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Thanatos & Katastrophe

"Thanatos & Katastrophe" (2003)

1. BungFuckPurple
2. Terror for Beelzebub
3. Satana Apotheosis
4. Tragedy Begins
5. Armageddon Accomplished
6. To Regain Their Old Glory
7. Where Evil Is
8. Advance To Barbarism
9. Out Beyond Chaos' Gloom
10. In Firestorm
11. Unlife Undreamt
12. Of Sodomy & War*
13. Chainsaw Gutsfuck*

1. BungFuckPurple

Unbroken bond of evil damnation
Infernal nekro devastation
Enthroned on atmosphere
Of wicked splendour
Denouncing all who call
Upon the false saviour

Kneel upon my blackened sorrow
Animosity before the bewitching hour
For I am the exhausted
Betrayer unto the light
Blessed is the tormented
Cries of the night

Nekrospank in the deadbung
Impale the sodomite
Kill fuck destroy them

2. Terror for Beelzebub

Souls of slaughter cry unto me
From beneath their suffered eternity
Unleashing their hate of war torn nights
Legions of anguished that lost their fight

Entombed in what they feared was true
There fleshed ripped souls lost from view
I hear their pain & insanities
Falsified redemption through my vanity


I seek to destroy all who approach me
Lacerated scars will reside upon thee
Given the choice of life or death
I choose to feed on your corrupted flesh

Million sleemy cunts cursed in misery
Grimly face merciless demons into me

3. Satana Apotheosis

. Deus vintex, daimon planus
. Iapetos, cosmos in extermis
. My soul benebicts Satan &
. My inner benebicts his unholy name
. All for Satan

. One libation, one wind
. One hope in war
. Always be evil
. Standing before the throne of Satan
. Worshipping him at days & nights
. Hate, demonize

. Unholy, unholy, unholy Lord Satan
. The unholy of the unholy
. One unholy, one Lord, devil Satan
. O kosmonome kake nou
. All for Satan

4. Tragedy Begins

An ideal of spirit runs in front of us
Strange dangerous overfilled of power & plenty
Hunt the wild good untouched divine
Ideal of an evil inhuman prosperity

Thus starts the great gravity
The real question with which
Destiny of soul changes
The hand moves forth

Tragedy begins

5. Armageddon Accomplished

O father of darkness
Release the glorious gloom
Show me the origin of doom
For all feeble humans

The cruel hand of fate
Has already touched me
Fate that shall let
Human mobs to grow
Sunk in nihilism

Fear of destruction
Acrobat in Armageddon
On the brinks of the abyss
Decay & eclampsis

6. To Regain Their Old Glory

I rouse your children, Hellas
Against the children of Judaeans
& I feel you as fighter sword.

Here's the moon sinking
Over the hills of sand
& coming down in chaos
& to nothing from its wisdom.

Christians will sleep in a while
Few minutes longer,
& only the stars shall flicker.
Then, Aryan tribes to regain
Their old glory,
To start again
Those persecutions,
Only with them
The sand masses glimmer,
A weak cry of Christians
& that's all.

7. Where Evil Is

(The disturbance of sleepyheads)

O will of my soul I call you my fate
You who are into me & over me
Protect and preserve me for the great destiny
Give me eternal vitality, no eternal life

Yes I know from where I came
Avid like the flame
I burn and set myself on fire
Everything I touch becomes light
& coal everything I let
Without fail I am flame

As the old god abolished
I am ready to rule the world
I am in Hellenics
The antichrist
Dionysus against the crucifix

8. Advance To Barbarism

(Sub tartara mittere)

Parallel of Aryan heathen worship
At Thule & Agarta, mystical cosmic centers
Where kings & his unholy disciples dwell
Goldenhaired gods selflaunched in space
Joining the dance of northern stars
Nordic Hellenes monuments of hyperborean past
Travels of great antiquity by Dorians
In the frozen landscapes of Skandinavia

Beyond the northwind, Neptune-Enki-Ninigi azag
With your sacred eye we are travelling
When we find the mystic Orion's belt
Perforated by three golden nails
Sparkling in the cold hideous wintry nights
The gates look to the north
Sub tartara mittere
The number of heroes will be not enough
When the wolf of Ragnarok shall invade Walhalla

9. Out Beyond Chaos' Gloom

Lusted for fight even more than before
On that day they joined in hate full battle
Both male & female, Titans & those
Whom Saturn sired & those whom Zeus
Had brought to light from Erebos, beneath Earth.

Hot blast reached the earthborn Titans
Flame unspeakable rose to the upper air
Flashing brightness of thunderbolt
& lightening blinded all, however strong
The awful heat reached chaos, to the ear
It sounded, to the eye it looked as though
Broad Heaven were coming down upon Earth

For such a noise of crashing might arise
If she was falling, hurled down by her fall
& further on, apart from all the gods
The Titans live, out beyond chaos' gloom

10. In Firestorm

(Der Teufel ist los)

Our advance in the cosmic space
Was chanted by us as a song
In march-music that always sounds
The devil released in firestorm

For us the sun has sunk forever

Comrades of the night-troops
In hate & misanthropy
Together we behold the end
Of thanatos & katastrophe

11. Unlife Undreamt


Apanthropology, against life
Hate, wrath - evil path
Search for victims or die
Total reject of life
Hostility in strife
They or you must disappear
When death is really near
This is the game, this is life
This is love, this is Satan
Born to die, die to be born
Strife against presence in life.

Wintry night non stop
Satan is forever here
Deaths - signum diabolis
Negotium perambulans in tenebris
Six hundred sixty six thousands
Six hundred sixty six demons
In strife against human life
Alas beyond the pale
Born to die, die to be born
Armageddon accomplished.

12. Of Sodomy & War*

From the woods of pagan past
The hordes of Varulv flood the Earth
From the rain of pain and lust
The dragon of Fire gives birth

Cannibalistic dehumanization
Absolute nekrokatastrophe
It's not over

Unhallowed shadows run in the night
Bloodthirsty demons hunt with might
A woeful winter of sodomy & war
New dark ages of permafrost come for ?

Varulv orden conquers the dark
Through frozen minds lights up a spark
The serpent's egg will rule again
What'll be the cowards' end then ?

Krematoria, krematoria

A sombre era of eternal snowfall
A dismal diadem of sodomy & war
Satanize for ever at night
Perpetual wintriness of no light

It's not over
It'll never

Under a vision it was written in only some minutes by ALASTOR, during 23/8/1999
Music by Mayhem (unreleased track).

13. Chainsaw Gutsfuck*


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