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"Imperial" (2005)

1. Sign of the Fiery Legion
2. Beholldrr
3. Mass Murderer
4. Countdown to Doomsday
5. Worship No God
6. Nihilist
7. Manifestation
8. Hail Satan
9. Still In Satan's Embrace
10. Imperial

1. Sign of the Fiery Legion

Blood is to be shed
As the hour has become
Now is the time to beg
Like it would matter to none

Beasts and Predators
Uncanny Warriors
Conquerors - From the worlds beyond

“Hark! Thee I have called upon
The masters of many dark a craft
Thrilled to witness I am the moment, For the victory is ours
I unleash you to the earth
To tear down all creations of god”

The wind is rising
Under the wings of blasphemy
Turn loose are the angels of damnation
The heavens shall bleed
In the reign of infamy
The time of retribution has arrived

This is the sign of the fiery legion
Behold the five-pointed
The imperial march of the legion
All that is will be swept away

Chaos is spreading
Can’t stop it growing
Blood is spilling
Can’t stop it flowing

Inhuman– Superior – Bloodthirsty
The hordes ride in triumphal gleam

Insuperable – Profoundly evil
The legion leaves no man alive

2. Beholldrr

I feel ill
Looking thru these all-knowing eyes
But I must observe
Like a goddamn new world seer

Everywhere I look
Utter ignorance is suffocating me
And it never seizes to amaze me
How blissfully ignorant can you be

I judge, therefore I am

Mind filled with drastic thoughts
Of what could be done
Should be done
But they are oh so many
And they are oh so foolish

As I sense your self-made bars
It suddenly becomes so clear
A blind man cannot see
And a deaf man cannot hear

Your gods
Your rules
Your standards
Your virtues

I can see past all of them

Everywhere I walk
Utter morons are surrounding me
And it never seizes to amaze me
How fucking narrow-minded can you be
I hate, therefore I am

But how can I bear
To look at this scum
Feeling so powerless to correct it
Should I raise hell
In a unthinkable fashion?

In the end, perhaps not
Maybe staying in the shadows
With a sarcastic smile
Is enough for me

3. Mass Murderer

I arise straight from hell
Soul as black as the pits where I dwell
As my hand delivers a cherished gift
No one shall survive

Overrated are your pitiful lives
Just a mockery of a genuine life
Oh so grateful you ought to be
As I free you from your misery

Feel the light - The purifying light
It shall cleanse you all
From surface to soul

What a beautiful way
To vaporize and fade away
Surely you must blame it on me
Yet all your life dead you have been

I am the judge, The jury
I am the executioner

All hope lost - Death draws near
You will die - The mass murderer

How honored I am
To witness this end
Even my black heart weeps
So beautiful is this death so deep

4. Countdown to Doomsday

’H’ is the letter
It wont get any better
And the end is far too easy
Oh, you may run
And hide from the sun
Only know it matters not
Who the hell is this man?
Cold, heartless, soulless
I see he’s no man at all
Holy ones are the first to go
Pray my child as all men bow
Only in the sea of fire no one hears
Oh the sun burns bright
Brighter than ever before
Burning your soul to oblivion
Feel the divine rays
Flash right through you
Scorching inside until nothing remains
As the last ones scream
The beast laughs
All hope is lost a long time ago
Mother earth cries in pain
You will cry in vain
As streams of blood will flow
This truly is the end
A universal death
No memories will remain
”If a thousand suns would suddenly break through the sky
This would be equal
To the splendor of the almighty
I have become death
The destroyer of the world”

5. Worship No God

Eyes wide shut
Searching for divine light
Such naive pipe dreams
There is no paradise

Kill your idols
Worthless human garbage
Tear down all icons
They offer no redemption

Begging to serve
Perished is the strenght within

Stabbing from behind
Your orthodoxy is a fucking illusion

Lambs of mass corruption
Pray to empty masters
Self-deceit in the name of the lord

One with mind won’t be enslaved
He who hails no gods ascend
One with strenght won’t repent
He kneels no lord before himself

Looks - But won’t see
Sees - But won’t realize
Realizes - Just won’t comprehend
This downward spiral has no end

6. Nihilist

I have no interest for your faith
Disciples of the Jew
I despise your habits
The travesties of truth
Still you keep forcing
Your pallid law
An infirmity of spirit

Kneel to your god
Or was it subordinator?

Natural born skeptic
Misanthropy is my middle name

Live a lie
Die in pain
Your search for the paradise
Is in vain
The laws of the feeble you adhere
Wake up! The truth was never there

Multitude your numbers
I’ll sure you it wont last

The future looks black
With sarcasm I laugh to humanity

In a feeble attempt to reach the divine
You have set yourselves
In a spiritual decline
No need to lift a finger
To get rid of them
Still always remember
I am willing to help

-kyrie eleison-
Hah, what a waste
And for what one might think
Hear me slayers votaress
God can’t be found
In unnatural dogmas
Divinity exists
Far beyond slavery morals

Servants of righteousness
So ironic is your crawl
A spiritual zombie you are
Empty in soul
Everything thought through
Just for you
Served in a plate already chewed

Blinded by the light of jehova
Sell yourself short to holy deception
Fooled by the lies of church
There will be no divine redemption

7. Manifestation

Trembling beneath the everlasting sea
Transformation in to unseen
Lurking through the infinite skies
In everlasting flow of motions

The Primeval Embodiment
Serpent Being
For aeons roamed the universes
An endless journey
In midst of the labyrinths
Enlightening divine manifestation

The Satanist
Spirit of the earth

Beast or prey - Freedom of will
Weak are enslaved
Left for beast to kill
Noble and proud
He who walks the earth free
The weak and the begging
Will be trembled down

The spirit ever active in me
Inexhaustible - Forever vibrant
Permeating my consciousness
Release the chains and set me free

8. Hail Satan

I salute you
The blackest might
Your presence all around
I revel in eternal night
For my honor
In constant strife
Until I’ll witness
The destruction of light

I greet you in triumphant respect
For many a time I have adapt to your ways
In your spirit I have grown to see
Hell shall welcome my presence in the end of days

The nameless one with endless faces
The faceless one with thousand a name
The speechless one
Who speaks through me
I am the conqueror
Hail me!

I am the Accuser
Hear my laughter from the abyss
The Fallen One
Blasphemer of thy celestial cast
An infinite breed of a black universe
With vengeance I rise from the past

Hail Satan
Forceful opponent of the deceitful light
Hail Satan
I acclaim to you in ever growing affinity
Hail Satan
Everything that breeds in the night
Hail Satan
Outcast of the earth attack divinity

Carrier of light
I breathe the legacy of hell
In black infinity
The beast rises in flames
The most beautiful god of mine
Eternally I will be a warrior of thine

9. Still In Satan's Embrace

Oh feared one - I greet you humbly
You have given me
A taste of your hellish powers
Follow you I will
Never to leave my place
I am most honored to stand beside you

I shall inherit my rightful place in the kingdom of hell

I am with Him
Not begging, bowing or pleading
But standing - Side by side
As companions

Fortunate I am
For I have seen what few men have
I have been offered a fountain
To quench my thirst
For power and knowledge

So obvious...
So obvious was my choice
to walk this path

Embraced I was
By pure, blackest light

Much time has passed
The years have faded away
But little have changed
I am still in Satan’s embrace

10. Imperial

Through the constellations
Far beyond this reality
The darkness is expanding
Larger and larger
Reflections of a coming era
Dawn of Gaia Universum Rex

Higher the flames will aim
Deeper into the secrets of the universe
Wide as the dimensions above
below and all around
Black as the pits of hell

The key to creation is
in the very eye of chaos
In the oscillation of the pendulum
An eternity

In the very core of universal ecstasy
At the edge of lunacy I realize
Life has no meaning than life itself
Existence is and will be eternally

Imperial sceneries
In the very place where life is torn
Every part of my being yearns
To be released into the eternal night
Majestic are the dimensions where death is truly born
To be at one with these landscapes eternally

The elements now within my grasp
The essence of I disappears into endless singularity

In the highest levels of existence
Vortex illuminates
The ways of superior operation
At one with the perpetual transformation
The ever-flowing cosmic circle

Spawns of creation
Traveling through time and space
In infinity laid down their fog
To rise and shine, blossom and revive
In the never-ending void
In Emptiness


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