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At the End of the Autumn

"At the End of the Autumn" (2005)

1. Tears in Darkness
2. Ma Tristesse
3. In Your Eyes
4. At the End of the Autumn
5. Beyond the Existence

1. Tears in Darkness

The light of your eyes
Isn’t enough to shine
the dark of my soul
The agony walks by my side

Tears in darkness
(stranger sensation)
Eternal sadness
(my evil creation)

Celebrate that sun
(it never rises...)
it turns in black
the blue of the sky
Deep inside
of the dark in my soul
you can see
the size of my broken hope

2. Ma Tristesse

Belle penombre,ma tristesse arrivons
avec un saveur de fiel, sans parmission
à envahir ma vie autant vide d`emocions
et vide de raisons, ce n`est pas èsperance pour moi
Tout qui j`avois ce cette tristesse,
à boire ma paix, tuerie de ma`sprit

Dieu, regardons vous tout ma douleurs
Dieu, regardons vous tout ma douleurs,
pardonez mon pechés
Tristesse, maudit sensacion
Tistesse, etendrez vous ton mans
Embrassez vous ma sprit

‘‘Suffoquèi avec mon tourment,
la tristesse fâite moi pleurer,
seul ici cette place (a chercher pour une place)
où je pouvre tenter être erreur’’

Laissez moi bûller dans la flamme de m`agonie
Laissez moi ecrier avec le pouvoir de ma voi
Laissez moi prière pour le ciel
pour pardon moi, pour envoyer pour moi un ange
Dieu, delivrez moi cette douleurs
Dieu, delivrez moi cette peine et laissez moi être libre
Je n`est pas desi ètre,non plus
an eclave de cette douleurs

3. In Your Eyes

In your eyes i drown myself in declarations (of love)
In your eyes i walk by ways...
In your eyes i walk by ways
made by flowers without thorns
In your eyes i found the dark night,
With so many stars and a beautiful moon

In your eyes i found (myself)
I found the shine of the moon
and the light of the stars,
like a lighthouse shining the night at the sea
that who guide the ships to back

In your eyes,
I will remember,forever,
I`ll don`t forget your rebirth...

In your eyes...
In your eyes...
In your eyes...

4. At the End of the Autumn

Dense atmosphere, a morbid silence invades the place
Only the wind can be heard
Only in this manner my body can warm
Is so good, to run around the fields in flowers

So, i feel the wind to share my clothes
To run, to run as a scream of freedom
To breathe the pure innocence of the morning

Suddenly, everything has change
Now, everyyhing is melancholy
So, i sink in sadness
A sadness like the trees at the end of the autumn

In my soul, was created a fog of uncertainties
Everything’ spinning, in doubt
My thoughts, strugling afflicted
The wind leaves me by the air

Always the wind... that wind what inexplicably
trains a powerful attraction over me
The wind caress my face and try to comfort me
That same wind with your ideas reasonable
on musics, smiles and sensibilities...

5. Beyond the Existence

I feel the weight of my life,
so many lies, so many sorrows
Sometimes, i wanna be so far,
far, beyond the existence
Beyond the existence

I am so tired, shivering,
without powers to resist,
to fight against my problems
Is like an eternal rain over my head

Painful are my days, peace for me,don’t exist
I just wanna be free, leave all that affliction behind,
all that suffering
I just want to feel the smell of flowers,
to cultivate them, in a placid garden,
with a lake with waters like mirrors...

At the end of my life, finally,
i can feel the sun burning my skin
But... is too late


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