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Hosanna Bizarre

"Hosanna Bizarre" (1996)

1. Heirs of Fire
2. 2000 V Kum
3. Niemals Geboren
4. Intrude Into Immortality
5. Hosanna Bizarre
6. The Belief - The Lie
7. Seventh Solitude
8. Worms of Sin
9. Dionysos' Ecstasy

1. Heirs of Fire

Through red flaming nights
You, o Satan, to us will rise
We admit you in deadly blackened nights
You teach your masters obsequies
With mocking, sneering face

In your earthly temple you sit in judgement's might
Inspired disciples of Satanas The Great
We recieved with thanks your coming
Your flaming eye steered the will
As you have taken human's world

Following the way of black for ever here
Only us, Heirs of Fire, in charge of victory

Children of the sun, descendants of the universe
Our strength will fill forever the throats of rebellion
Founder of the planets, born on the stars
Extinguish the mortals, whose brains are unwise
Heirs of Fire bestow absolution on you
O, Satan, You master in us, rule deadly mankind's steam

Dreams like greed, wants for lust
Abundance and squender, sanity and vice
Bestowed by the greatest last will
Testament of your life and genesis
Give us children fulfillment of existence
Never to fail, all to chase who will never be your heirs

Brothers of the moon, daughters of galaxy
To you, o father, our message must blow
Family of Fire stands stronger then ever
Our will and our power consuming the weak
Erecting a kingdom of sun, Your will must be done
Satan The Great, we worship your victorious son

2. 2000 V Kum

Next millennium when sun and
Moon will congruent
Together irradiate the dark
We will raging war
Against the christian race
Powered by nothern winds

Might of fire shall overcome
Them man calling Christians
Icy coldness of the moon
Shall make you fight for life
For lies you are intruding
Sold them for your wealth

Earth shall consume a race
For committing homicide
The Deluge shall sentence
Your life an end
For that what you have done

It is hate, hate, more than hate
Putting forth our souls
It is hate, hate, more than hate
Pronouncing our way

With fulfillment we proclaim
We are the messengers of hell
Sons of Lucifer we stay
Borea's force shall guide
To fighting weed and prey

Brothers, sisters of Thule
Let's take the declaration of war
Against weakness, love and faith
In final blasphemy
We shall take your ancient world

3. Niemals Geboren

Neimals geboren, neimals gestorben
Nur ein Besucher auf dieser Welt
Nur Narr, nur Dichter
In bei$ender Luft, die als das Leben gilt

Wie einst Du durstest
Nach himmlischen Tra|nen und Tro|stung
Versengt und mu|de gewartet
Auf Ekstase und glutvolle Schopfung

Jetzt bist Du geboren
- Irgendwann einmal zu sterben

Der Wahrheit Freier!
Mehr als ein Dichter des Lebens
Erfu|ller des Seins und des Liebens
Der lu|gen mu$., um zu siegen

Eben dem Abler
Der starr in Abgruende blickt
In seine Abgru|nde der Seele
In immer tiefere Abgru|nde stu|rzet

Einst warst Du geboren
- Niemals jemals gestorben

Geraden Fluges
Gezu|ckten Zuges
Auf La|mmer sto$en
Nach La|mmern du|rsten

Dann wirst Du geboren
- Niemals jemals zu sterben

Dem Tage Feind
Den Menschen geschaut
So Gott als Schaf
Und zerrei$end geglaubt...
In Ekstase geboren
- In Erfu|llung gestorben

4. Intrude Into Immortality

At the moment of fulfilment
I feel this glorifying touch
The sense of immortality
Fills my brain in lust
No world can share my
Endless hope for honour
I see worlds which never lived
And die in feelings of disgrace

Time stands still and never starts again
Human desires feed my will to love
No world can harm the moment I explode
Famale ecstasy means chow for my fate

Intrude Into Immortality

Longing for my pleasure, as perverted in may be
My only knowledge of fulfillment, fear and ecstasy
Fear of death and what will be
I love Satan and his endless immortality

The covenant I signed in blood
Was given to my soul in the name of birth
I spit on lying personality in our fake of world
I will never die but live on in my ecstasy

Intrude Into Immortality

The only madness in a human's life
What I saw and what the women felt
Thank you ever for to live my life
Due to Satan's gift listen to immortal bells

Fuck Off suseJ tsirhC

5. Hosanna Bizarre

Dungeons see our dark desires
Far away from life
We must bow to blackening joy
Falling deep into romancing fires

Let us sink to worlds beyond
Where hurting love control
Fascinated by the peaks of lust
No time shall steal our whipping plays

Hosanna! Hosanna to the arts
Hosanna! Hosanna to our love
Hosanna! Hosanna lust and pain

Growing role of punisher
Piching breast and vagina
Slashing back and calfs
got engaged through the bizarre

Tied by beloved chains
Strapped to ground and ecstasy
The Black God fills our souls within
Erotic gift of Lucifer

Hosanna! Hosanna to red lips
Hosanna! Hosanna to black masks
Hosanna! Hosanna angel of our lust

Bound in minds forever now
Never to forget this endless dream
Hosanna and Victoria, calling from afar
Overwhelming death and stars

Hosanna! Hosanna to bizarre

6. The Belief - The Lie

It is not that difference
That we do not find a god
Not in history - not in nature
Not beyond their word
But that what we see
What is praised as god
That what we call
An error and absurd

More than errror, crime against life
We deny god as god

The belief - against the science
As we live
This is god, Paulus
Created in his mind
This is god, human's will, his belief
Against the science
God at war with mankind

Mankind has become the enemy of god
Creation made them rivals
Man should not htink of thoughts
Ha, think the worst of all
Never suffer, fight the lie

More than fake, crime against life
We deny god as god

Only us, enlighted minds, we can see
The lie in "Christianity"
This insane belief, vulgar, minor
Never morally

7. Seventh Solitude

No futher longing for
A cremated heart
Promise fills my day
Through unknown jaws blowing on
The great coolness alive

My sun's topping the noon
Above my brain
Feel saluted for you will come
You sudden winds
You cool spirits of my night

Does not squint the night to me?
Sharp look of the seducer
Don't ask why she died
Stay strong, my brave heart's juice

Day of my life!
Sun setting still
The flood of dark embraces gold
Warm breathing rocks

Day of my life! Fading to an end
Your love's purple rapture
Your last hesitating bliss

Golden cheerfulness arrive!
Silence of death
Most secret sweetest art anticipate
Let's unite to face the gods

Seventh solitude
Never felt so close
To this lovely security
Warmer that my beaming sun

Only wave and joy around
Sank into blue oblivion
Storm and ride
How to forget essence of mine?

8. Worms of Sin

The sentence at the end
Condemnation of Christ's church
Spoken by the court of winds
I accuse this church for slander
Highest symbol of corruption
Which nothing let untouched
Every value is unvalue
Honesty is baseness
Every truth became lie
Do not dare to speak of
human blessings
They create necessity
To live on in eternity
The worm of sin enriched
The christian church
I spit on you, the sin will never die
"Equality of souls facing god"
On the plea of fools
Blast of words made
The principle of revolution
Christian dynamite
Art of self-abasement
The will to lie as want to deny
Underground conspiracy
Anti sanity, benefit, life
or mind of beauty
I name "Christianity"
the one and only curse
The one and only instinct of revange
Time of dies nefastus
Doom began first day
Why not on the last
Revalue all rights
Philosophy of Anti-Christ
The way I live, the way we fight
Worm of sin feel embraced
Without you they would win
Let's return
to the times of ungodliness
Northwind blowed for us
Born of Satan's decadence
Dissoluting times of sin
Orgies of dying and living
Sacrifice for our king
King of body, king of mind
King of soul and king of mine
Bring forth archaic power
Feed us might and will
Destroy the reigning race
For the worm of sin will reign

9. Dionysos' Ecstasy

Finally we dare to show
Origin of life and bow
To our god debauchery
Dionysos - we're your to feel

Ecstasy - Participation
Alliance - Crucified

Join us in delighted times
We tolerate and you are fine
Like an ulcer of life we multiply
Learn the excessive speech of wine

We know you seek for dreams
Coming true with flaming steam
Offered by us inner hearts
Learn to penetrate forbidden parts

Ecstasy - Participation
Alliance - Crucified

Forget what you have lived so far
Free for love and pain you are
Unconsious wants for lust and seed
Learn to create and teach your breed


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