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Eternal Twilight

"Eternal Twilight" (1996 Demo)

1. Eternal Twilight
2. In Satan´s Embrace
3. Scandinavian Female Devil
4. War Declaration

1. Eternal Twilight

Deep in the forests of oblivion
I have buried all my feelings
For I have no use for human emotions
On the path that I've chosen
For it's a Path of darkness
Shrouded in everlasting dusk
But still I feel safe...
'Cause this is where I belong

My dark philosophy I have chosen a long time ago
And I know it was the only one for me to take
Because my soul is contaminated and black
And that's the way I wan't it to be...

Someday the path will come to an end
And then I have come to home
The one will wait me at the gate
And my tormented soul will have its peace
But until that day comes...
I must wander the forgotten lands
Still not alone must I roam
For the sprits of darkness company me...

As the last sunbeams of my life wither away
I see the curtain of death fall...and I realize
That all hope is lost now and I'm drowning
I am drowning in darkness...but smiling...

2. In Satan´s Embrace

Sower of fear, bringer of grief, is he...
We bow our heads before you, o' father
Ewoker of hate, master of death, is he...
We grant our lives before you, o' father

Eternally will our souls belong to Satan

Satan... We yearn for your Infernal power
We can feel your mighty grasp bind our souls
Satan...Lead us to final victory
We can sense that the great day of wrath is coming
Father...Come forth and claim what's yours
You are the true ruler of the earth
Father...Take our lives, embrace our souls
We can see your throne now ever clearly...

Eternally will our lives be devoted to Satan

As the world will be throned to perpetual darkness
We praise your id with martyrs' blood in our hands
What once were, will be ever after...
We are the true servants of Satan!

3. Scandinavian Female Devil

As the snow glitters in the pale moonlight
The chalice is filled and the sacrifice is ready
As the trees sing with their heads bowed in homage
The gathering is at hand

"The eyes - Like a window into nothing
The form - The air is cold and restless
The strenght - Natures wrath is vast
The rising - The circle is complete"

The hour has struck for the unholy war to start
And we raise our fists in profane glory
For our enemies will be chrushed and trampled
And our homeland will be free
The candle of rage is lit
And the heathens of Skandinavia shall unite
Oh, come forth all servants of Tunrida
The north will be returned to its rightful owners

4. War Declaration


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