who believe, they will receive a reservation.
Away from hell, religion sells, this misconception.
Don’t be the creed, that plant the seed of devastation.
Search for the truth among the youth, new revelations.
I can’t believe how easily, we are subjected
To misery, hypocrisy, we are neglected.
From when were born, religion scorned, we are expected
To spread the fear that Satans here, we are neglected
(Guitar Solo)
From God or Hell, we must dispel this deviation
Across the land, just understand the desecrations
So live in peace and don’t release this hellish fiction
Don’t live in fear, listen and hear, your own convictions

7. Only Linux

Only Linux (by Tym Morrison)

Linux is on mission, that give us the ambition
To face the challenge risen, the Microsoft’s divisions
There is the code of course that feeds our inhibitions
A raging power force, that gives us these decisions
It in the open source, from many people giving.
There will be no remorse for operating systems.
Only Linux, Only Linux, Only Linux

Linux was always free, and always no restrictions
People across the sea , can download new revisions
Linux will never be, a company controlling
Open your eyes and see, the freedom that your holding

8. Souls of Serenity

9. Void Within My Heart

Within My Heart (by Tym Morrison)

I’ve been on my own, for way too long
I never cared to find that special one
The last remaining love I had went wrong
My happiness was lost, but far from gone
Then she came into my life,
Making any sacrifice
The way she makes me feel inside
I need her, right here by my side
Then she opened up the door
Into a world with so much more
For all the times, we’ve been apart
She fills the void within my heart.

I’ve been up and down that road before
The emptiness, the shadows on the floor
I was hoping just for something more
And where and when, it didn’t know for sure
She fills the void within my heart (4 times)

10. We Are Damned

We Are Damned (by Tym Morrison)

I see them coming round the bend,
they’ll follow me, until no end
There’s no escaping understand,
Protecting justice, their your friend
They pull me over, there’s no crime,
but they persist, to draw the line
They won’t find weapons, drugs or wine,
But they still leave me with the fine
The problem with this master plan,
A justice system made by man, we are damned

A power given to a man, To protect justice of our land
and he will use it best he can but in occasion idle hand
They make decisions, on our lives,
This kind of power, evil thrives
Demoralization of they’re minds,
What benefits them, they’re demise.
(Chorus & Guitar Solo)
You are the hunted, can’t you see, A politician's democracy
Controlling everything they see, Including people, you and me
I wish there was another way, A brand new system, prosperity
Instead of more conformity, and this is mediocrity


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