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Delirium Veil

"Delirium Veil" (2003)

1. Gone to the Wall
2. At the Forge
3. Jester Realm
4. Delirium Veil
5. Return to Innocence
6. Under Somber Skies
7. Seventh Dawn
8. Enslaved to the Mind
9. Masked Ball Dalliance

1. Gone to the Wall

Leant down in a daze
Pictures in my face
Reflections deep inside me
send shivers down my spine, to guide me...

A woman, not alone
Blushingly stripped to the bone
Now i see, i never Knew
She always looked askew

All this seems to be delusion
It must have been an odd illusion
All this feeds my inner urge to go
I know, it's glowing deep inside me
This show, the mindless thrall
I know, your grinning might misguide me
I know the weakest goes to the wall

Leant down in shame

An older man, so lame
Shivering, full of wine
By the shore line

Stream's fast, don't fight
At last, release the plight
It's clear, without a strife
I see my own life

Flint, struck, gives no spark at all
Women, touched, give no warmth for all
A child, lost, has gone to the wall

2. At the Forge

When the heat rises up to the point of maximum temperature
To give birth to the flame
The fountain of passion showers high
New ways emerge in the endless search
for the expression supreme
And true value of art

What does it take to fell it and make it real?
Maybe you must deal with insanity or steal
When we are at the forge of creation

But who knows
What lights up the torch illuminating
the process for all those?
Those who are at the forge
When the steam burns your skin
And the mood is getting all so constrained
And the flame's dying down

The fountain of passion dried up... suddenly
No way out, there's nothing you can do about it but call it
And wait as long as you find another way
To create or come up with something that is to thrill
One must place one's soul between
The hammer and the anvil

3. Jester Realm

Lose your mind and lose your personality
Step inside and see how foolish things can be
To trade a crown for a hat with tiny bells
Is far too much to ask for living in a cell

Put on your motley suit and play their song with your lute
So you won't be condemned

Year after year --- this amusing circus remains
The day draws near - it's only the clowns that are to change
During that wait - I wonder how I could consciel
My rage and hate - as kneeled before the jester realm

Captured by the law these poor apprentices
A misuse of force with evil mentors
Can't say, no way, please don't take my precious away
It's too big a price to pay

Year after year --- this amusing circus remains
The day draws near - it's only the clowns that are to change

4. Delirium Veil

Voice of the wise is trying to summon you
>From the world where all the problems you can think of are solved
Blindfold, no one can see what's going on
People rave though there are not even any drugs involved

The vision unfolds and the things you've been told
Are unjustified by your own mind

Come with me and I'll show thee
What lies beyond the veil of delirium you'll see
And as we sail towards the dale
Let the ravings and delusions be blown away by gale
...beyond the delirium veil

The voyage goes on, cruising the seas of life
As you head for the dale it still remains unreachable
Day by day, make your way
Though leviathans of the depths seem almost unbeatable

The wisdom you'll gain won't make
You insane
Strive for the consciousness divine

Come with me and I'll show thee
What lies beyond the veil of delirium, you'll see!
And as we sail towards the dale
Introduce a new constitution
Let there be no more confusion
As the ravings and delusions are blown away by gale

5. Return to Innocence

On our way to light
We are losing our own sheen
There's no chance to fight
Once it's gone you cannot gain it back

Can't no longer see
Through the eyes of the care-free
None of it left in me
Even the remnants perished a while ago

Enigma of life hems ruin within
I've seen it's rife with all this nice sin
But still feel like...

On wings of time we have been flying
For too long it seems to me there is no turning back hence
Thou I'm stronger and wiser now still I
Yearn the way things used to bee, Return to Innocence

I've been trying to find
A path to that lost sentiment
How could I rescind
The progress of the years that pass me by

We've become enslaved
Like helots grinding on and on
Hoping I had saved
The urge for freedom in my heart

Enigma of life hems ruin within
I've seen it's rife with sin

Turning back...

6. Under Somber Skies

It's getting harder to recall
In search for reason that you are here for
The off-handed lapse consumed your means
Right to the end... once again.

Everytime I sense that malice in you
I find myself pilloried
Underneath sinister skies

Every dull pretense made by you
In another senseless story
I just close my eyes
Under somber skies

It's getting easy to believe
The weight of misery is in too deep
The spirit of decline conceals solace within it's playful grin

The trembling and the fear is gone
Today the looking glass reflects the marvel of a pawn
Fallacious euphoria's paving now the way
So you may escape from cradle to grave
No more suppresion, come and get me out of these stocks
Without discretion, I'm at the mercy of a mob

Roaring sky, fulminating furiously overtaking
I cannot hide my fears to aggression
The forbidden temptation, another aberration under somber skies

7. Seventh Dawn

In a cold sweat of my distress
Need to catch my breath, in this odd mess
Can't abscond from my own prison
Like bashed on the head, to death...

A crying shame, no vigour for rancor
Can't pin the blame on my lord with anger
Dash my thoughts against the wall
And take my eyes off a glare

Oh, i can't camouflange the
Muck on my reflection

Affection's what i've pleased
At the seventh dawn
Those flaws revealed
A frown again flitted across my face
I could't get out of this haze

Reflections of mind, so deep
At the seventh dawn
I can't proceed
Oh, lord I'm on my knees
Don't fail in my need!

Mister felt he bore a charmed life
couldn't hold his horse at night time
Asked for damset to be his nightwife
Would you fly me to the skies?

His charred mind, of that distress
had been blind with his mistress
Dashed his thoughts against the wall
The gleam in his eyes had died
No sloven can camouflange the muck on his reflection

8. Enslaved to the Mind

Deeper, I wanna go, hesitating no longer!
Mr. Reaper, let me show, my soul has grown much stronger
Deeper, I'd surely go, if I had no doubt about it
So, bear out it! I wanna know who will stifle my screams tonight?
Thrilled me, like never before, the silence was unbroken
Filled me with sagacious lore, the stillness gave no token
Deep into that darkness peering, I stood there, fearing

I could bear those hypocritical smiles no longer... no longer!

Obsessions need to swell
A genius in his cell
Wondering what went wrong
Suppression of his grind
A slave to his mind, in his head's game
Like a madman in his game, get insane...

Obsession depp in brain
He found it all in vain

A bitter lapse, not insane
Regression he can't find
Enslaved to the mind, not blind

9. Masked Ball Dalliance

Spectral look in your eyes you caress my skin
Everyone in disguise to hide from the sin
Go on! inhibitions all gone
In the hope of carnal fruition we swan
In the hall of the masquerade ball
We're finally free 'cause of the mask and the shawl

Like phantoms we dance on and on
Fed upon a desire with no conditions

Time to doff your attire, wear the mask and release de fire
That's been smothered by the rules made up by charlatans and fools

Time to doff your attire, join the ball and the truth will transpire
About the over-ruling bent and why there's no need to repent

Mesmerizing music plays on and takes us higher
Hectic trance-like state of mind is what we'll acquire

Enthralled in a cobweb of passion
Reaching for the top as we spin

Among myriad bodies that fashion
New forms of the original sin


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