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"Hierarchy" (1998)

1. My Finest Hour
2. Pathways to Cosmos Opened
3. Est Sularus Oth Mithas
4. God of Infamy, Lies and Fear
5. The Calling
6. Preacher of Immortality
7. Hierarchy of the Cosmos
8. Astral Majesty Revealed
9. Your Second Coming

1. My Finest Hour

No more shall I hear scorn and derision
No more shall I tolerate accusions and threaths
No more shall I witness injustice towards me
I will have my vengeance...

Now as I gather the essence of evil under my shade
I unite it with my innermost feelings
I release the true nature of man in me
This shall be my finest hour...

My finest hour!!!

No more shall I turn my eyes away
As my kind is being despised and laughed upon
No more shall I close my ears from the screams
As my kind is being made the scapegoat

Now, as I taste the bitter blood in my mouth
I feel strange as if by controlled by something inhuman
I glance through eyes which are not mine
This shall be my finest hour....

As I carve the symbol
I see my own reflection
And now I finally know
Who I truly am

The final now at hand
My enemies will witness...their ultimate end!!!
Remorse they ask...which I wont give!!!
For a warrior of the Pentagram knows nothing of such!!!

...I know nothing of such!!!

2. Pathways to Cosmos Opened

Apathy's my only friend when fallilng to this trance
Beautiful yet sad is the inner demons' dance
Everything is still unclear but do I even care?
Faint memories are all that's left of what once were...

As I gaze at the stars I can feel the Cosmos calling me
But alas, the paths leading there are hidden.....

Though my heart still senses this astral affection
My soul is yearning to another direction
My mind is ripped apart in this battle that won't cease
Finally I ask myself, who will give me my peace..?

The answer was Death and I gratefully accepted it

Ah, still no rest was granted to me
But it matters not anymore for now I see
The cosmos is finally open to me
I step on the path that only my eyes can see....

3. Est Sularus Oth Mithas

I am a king
I rule myself
There´s no chains to imprison me
Witness my might
And see
What I am and what you are not

Est sularus oth mithas
My honour is my life

Free will
And my honour as a guide
There´s no other laws to enslave me
Serve well your liege
But see
That I am my own master

Est sularus oth mithas
My honour is my life

Principles so great yet simple
A code forgotten but followed by me
No god or man shall see me beg
Nor bow before their precious laws

I can see it now
Men I see are not like me
If they are 'human beings'
Then I am not...

Deceive yourself and you shall die...
...For it´s the greatest sin of all

Life´s a prize
Death´s a reward
I live for myself and I die for myself
God´s hand
Rests on me
But the hand belongs to me...

Est sularus oth mithas
Oth tsarthon e paran
Est tsarthai en paranaith

4. God of Infamy, Lies and Fear

Purity is the essence,truth is the source, honour is the power
I am no longer yours, weak and vulnerable(I have never been)
Now I am full, pure, companioned by strenght
I am no longer yours, weak and vulnerable

When I abandoned you - the day I became pure
When I abandoned weakness- the day I was saved
I am not in the way to the paradise of fools
I am in the path to the kingdom of glory

Weak need of human to fall back on you
The only strenght you own is to give fear
Everything you can't own, you can't control
Still fools sing serenades to your grace
They can't see that your naturalness
Is truly against the true naturality of man
The carrier of sins, so you say
But only the redeemer of the feebleminded

You decided what is sin to man
Among you the true nature of man became sin
You teach, that man should be pure
Yet, you are the filthiest of all
The one who lays on you, can never be totally pure
They are those souls who are chained in words
They are the souls who are being veiled in fear
They are the souls who can't even see their own blindness

In my heart, there is no place to your kind
King of lies and deception
In your shameful kingdom, there is no place to my kind
The true prince of infamy

5. The Calling

Now I have arrived to this state I always longed for
Confused, yet thrilled I am for my senses are the same no more
For the stars reach out to me and I understand their hidden lore
With pride I realize that I am at one with the cosmos

My hunger for knowledge is strong
As I seek the face of god

As I drift within the galaxies I discover no answers
But much to learn and see
Truly this is the birthplace of the most blackest witchcraft
And even the ignorant knows where all that leads to.....

But something is changing now, the Universe is silent
The cosmic powers are shifting, astral energy is growing
The stars turn away in awe and I feel the eye focus on me
Helpless I am before this entity...fear grows inside me.....

Nevertheless I dare to ask:
Who are you who attract me so strongly?

"Sworn in the name of Chaos, sealed with the bonds of Doom
Look into my eyes......I am your Jesus
Follow me and you will not only live.....
....but rule!"

Blind I was but not anymore, for he is Satan and he is the one
Finally this is the end of the road, I have found my calling.....

6. Preacher of Immortality

Behold! Do you see the world burning and dying?
Can you see me standing in the edge of the world, laughing?
Behold! Can you see the mortals crying in anguish?
Can you see me spitting on their faces, laughing?

Tearing apart one by one
A living hell
Yet I take no part in all this suffering

I have no place amongst mortals....

Behold! Do you see the final battle?
Can you see me standing next to Satan?
Behold! Do you see the final judgement?
Can you see me wielding my sword for Satan?

Extinction of life so treasured
A black void
Yet I am not with them, the lost ones

I am still standing on the edge of the world
And gazing at a world without life

I never had a place amongst mortals....

I am the preacher
I am the preacher of Immortality!

7. Hierarchy of the Cosmos

Touch the infinite space, its beauty so vast
In which the ignorant sees a supernatural cast
Still the process of creation needed no divine hands
All fiction, behind the stars, there are no celestial lands

Look at your god
What do you see?
A mirror

Look at your god
What do you see?

The path of life is the path of the dead
Still to that path you are eternally wed
Why do you always hear only the lies
Where is the almighty, open your eyes...


What is man or his beliefs in the cosmic scale
How can a blind man believe in an ancient tale
Yet he proclaims he´ s the center of it all
While mankind is meaningless, its rise and its fall...

What is this?
How can one´ s soul live forever...
...if he hasn´ t even really lived before?

As humand and gods finally wither and die
The cosmos grows and grows without hearing them cry
The hierarchy is complete, the legacy has been done
And in the end, the whole of creation is just one

8. Astral Majesty Revealed

Infested with infernal power
Astral breed, His hellish sower
Majesty in its purest form
Descendant of the stars, reality is torn

Thus dread me mortal, for I am inhuman
Missionary of wrath, Disciple of hell

The mark burned to my skin
His symbol, in the end I'll win
The beginning of a crusade merciless
Paradise, my heaven is emptiness

Thus die for me mortal, for I am vengeful
Preacher of doom, slayer of hypocrites

Through infinite eyes I shall see.....

So profound...
The beginning and the end...
It's all the same...
From which all started, all will end again...

Life nor death grasps me no longer
Immortal, and growing stronger
And though time is now nonexistant to me
In the end, in peace I will also be

Nothing is now unknown to me
Yet I can hardly recognize my being
But the Astral Majesty is finally revealed
And with it, my destiny is sealed....


9. Your Second Coming

Silent is now our world of sorrow
There's no hope for tomorrow
There were many promises for you to keep
All broken, nothing else to do but weep

To the last, some tried to bend
But finally felt the coming of the end
Now it's too late for trying to mend
No goodbyes to send.....

Everything was just a big lie
For which we all must die
Why did we feel the pain
When there was nothing to gain

No one left anymore to wait
Where is your majestical bait?
Who was the chosen one?
Or does it matter when all is done

Where is your second coming?
Or was it just your second lying?
Were you truly the son of god?
Clearly you were not


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