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Era 2001

"Era 2001" (2002 Demo)

1. Countdown to Doomsday
2. In the End of the Rope
3. Hail Satan!
4. Massmurderer
5. Her Eyes Aglow the Darkness Itself
6. Missionary of Satan
7. Untitled
8. Untitled
9. Untitled
10. Untitled
11. Untitled

1. Countdown to Doomsday

'H' is the letter
It won't get any better
And the end is far too easy
Oh, you may run
And hide from the sun
Only know it matters not
Who the hell is this man?
Cold, heartless, soulless
I see he's no man at all
Holy ones are the first to go
Pray my child as all men bow
Only in the sea of fire no one hears
Oh the sun burns bright
Brighter than ever before
Burning your soul to oblivion
Feel the divine rays
Flash right through you
Scorching inside until nothing remains
As the last ones scream
The beast laughs
All hope is lost a long time ago
Mother earth cries in pain
You will cry in vain
As streams of blood will flow
This truly is the end
A universal death
No memories will remain
"If a thousand suns would suddenly break through the sky
this would be equal to the splendor of the almighty
I have become death
The destroyer of the world"

2. In the End of the Rope

When I became
The loneliest man
Ever haunted the surface of earth
Life, as I knew it
Vanished today
Things once important
Fade away
Humanity to me
A distant memory
The essence of I
So utterly alone

As I touch my own reflection
Through the scenario of my known dimension
The moment of final decision
A perpetual realization

Makes me wordless
Leaves me doubtless
Makes me timeless
Leaves me soulless

I see myself through the eyes of the dead
As I grasp my final breath
Yet I am everywhere
When everything is said

Eternally in emptiness I shall remain
Inside the elements of my domain

Bend yourself, bend your neck
This is the hour of death
The time has arrived for the cord to fall
Surely you can hear its ultimate call

Moments of happiness and misery
In the end they're all the same
Final thought
Not sane nor insane
Standing motionless
When gone is hope
In the end of the rope

3. Hail Satan!

We salute you
The blackest might
Your being all around us
We revel in eternal night
For our honour
In constant strife
Until we'll witness
The destruction of light

Father, I greet you in triumphant respect
Satan, for times unknown I have adept to your ways
Father, in you I have grown black
Lucifer, hell shall welcome my presence in the end of days

The idless one with an endless faces
The faceless one with thousand a id
The speechless one who speaks through me
I am the apocalypse
Hail me!!!

"...for I am the Accuser, hear my laughter in the abyss
The Fallen One, Blasphemer of thy celestial cast
An infinite breed of a black universe
In rebellion I rise from the past..."

Hail Satan - Fierceful opponent of the deceitful light
Hail Satan - I acclaim to you in evergrowing affinity
Hail Satan - Everything that breeds in the night
Hail Satan - Outcast of the earth attack divinity

Carrier of light - I breathe the legacy of hell
In black infinity - The beast within me rises in flames
Satan - The most beautiful God of mine
Eternally I am to be a warrior of thine

4. Massmurderer

I arise straight from hell
Soul as black as the pits where I dwell
As my hand delivers a cherished gift
No one shall survive

Overrated are your pitiful lives
Just a mockery of a genuine life
Oh so grateful you ought to be
As I free you from your misery

Feel the light - The purifying light
It shall cleanse you all - From surface to soul

What a beautiful way
To vaporize and fade away
Surely you must blame it on me
Yet all your life dead you have been

I am the judge
The jury
I am the executioner

All hope lost
Death draws near
You will die
The massmurderer

How honoured I am
To witness this end
Even my black heart weeps
So beautiful is this death so deep

5. Her Eyes Aglow the Darkness Itself

Behold the mistress of the underworld
An evil beauty, born from demon lord
Enchanting queen of the blackest choir
Tunrida, the evil one

As the cursed souls gather
From the planes of damnation
Sound of a thousands demons
Clorification, the rise of their queen

Gazing eyes in the darkness
Unmatched is the beauty of thine
Eyes of evil in a starlit sky
In everlasting wisdom shine

Behold the mistress of the underworld
An evil beauty, born from demon lord
Enchanting queen of the blackest choir
Tunrida, devils child

Serpantine, the most beautiful of beings
Dwelling in the plains of hell
Supreme demoness of the abyss
One that rules beyond grace

Your eyes aglow
The darkness itself

6. Missionary of Satan

I know his deceitful ways
Those of which I will never follow
O' you, who denied my master
You were the children of light

I am the missionaire of evil

Amazed by this black power
By the soul of Satan
I now am certain

The father of all wisdom
Spirit of infinity, in embrace of thee
I rise from the darkest skies
Bringing death and infamy

"In glorification of you o' father,
I grant myself to the service
of your infernal league,
The one who hides in every shadow,
to them you are invisible,
but I am to see through the darkest eyes"

I, the incarnation of blackest powers
Satan's soul risen in me
The greatest might of the universe

When the roots of soul are evil
No goodness can prevail
Your ways I am destined to follow
Satan, father of the proud ones

And in Satan's rise
The heaven will see the strength of my wrath
When the souls of darkness roar
Christian ignorants shall be destroyed


7. Untitled

8. Untitled

9. Untitled

10. Untitled

11. Untitled


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