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Supra Absurdum

"Supra Absurdum" (2004)

1. Intro
2. Decorated with Flowers
3. Step Forth
4. A Perilous Path
5. Tears of Caïn
6. Dignity
7. Soliloquy
8. Supra Absurdum
9. Outro

1. Intro

2. Decorated with Flowers

ref 1
I was wandering in the woods of dawn
as I flew in the face of logic
the night before
the mourning after

ref 2
gifted with such wonderful wounds
caress the salty waters
the light in the dead of the day
whispers gently; birds of prey

attack in vain
release this greater art of wrath

Early spring: Silence is forced to leave,
uncovering immature thoughts. Are they
yet to be unleashed? Orion rules the sky
once more, orbiting the polar star. What weak companion that I am to him. Has winter wiped the forsaken thought, whose twitching I believe to feel? No longer shall it dwell within. Early spring is on my mind, throughout of another kind. Yet, as
I bethink again, I recognise him very well.

ref 1, ref 2

3. Step Forth

Shouldnít we make a mental move
and step across the brink of the end.
For what we abandon we wonít forget;
finally thereís nothing left to defend.

Let us be the ones to arrive
first far beyond the horizon of men!
If memories donít strike me down on my way,
Iíll always remember where it began.

Step forth, across the end!
This hell again, but never Iíll bend.
One by one I saw them die,
so; do I know for whom I cry?!

Step forth, but do look back,
even though looks might kill.
Another step, another track,
into the north, into the chill.

In a distance I should find
unsteady sources of cheer and happiness;
friends who present exciting amusement
that even offers long desired caress.

Therefore easy may seem my state of mind
when you behold my carelessly acting.
(But) heavily weighs the yearning within
that makes me cling to the older thing.

4. A Perilous Path

watch out the perilous path of men
on that we walk
or run if we can
is long and grueling and icy and steep
the valley beside (is) deadly and deep

open your eyes and take another look
the path is gone and so is the rook

but mischief youíll receive
(so) get on your feet
observe and complete

the tasks youíre gifted with

Jarð skal rifna
ok upphiminn

5. Tears of Caïn

a kingdom all black
though shimmering white
conclusions and lies
as siblings, eternal

the wind, the choir, the sand

bitter the loss I have to endure
but things go on, and time does cure
itís now I explore
all the great lore
that has been offered to me

itís now I explore
how much I adore
my world which turns no more

though carrying a doleful name
itís with this gift I light my flame
burning, flickering, glimmering up high
burdened by tears, but never to die

6. Dignity

donít claim our aim
youíll just gain pain


silence is screaming in the air
nothing can stop this horrible flair
even your pretty golden hair
doesnít blind me, be aware

distorted waves, misled and useless
just like praying to some god
high above
but still so many fools around
pretending worms
living greater forms of lies
turn back to the filth, preferably underground
go down and drown before all dignity dies

silence is screaming in the air
nothing can stop this horrible flair
I donít care how much you dare
it doesnít blind me, be aware

7. Soliloquy

I am sitting at a table,
ease and comfort never tiring.
The empty chairs call upon,
the crackling blaze inquiring,
for the shining one to come.

Space offers opportunity
and forces everything to be.
Time is my companion
and shall never deceive me.

They arrive, they laugh and haver,
plates are served, cups are drained,
they come and go, as they did ever.
The fire still burns, remarking silently
that noone is left to talk to me.


Wherein lies the sense of this,
whereto went they, whatís one gains?
Live is but a momentís kiss,
only memories is what remains.

8. Supra Absurdum

Öand they roam
on and on
day by day

ref 1
wake up
the truth
yes it hurts

the pain
ní attain

ref 2
can you see the flowers growing
in all that blood dyed soil
can you see the lost souls glowing
forever, they will toil

ref 1

can you see the rivers flowing
Ďround all the sins of men
can you see the sad ones owing
their lives to lies since then

praise the woods of old, praise the winds so cold
please guide our way, through these seven days of may

supra absurdum
supra absurdum

on this journey, through black reality
weíd touched Utopia
a place quite far from here

on our journey, through black reality
we met ourselves
in a sphere quite far from here

ref 2

you failed
the task

and piles
of loss
once more
in my mind

praise the woods of old, raise this place of grace
please guide our way, through these seven days of may

9. Outro


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