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Tales of the Brave

"Tales of the Brave" (2000)

1. Eternal Glory
2. Land of the Kings
3. Wings of the Gods
4. Angel Without Wings
5. Just Let Me
6. Running Wild
7. Snowfall
8. Last of My Kind
9. Night of the Black Swan
10. Forgotten Land
11. Gods of Time
12. Twilight Guardians

1. Eternal Glory

2. Land of the Kings

Dear friends could you gather around to listen
heavenly sound,war has begun, peace is undone.
I call you by will of the gods to show your
honour and glory, war has begun, peace is undone.

We march through the valley of thunder and rain,
don't fear what the future might bring.
Crack in the sky leads the gods to the game,
defending the land of the kings.

Lift up you armour from ground, power and
might you must find, mercy for none, no light,
no sun. Into the fury and pain, we ride through
the thunder and rain. Mercy for none, no light, no sun

3. Wings of the Gods

Clouds fill the sky, cold wind now rise.
Eye of the storm is the kingdom of mine.
Rise from the north, from darkness of sea.
Out from the forest, the kingdom of gods.

Hunger for red wine. Lust for you blood.
Red drops in your cry. I'll drink them as wine.

Wings of the gods, carry my soul.
Hell or to heaven, take me home.

Riding through fields, through ancient land.
Wings of the destruction are guiding my hand.
Down from heavens, on steely wings.
Ride up from hell, flying like dreams.

4. Angel Without Wings

There's a weird flash in your eyes
waiting for what follows, under your
spiky disguise.
Stars, they guide us to dreamland.
Shadows of rebellions.
Lies in the sand, i reach out
for a helping hand.

Loosing your wings, flying up to the
burning sky. Crash to the ground,
you're an angel, angel without wings.

Down in the past, loosing control.
Come with me to this hail.
Neverending tale from dreamland.
Forgive these shadows from my hand.
Storm it rages on and on. Bitter side
of my past. I reach out for helping hand.

5. Just Let Me

Couldness i feel, breaking in to my mind.
Silence i hear in darkness i lay. I see you
through tears, but i'm floating away.
Walls of this world, can't make me stay.

Wait for a while, reach out for my hand.
Open my eyes, i can't understand.

Just let me see, another morning, another
breaking of the dawn.
Just let me breath, one tomorrow, then i'll be
there when you call.

Valley of peace, could it be true.
Will of the one, stronger than youth.
Icy stairs won't melt by warmth.
Where did i loose you, could you open the door.

6. Running Wild

You lay on bloody floor. Just blood
and nothing more. Still smelling the
death in the air. The ghost from yesterday
won't let you of this pain.
Still smelling the death in your stare.

You're gambling with life.
You'll loose every time.
When you're gambling with life.

That thin line crossed last time.
You releaved the ghost from other time.
That thin line crossed last time.
And now the creatures running wild.

Your brothers on altar of death.
The blade is painted with red.
And nobody hears your call.
You fight with your broken mind.
Maybe you should do it another time.
Just remember that you might fall.

7. Snowfall

Buried in this cold ice. And now it's time to rise.
Awake from this deep dream. I'm off towards
the wind, to the Viking Land. There is memories
deep in me. For you souls start to bleed.

Snowfall is slowly coming down.
Cold air is reaching for me now. Northern lights
please guide my way home, where i could be safe
and warm once again.

Hold your torches high, forgotten road to find

8. Last of My Kind

I am off, off to the world of dreams.
Now awake, majestic power reveal.
I have come, to take your mind
under my will. Give me your soul,
I'll make you fall down on your knees.

Stealing your spirit out from it's nest.
Stealing your mind take you from rest.
Gods of our joy and our sorrow.
Now hear my call.

Last of my kind, bold and divine.

In the night, feel the force of our prayers.
Call for me darkened lord of our days.
In my heart blood boils by the fire.
Feel the strength, taste the wine of desire.

9. Night of the Black Swan

In the dark middle ages those brave men,
they rode to the bloody fight.
Metal was their only friend,
sword in hand they prepared to die.
Smoke flows on the fields, as they grapped
their shields waiting for that bird to be a guide.
As it's eyes still burn, no one returns
from the mighty battle of time.

Straight through their destiny, the bird still
flies and leads. Don't be afraid to die my friend,
no mortal lives in the skies.

One thousand horses run on the hill of Norfolk.
As the swords still flash in air, brave ones fall to
their graves. Only one will lead the way, victory
of mighty ones. Tale of braves and immortals,
the night of Black Swan.

No salvation, no molten cries in the fury of the
night. Hammer of steel still rules the fire, dark
red wine of the GOds. Into the glory of the roar,
DRAGONS (dragons, dragons, dragons)
blessed their blades with fire. Class of honour still
calls power as they taste the bitter of my blood.

Tales of the brave. The Night Of Black Swan.

10. Forgotten Land

There's blazing flames firing the skies.
Here's evil's poisoned devour.
Sights from horizon, the land of our love.
Longing for love of our suters.

At the end we stand, price we hold in hand.
Come and walk with us to Forgotten Land.
Leave your cries behind, raise your hands with mine.
Come and walk with us to Forgotten Land.

See our hate now spread through the land,
taking what us to be our. Blood feel so warm
in palms of my hand. Our blades are now
sharper than razors.

11. Gods of Time

Two beautiful wings, beautiful sounds of the
screams, can you hear them. Two pearly fangs,
beautiful eyes that shine through the ages.
Just look around, you'll feel the cold sweat dropping.
But you'll be allright, when you hold the power of killing.

Gods Of The Time, they rule all the nights.
Hear the whisper of darkness. Below is my heaven,
your game is my castle. I'll guard your rest.
Just give me one kiss, one kiss and i'll live forever.
Make me a god, and we'll be allways together.

I am ready, i am ready now

Take me higher, through the fire,
take me through the endless stormy nights.
To the fire, of desire, take me to the beauty of the night.

12. Twilight Guardians


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