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Trans Cunt Whip

"Trans Cunt Whip" (1998)

1. Trans Cunt Whip
2. La O Tsatthoggua
3. Status Sturmer
4. To The Credo Of Inversion
5. Golden Shower
6. Endeavour To Pace
7. In Dope We Trust
8. Angel Of The Universe
9. Courtesan Mary Slut

1. Trans Cunt Whip

Boots over knee
Crossdressed whore
She forces me
To take her law

I join in
To live my fate
Game of pain
Love to be raped

Queen of drag
Your trans cunt whip
Beat on me - bleed with me

Leather skirt
To hide your prick
Tight tricot corsage
Gimme high heels kick

Tie me up
Feet and hands
With chains and wrap
My soul to glance

Queen of the night
Your trans cunt whip
Beat on me - beat me free...

2. La O Tsatthoggua

The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are
And the Old Ones shall be
From the dark stars they came ere man was born
Unseen and loathsome they descended to primal earth

Beneath the oceans they brooded while ages past
Till seas gave up the land, whereupon they swarmed forth in
Their multitudes and darkness ruled the earth
What man knoweth Kadath' Path of Alpha gleams at us

Dho-hna delivered the formula
Zazas zazas Nasatanada
Ohodos scies Ia Fyaan. Ia o Tsatthoggua!

Their praises beneath the peaks of ancient Throk
They have walked the Earth
And they have walked admidst the stars
Ever awaite the time of their return; for the Earth has known
Them and shall know them in time yet to come...

When the stars will bear their row and the time will be thou old
Black Tsatthoggua, toad and terror from the dark
Return from R'lyeh with your sons
Bokrug, Rhan-Tegoth and Ia Fyaan

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada! Ia o Tsatthoggua!
Your step wilst quake this earth o bleed
Father of Nyar-Lathotep come forth to feel and free

3. Status Sturmer

Den Sieg uber die Dogmen zu erlangen;
Das war unser erstes Ziel.
Dieser Tag ist heute erreicht!

Wider den Glanze der Herren
Peitscht uns die Lust auf das Gluck
Im Banne der machtigen Sonne
Streben wir nach Erfullung des Lichts

Gegen die Dogmen des Endes
Erschaffen wir Erlosung vom Leid
Gestarkt aus dem Kampfe des Lebens
Kehren wir zuruck an die alteste Zeit

Keine Gnade im wahrhaftigen Krieg
Unterdruckung, die Bahre der Macht
Keine Stunde zu suhnen
Wir sturmen der Groden Palast

Werte - Status - Sturmen

Morde - Menschen - Maschinen
Der Ast der Hoffnung im Innern
So sei die Bestimmung der Saat
Siegeswille, nur zur Erhaltung der Art

Tabus - Verbote - Sturmen

4. To The Credo Of Inversion

The pulse of living blasphemies!!!
At your morals and your stars we mock!!!

We share this lust for gain, we know
Your burning sin to strain
Against those morals in weak men's brain
Challenging this life to drain

Let's praise our greed for joy and seed
Let's praise our need for sex and weed
Let's praise the credo of hating creed

To the credo of inversion - path of desperate horde
To the credo of inversion - bizarre status of our Lord

The omen of Ischariot, oracle of a dying
God - gave birth to inverting throb
The pulse of living blasphemies
At your morals and your stars we mock

Let's praise our greed for life and sun
Let's praise our need for thrills and fun
Let's praise our credo of the dark to come

To the credo of inversion - path of fighting horde
To the credo of inversion - bizarre sunrise at the shores

5. Golden Shower

My passion - my senses of lust
Flood of golden rain to reach climax
Black rubber skin
Moistened with liquid crust

This delicious juice
To drink and sweat
That's what I love, forbidden but
Crown of my wants - never to stop

Flow inside, flow on me!
Poured from the lap I adore

Into the worlds of trust
She deserves my endless love
Parade of thoughts in unity
O golden shower - gift of my lord

Natural champagne will take me
Will take my soul to a trip
Of eternal trust - the highest lust
Thanks to you, o virgin Mary,
Mother of my wettest dreams

Flow inside, flow on me!
Poured from the lap I adore

6. Endeavour To Pace

Dionysos - I am your truth
No one ever thanks you more
My friends and I we bear this use
We all glare at firing roar

On planet earth we serve thy king
You once bestowed the ancient ring
Save our world from feeble crust
Sheep to lead that's what we trust

Endeavour to speed and lead
Endeavour to pace their lifes

Martyr of the centuries
Your will comes true these days
Babylonic reign of bloody deed
Mankind is lost - celebrating their defeat

Lack of stupid morals now
Humans all to you will bow
All efforts to win their souls
Have finally effect on roles

Accomplishment to speed and lead
Accomplishment to pace their lifes

Forever patriot of fire!

7. In Dope We Trust

Essence that grows in paradise
Created to enhance our eyes
Senses twist and paralyse
Angles loud and colours wide

Opens wide those doors of mind
Tears apart society's crust
Fuck off world - in dope we trust

Expanding lust and creativity
I have seen this agony
Change myself to stranger thoughts
To celebrate Dionysos' songs

Shout it out with us - In dope we trust

8. Angel Of The Universe

Hate and pain for the fall
Time has come for the god in blood
There is no life nor death
Only terror, the answers axe

Flesh for pain
Blood is the pleasure of soul

There was no Heiland
Never the fall of light
Awake! From the ashes of fall
Aware the symbol, ours bringer of light

Flesh for pain
Blood is the pleasure of soul

Close the portals of Eden
For I am your Heiland and angel
Satan they shouted my name
Follow eternally, children of space

Burning the stakes of the elder place
Where we fought to pray on the sign
From perception, never to pray
Close all the portal of Eden
For I was your Heiland, Angel of space

9. Courtesan Mary Slut

Whore of god - cow of Jupp
Virgin Mary - you are just
Bitch of heaven - the cunt of dog

Birth without a fuck
Ha, all Christians suck
Courtesan Mary slut

Children of the cold setting sun
Denying never lust nor fun

Brothers of the warm rising moon
Empires of the dead rising soon

For us Hedon's force shall guide
Like you, o fuck virgin cunt!

Join the banquet
Concubine - Mary red
Courtesan, you're welcome
And your child, chimera of
What has never been seen...


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