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A New Dimension Of Might

"A New Dimension Of Might" (2002)

1. Ecstatic
2. A Fate Sealed In Red
3. Crashing Down
4. Obedience In the Abscence of Logic
5. Liquid View
6. Denial and Pride
7. The Call of Lust
8. Splendid Coma Visions
9. Bloodred Trance
10. Caffeine (Bonus Track)

1. Ecstatic

A new dimension of might
Incomprehensible sight
Confusion and lips painted red
Intentions to feed of your needs
A tear is spilled in the city of sin

A new dimension of might
Incomprehensible sight
A beauty so vast and unreal
The voices they whispered to me
Come indulge in the ecstacy

I see the shadows of the night
Dark reflections of delightful grace
Prepare for me
Call me insane cause I worship the sinners
All of my visions they will be in vain

You need me in order to feel complete
I'll be here to serve and fulfil your needs
Distractions are no longer here
My heart explodes as I feel your touch
Forcing me to take part in your lust
Distractions are no longer here

I felt my emotional scars healing
and welcomed a pleasure so pure
A natural intoxication has taken a chokehold on me

2. A Fate Sealed In Red

Wipe off the blade and put it aside
Rinse all your wounds and dress up in pride

Anguish will sit by your side till you die
and feed off your lies
Confessions in vain, you're destined to fail

Anguish took hold on your neck
Indecent behaviour
Doomed to a fate sealed in red
Attempting destruction

The evidence is running red across your floor
like rivers of guilt
Sovereign yet so possessed by their denial
Unable to justify

Shed one last tear and treat your own fear
Your memories bleed, oblivion is near

So I wiped off the blade once more
as I cried out for mercy
Judge me not
I am only human after all
These visions tear me to pieces
Someone save me

3. Crashing Down

Crashing down from divine disgrace
Hanging on with a bitter restraint
They never seemed to care that your hope was lost once more
They never seemed to care that your mind was turned to stone

Let your conviction die in their sea of lies

Treasure me `cause I am the only hope you'll ever see
Treasure me `cause I am the one who'll heal you of this decease

They've come to take you and drag you down
to where your fear becomes their allied
They have the power to bend the shape
of mankinds logic into despair
They'll let indecency establish itself
in the lack of solid consent

Crawling deeper into your hole
Seeking strength to prevent your fall
You proved them wrong at last and they turned away in shame
You proved them wrong at last, let's celebrate their end

4. Obedience In the Abscence of Logic

Victimized, indulge in the lies
To have no control is the way of the blind

Comatized, the trance in their eyes
A demise of souls, for them to live is to hide

You used to be one of them for a while
Helplessly you crawled and obeyed as the lies unfolded
Opened up yourself to a lie often told
Your feelings were all stunned and your hands so tightly folded

I will lead you, I will guide you
I will bring you to your safety
I will lead you, I will guide you
I will clean you of your frailty

A pathetic and weak ensemble
Using blindfold to gain attention

Integrity was lost
To live in disguise was a solid decline
from all you wished for
Your hope was shot dead and you bled for their lies
Profound devotion to the moral disguise
Collection of fools so fatally scarred

You could never see cause your eyes were sewn shut
All logic seemed impaled as you fell to your knees and pleaded
Never got a chance to reflect on their cause
Your dignity so ridiculed yet your hope so dearly needed

Opened up yourself to the higher word
Told by souls with intentions to scar
You're effectively paralysed!
Recognition of the ones who saw you drown
in relentless and distinguished disguise

Integrity was lost...

5. Liquid View

Deeply sown and never known
The mirror bleeds the truth
Deeply sown and never known
Your presence is fading

As I fill my glass and watch my own reflection
then I know that I'll be gone
As I raise my hand, try to comprehend what
I've been missing, I feel distracted

In the mist of my own perception
I bow before myself
The pressure is not withdrawn, I fall again
I catch a glimpse of my downright pretending self

As I take a step and fake my own conception
then I know that I'll be gone
As I raise my grin, show the world my sin
of being tempted, I feel distracted

A hopeful ride is hereby ending
Horrid fate, it's time to exit
I feel tampered with, I feel so empty
All I ever saw from my contaminated view
kept me looking for mercy
Yet illusions stay the same
I realise that it's wrong now that all is lost
and I have withered

6. Denial and Pride

Can't you see that she is dripping red?
Her mind forlorn, her feelings mislead
As a consequence of all your lies a life nearly ceased
Put force into your words and treat yourself to destruction

I felt a wave crashing over me so cold
I tried to escape from your ignorance
I praise your fall

Tears of joy run down my face as panic strikes you
Uplifted by your desperate stare

Never again shall you be allowed
to walk around guilty yet proud
I'll make you see the difference, I'll force you to understand
Your time has come
I raise a smile in dark delight

Tears of joy run down my face as panic strikes you
Uplifted by your desperate stare
Now I stand glowing as your body turns pale
I hide my smile and walk away

7. The Call of Lust

Which pleasures await me in the chambers of lust?
Will you grant me redemption for my feelings so cold and unpure?

I thought you'd never reach me but you're here by my side
I'm ready to be enlightened
I'm ready to join and to measure the pulse of your pulsating desire
Your shivering flesh
Your glorious grace

I strayed away from my belief
You should have noticed by now

Light the flame
Pull me in
Share with me your glorious deeds
I need to disconnect to fit your need

8. Splendid Coma Visions

In the coma vaults
In deepest sleep
You tie them up and watch them swing
from the rope of insecurity
You start to question the reason of your mind
as paranoia penetrates you and rapes your sanity

You're running towards the end
as your eyes are blinded
So frightened by your own mistakes
that you feel you're falling down

You're running towards the end
as you try to comprehend
For the things you never did fulfil
are back to haunt you

In the coma vaults
In deepest sleep
They flash before your tearful eyes
from the bottom of your dreams
In the theatre of deception you play the leading role
Put fire to your memories
It's time to end them all

I feel the fright as I hide from my dark desires
In honesty I confess all my deepest secrets

9. Bloodred Trance

I withdraw from my shelter of peaceful rest
to measure all gathered forces
in the spirit of raging contempt

I watch as my decadence gets shattered
and blown away into the cold seductive void
where all enemies fear to thread

Paralysed by the panoramic view
I prepare for the death trance
Observe the face of the fool
draped in hysteria

I reflect and take a trip inside my own head
Try to justify all the sins I commit
Now leave your life as you know it
and join in this state of mind
where visions burn so bright and high
Another throat is slit for its lies

Come with me and let's dive into the bloodred trance
Come with me and let's penetrate the normal climax
The silver bullets that hold their names are made ready for us
to use in case of disturbance
Of violation of this trance we share

The silver bullets that hold their names are no longer at our hands
They have been set out to cleanse and erase our terrible plague

I laugh as the sceptics are laid to waste
A rapture so profound and strong
has taken it's hold on me

Now let's join and celebrate their fall
Release yourself and follow
Let their failure become your joy

Never again shall I loose my perspective
Never again shall I fall for their lies
Never again shall I feel so rejected
I will spit at the face of betrayal

Take my hand

Release yourself from pain, agony, distorted views
and all will be well
The image of passivity is killed before you
An image of distinct sharpness will now rise before you

10. Caffeine (Bonus Track)

Pour shame all over us
Harden into a crust
Forget the glamour and
Mumble a jackhammer
---under your breath---

Hide your face in the curtains
Better unsaid so close
And it rolls off the tongue

The world expects a pose
Perfectly natural
---loosen up---
Smearing wet concrete and
Swearing you'll never be

At your weakest, etched in stone
And we're frozen here, peeking

ALMOST, sweet talk, CAFFEINE

Make contact
Up to my neck
I confess in quicksand

"But it's so easy for you"
"Yeah, there's always one thing"
"Do you have something to tell me?"
"Say something"

I'm warning you
I'm warning you
I'm fucking you
I'm warning you

"It's just a phase"
"You'll grow out of it"

Believe anything anyone ever tells you

It's not funny anymore
It's the thing you hate the most
The thing you hate the most
The thing you hate ALMOST


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