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Trial by Fire

"Trial by Fire" (2005 EP)

1. The Hunters' Moon
2. Raised on Infinity
3. Enchantress of Pain
4. Trial by Fire

1. The Hunters' Moon

The Hunters' Moon
Lyrics: McGuire
Music: Trial by Fire

The rain pours down on sacred ground
That glistens in the night
Descending onto hallowed ground we come
Heeding the Warriors call
That which is our right
To prove myself, thy will be done

Under the guiding light
All my senses clear
Under the guiding light
I feel your presence near
Under the guiding light
I've never been so aware
Under the guiding light
I can taste the fear

Bestow upon me the weapons of ritual
To prepare me for the kill
The writings on the wall will tell our story
The thrill of the chase is always greater then the kill
And we will rise up to the Heavens in Glory

And when the game is over, we'll raise our trophies to the sky
The smell of victory lingers of the dead
To the great hunter above, watching over high
The mark of the warrior is carved into my flesh

2. Raised on Infinity

Raised on Infinity

Lyrics: Mathiason
Music: Trial by Fire

In a time of sorrow
Pain inside, reigning tomorrow
Of pain and suffering
There lies a face, of evil deceit
Coming forth, with all your lies
Laughing inside, I'm the one you despise
A web of fear will be your chastise
Strangulation, scornful demise

I sow the seeds of doubt and deceit
You try to fight but you can't defeat
I live inside deep within your soul
A festering wound, infection sets in

Raised on...Infinity
Living in...Insanity
Raised on...Infinity
Living in...Insanity

Delusion of self, a portrait of hell
You can't break free from the shadows of doubt
A vicious valley of hate
Devious sender, malicious intent
You try to cradle your thoughts
Paranoia! The image still haunts
Twisted mind, sadist intent
Madness constructed, your minds spent

3. Enchantress of Pain

Lyrics: W. Mathieson
Music: Trial by Fire

Deceiver of light, Enchantress Of Pain
From the Darkness of night, She'll kill again.
Sacrifice the virgins, the seventh lamb slain,
She feels no remorse, she feels no pain.

Deathly sin
Her sinful urge runs deep.
Deathly sin
They'll succumb eternal sleep.
Deep within
Her burning fire rages.
Deep within
Her hate preserved for ages.

From above the storms the wicked temptress shall rise
From above the storms the heavens, they'll despise.
From above the storms her morbid soul shall rise.

Bathe in the blood of those once breathing,
Gouge the remains of those still bleeding.
Of smouldering despise and malicious hate,
She of Darkness shall decide their fate.

From the Heavens above, the angels cry,
For the Enchantress below about to die.
For all her filth, the shameful deeds,
Her carcass is hung, the warning it heeds.

4. Trial by Fire

Lyrics: R. McGuire
Music: Trial By Fire

Gather round and witness now the Trial that is here,
The foul believers are facing trial
Their time of judgment's here.
Innocent until proven guilty, only the flames will tell,
But it doesn't matter anyway, cause you all will burn in hell.

Burn the evil from inside them let none be left at all,
Purify and cleanse their souls, Purge the dark one from them all!
Exemplify to those among us, this is the price you pay,
The Trial by Fire burns into the night, no one gets out alive!

See the flesh peel off their bones, and witchery in their eyes,
This is the only way to teach them, to punish them for their lies.
Hear the cries of agony, it's music to your ears,
Darkness extinguished by the light, the end of all your fears.

The Trial By Fire burns tonight, it will be a wondrous sight!
With shadows dancing in the light, the cursed ones will burn so bright!
The Trial By Fire rises so high, the flames will rise up to the sy,
Fill the night with triumphant cries, say goodbye it's time to die!

You fools think you can destroy me, my time is never done,
You can never rid yourself of me, I am the evil one!
Forever to twist your nightmares, forever haunting you all,
Master of the Black Arts, I will come back for you all!


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