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"Abschurfungepoch" (1995)

1. Fear, is all that i see
2. Cold Heaven
3. Litanie
4. World called truth
5. Immortal
6. You breed
7. Abschurfungepoch

1. Fear, is all that i see

Fear, is all that I see...
Earth on fire, evolve me
Immortal sphere, blue and red

Shine like a sun in the space

These filthy parasites infest my corpse
- I have cancer called mankind -
With hate I feel they eat and creep
- From the air that burns my Breath -
Look into the depths of infection
- Insects to crush without mercy -

Fields of atrocity, built for your
maggots create the order
In this kaos....

Fear, is all that I see...

2. Cold Heaven

I see the light - forever
Beneath the clouds - of anymore
Enslave by - cold heaven
I'm impure - 'cause I can't cry
Look in the garden - full of chains
Look out of the doors - of perception

This raising morning, kingdom desire,
In the ocean, I shade's in this,
The snow falls, the snow bleed,
Tide's turning, among my heart,
This shining river, site in the mountains
Breath and seduce, breath and seduce...

3. Litanie

Oh, in your depths I come to drown
all the fear I have to learn
it's my place on earth that's wrong
it's my death that is alone

How have mercy please of my long misery
let me stand by your tree of long disagree
slice my birth they been talking to my liberty
it's ephemeral any eternity...

Race at pain in the mind can will creep of life
race of barbars you're about to sleep for pray
what else can you expect from
society in which way could you a
wange your intelligence

4. World called truth

Behind the tragedy of this world,
I feel my life slipping away, trough my fingers;
Seeds of blind salvation bloom,
By fields that spit thermonuclear remains;
My faith was an honest dream,
Pure like the wings of a crying angel;
But the sand of time runs quick,
And now I await my righteous misery...

Now you're sure, you will to follow the sheepard of lies?
If you dig underground, you think, to save yourself?
Are you sure you will take a place in this society?
I hope you try to live the best you can,
'cause you're welcome
In a world called truth...

Welcome to the world called truth...

5. Immortal

Generation of immortals,
reunion of the past and present day -(sorrow)-
State of perennial hypocrisy,
nature cycle's inversion, self destruction I create...

Enslaved by the system, a future made for me;
I see every nation following a disgusting theory;
A mankind globally manipulated,
As I touch your emptiness, I try to understand...

A new world arises from the ashes of the world,
I know a dream that looses every form;
Look into my eyes there's no fear, there's no hope,
There's a child dead gone...

Eyes that control me, spread a new conception of humankind,
A new generation without needs and problems, sensation and feelings,
Born to serve and obey.
Behind the scar of evolution a progressive performance
Of a future that looses every casual choice and conception,
A blind future of immortals...
A blind future of servants and fools...

Is this the heaven promised?
I'm cold and mouth dry;
I fear for something my mind can't realize;
Breeding a silent rage, no one can stop the new season,
No one canhear our roaring throats...

Leaving my life away - forever encrowned
Disgusting throne of a filthy god - forever immortal

Upset process of putrefaction (behind my fear)
Sub-crionic intent of survive (rise from the ashes)
Genetic procreation (of a strong kind (without losers)

Leaving my life away - forever encrowned
Disgusting throne of a filthy god - forever immortal

There's no fucking future for us!!!

Generation of imortals, vomited cells in cancerous delay (syndrome)
Mankind generation, why I feel this pressure?
Why I feel this scum behind me?

6. You breed

You breed You breed
You breed with yourself
You breed with yourself
No dreams human
No dreams for human
I breed I breed
I breed sickness
I breed sickness
In conformity - of silence
Mediocrity - of your mind...
I breed, I dream - I turn and roll like a pig
No twisted way to survive - I can't dream in this society

Phantasia bitter fruit of progress,
Inconciousness for grim reality
Illusions for a life that I can't see

You breed You breed
I breed I'll breed

7. Abschurfungepoch

Abschurfungepoch (repeated 8 times)

Abschurfungepoch (repeated 8 times)


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