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Break Out

"Break Out" (1982)

1. Break Out
2. Confession
3. Get It Now
4. Burn The Ice
5. For Your Love
6. Loser
7. Ain't No Love
8. Higher
9. Baby Child

1. Break Out

Take my hand - understand -
World needs love so strong!
All my life - wasted storm -
Only change - come on!
Get it out - you'd like to shout
But actions lay in past...
All foolish ways stay easy here -
Try to break out!

Spoken word - never heard -
No lovely smile between...
Your memories - black and grey -
Forget what you have seen!
Run away - you'd like to say -
Your hand remains in chains...
Your soul is flying in a trap -
Try to break out!

Taste your lips - bow your hips -
Move your spirit 'round!
Don't believe in theory -
Hear the nature's sound!
Struggle! Fight! You'd like to write
On walls in devil's town...
Practise now your own ideas -
Try to break out!

Lazy feet - painful threat -
Nothing touched your hand!
Forces in forsaken place...
No stupid trend can stand!
Wake up, try! You'd like to cry
And fight against hard rules...
The world is waiting for your help -
Try to break out!

2. Confession

I'm a man full of passion and life
And it's my music that keeps me alive -
'Cause all I do is rock 'n' roll music
I'm a man full of speed full of drive!

I'm a wheel keep on rollin' along
I'm an ocean so might and strong!
But I would be the fool and croak like a dog
If someone takes away my song!

I'm a flame you can never blow out
Licking high to the sky so proud
I'm a soldier of fortune preaching love to the world
I'm a tramp I'm a movin' cloud

He gives me power and makes me feel fine
He makes the sun of my music shine
Only god gave the singin' to me
Oh his love can be sweeter than wine!

3. Get It Now

Come a little closer, baby let me be your star
Later in the ev'ning take a little drive in my car
We can fall in love standing by the traffic lights
Deliver me from madness - come on to the place of delights!

Want is on your sun-face, sure that you're in want of love
Your presence charms a blackhell - heaven - I can't get enough!
Scare your silly doubt - burning fever you can't hide
Up 'n' down the dark road - lovers in the night side by side!

Get it now
Get it on
Need your love so strong

Rouse you in the morning - shadows from the night on your face
You try to trick me 'n love but I have to leave my place
'Cause I'm a rover baby - need no woman on my way
Thank you for sweet romance - I don't wanna hang on your tie!


4. Burn The Ice

Night by night
Without regard
Working hard
Pulsing blood
Dancing sticks
Rock - machine
Perspiring skin

I know we can burn the ice
Like the sunlight burns the snow
We love the rock 'n' roll kids
Let your lovin' flow!

Quakin' earth
Gloomy birth
Astronomy face
Roaring force
Stamping horse
Knocking steady
Such a wild course


Cryin' strings
Flyin' wings
Steamin' tubes
Crazy man's blues
Screamin' sound
Beamin' round
Heavy chords
Make holes in the ground


Hearts of ice
Turning hot
Before my eyes
Feel the noise
Of my voice
If you need it
You got the choice


5. For Your Love

I've been longin'
I've been prayin' for your love
I've been losin'
I've been dyin' for your love
You turned my senses upside down
You made of me a foolish clown
For your love

I've been payin'
Payed so hard for your love
Became a drinker
You shouldn't see that for your love
Whiskey washed my blues away
I didn't dare one word to say
For your love

Can't give up
Desire for your love
Hard lovin'
'S my heartache for your love
I curse each single tear I spent
But my fight for you will never end
For your love

6. Loser

Look down for a moment - I'm lying on the ground
Shot down by a tank gun - my flame is shrinkin' slow.
Do you know th reason why nations die in war?
Recognize the feeling - I'm losin' all the tears!
Mistreated like an ol' dog - a life without a rule!
Help me help me people... Devil takes my soul...

When I go down - yes I go down
I'm a loser

Lay down by the river - I'm tired of all pain
I've never seen a sunshine but dirty days and rain.
Do you know the answer? - Why must they be mad?
People shoot each other - forgotten all their love!
Call me superstitious, I pray loud to the lord!
Try to have a better time in spite of cheat 'n' dirt!

Before I got down - when I go down
But I'm a loser

7. Ain't No Love

We are livin' like a rat on the flight
And our heart is filled with terrible fright!
We are so greedy oh we can't get enough
And after all we know the reason -

Ain't no love!

Party's fine you smoke a lot of grass
Mind sinkin' in your whiskey glass
Daylight kicks you in the face you're puffed
And after all you know the reason -

Ain't no love!

Give up to laugh if you'd like to cry
For goddamned lies make honest feelings die
Tell the truth and you will find a friend
Hearts of stone are always losers and

Get no love!
Ain't no love!

8. Higher

Take your chance - get a romance
Leave your blues - kick off your shoes
Dance with the devil - let your body speak
No confusion - don't you get weak

Get higher, higher - just like a fireball
Higher, higher - the winner takes all

Have your drink - and the world is pink
Smoke your drug - get some fuck
Your body's heat makes the groupies bleed
Spastic dream - hear the scream


Lead your life - it's a crazy drive
You are the gambler - you are the midnight rambler
Born to lose - but too young to die
Burn the fire - if you can't get ...


9. Baby Child

Dream away from the hard times
Dream away baby child
Sleep in peace - Father's with you
Dream away - Mother died

Dream away - bombs have burned out
Dream away baby child
Better times - we gonna work it out
Dream away - Mother died

Wake up child - gas is acting!
Wake up child - please don't cry...
Take that glass - we will dream now -
Let us go baby child...


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