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Think This

"Think This" (1989)

1. Think This
2. Greed
3. Spontaneous
4. There Stood the Fence
5. Black and White
6. Technical Arrogance
7. WIR NJN8/In God
8. Machine Dream
9. Out on the Tiles (Led Zeppelin cover)
10. Shotgun Logic
11. Time After Time
12. Think That

1. Think This

I've been watching for years and years
Programmed by money, sex and darker fears
Forty thousand killings seen
By the time that I'm eighteen
A product of the world
That we're living in

Their mind is the mind that's behind your mind
They make you think this
Their thoughts are the thoughts of the thoughts that you think
That's why you think this

Sleeping young minds awake
To this mass of confusion
Pre-decided path you take
Is just an illusion
Starting out at day one
Now the training has begun
This is how they reach
Into your mind

Their brain is the brain that controls your brain
They make you think this
The life you live is the life they give
That's why you think this
The life you live is the life they give
That's why you think this

Watch it! Believe it! Receive it!
See it! You eat it! Consume it!
Live it! Dream it! Think it!

Gaze into the screen
And be amazed
All these things that you don't have
That you crave
You pray to God
And your work so hard
But that's gotten you to where so far
You're just a slave
To the cathode ray

2. Greed

We are living in search of
The american dream
Based on the almighty dollar
Oh! How we wheel, deal and scheme
Pray to God you get your share
There's no rainbow it's not there - No oh! oh!

We're all stealing and cheating
Work yourself 'til you bleed
This is the way of the dollar
No one is immune to the greed
Pray to God you get your share
No pot of gold it's not there - No oh! oh!

For greed we live
In need we die
Your life's a circle
We live and die for something that we'll never have
For greed!

For greed you live
In need you die
Your life's a circle
You live and die for something that you'll never have
For greed! For greed! For greed!

3. Spontaneous

We fought in wars to defend all of our beliefs
Now people starve in the streets at our feet
In middle eastern lands war heros making plans
We live out roles in their psychotic schemes

These lies are old, it's obvious
Actions speak louder than words
And though it seems we're oblivious
The time is here for us to act before

Our world burns up in flame
For higher profit gains
The time to act is now

They talk retaliation like that might save this nation
Theu'll be no more air left to breath - believe
No second life, no second strike, I had a dream what it was like
There was a flash and we were gone!

The path of destruction we're leading the way
The cancer, the answer, to God we must pray
Blind leading blind to an unearthly end
Burned out and beaten no more to defend

4. There Stood the Fence

There stood the fence that penned me in when I was younger
This was the house where we all stayed
There was a tree we used to hang out under
This was the place where I played
But now that's gone so I have to wonder
Is it worth the price we pay?
A long range test has put us under
And made us go away, go away...

This was the town where all my friends and I had grown up
The only place I've ever known
A long gray street with some houses built on it
Less than perfect but it was home
Now it's gone and I curse it in my darkness
This is the cross I have to bear
We pay the price of our own injustice
We made us go nowhere
Go nowhere, nowhere

This was our earth our garden of eden
Took what we could and left her there bleeding
And what became of the hopes and the dreams
Did they die with us 'cause that's how it seems
Here comes the rain can't you taste the acid?
Or has it left you numb?
This is the moral to the story I offer
Can you hear me son...
Or have you gone away

5. Black and White

Take a look at the big picture now
See if you see what I see
Homeless and starving right in our streets
That's where attention should be
The tv and media keep pushin' this shit in our face
Televised coverage of civilized hatred disgraced
Stereotype, it's the same hype, you've heard it all before
We're all victims of the system
I'll say no more!

Black and white

Martin Luther was a man with a dream
Solutions for all creeds
White bigots like Sharpton act and pretend
That's how the white racists feed
The new KKK and the young nazis say it's too late
A new generation of racists wanting to hate
Divide and conquer power mongers that's the way it's done
To pit each other against his brother
We're all God's sons!

Black and white

Have you retained one thing that you've heard
Or is it all over your head?
Tension is rising dividing the state
Inhaling lies you are fed
These talk shows are booming where nothing constructive gets done
Lashing out insults tell me now what's to be won?
Politicians, word magicians they've got us fighting ourselves
Simple logic with hands in our pockets
We're all for sale!

Black and white

6. Technical Arrogance

Is this what we are?
Have we gone too far?
Machines making views
Pursue the new view of you

From the very start
Born to play the part
To fit this old mold
Jah God father

Trapped within a growing need
To step outside these bounds
Create my own religion
Walk my own sacred grounds
All our lives we're trained to think
Like generations passed
To thy ownself be true, be new

Fear of God punched in
Programmed not to sin
World that feeds on hate
How can we relate?

Mechanized belief
2000 years of grief
The new age has come
The return of the sun

7. WIR NJN8/In God

Repent for your sins
And pray for your life here and after
Let the fight now begin
It's in you all let flow and please send you cash in

You should have known
I need your money to fight the good fight
The seed is sown
There will be no light without the cash you got it right!

Let's join together and bask in the splendor
Of far better things
My high tech mercedes, my built in jacuzzi
My tenth diamond right
We are alone in this world
No divine force to say
Who lives and who will die

In God - in God we're trusting
In God - our lives we're investing
In God - our debt has been paid, still we are all laid to rest

Now brothers and sisters
I know what you're thinking believe me
It seems I have fallen
It was a phase I had strayed but I'm back with God now

You should have seen
Right through these words of deceit and false promises
A pack of thieves
Ready to rip off your need to believe

Turn up the sound on your tv
And you'll see what a fool really is
This pompous whale screaming and preaching
Then kneeling he goes into tears
Wolves in sheep's clothing
They're waiting for you
Twisting your mind
So you see how they see and believe
What they believe

In God we trust!

8. Machine Dream

You live this fuckin' rat race
You think it gets you some place
You're sold a bill of goods and taken in
Perfections calling but you can't repay
Your reflections appalling so harder you try

You sit and puff that stogie
That's your third cup of coffee
But still you count those calories
You can't win

TV's the crime
Training your mind
No pain, no gain
The pounds you retain

Machine dream
Machine dream believe
Machine dream
Machine dream believe

The pressure that you're feeling
More corporate wheeling, dealing
Eat this, buy that, you fat rat
Be perfect too!

The image is perfections
The difference is what's inside
The shell is all that matters
All the toys that you buy

You're catching up with them
But the Joneses always win
Simple human race
All value placed on face,
Push, work, sweat, one more try
Give it up!

9. Out on the Tiles (Led Zeppelin cover)

As I walk down the highway all I do is sing this song,
And a train that passes my way helps the rhythm move along.
There is no doubt about the words are clear,
The voice is strong, it's oh so strong.
I'm just a simple guy, I live from day to day.
A ray of sunshine melts my frown and blows my blues away,
There's nothing more that I can say but on a day like today
I pass the time away and walk a quiet mile with you.

All I need from you is all your love,
All you got to give to me is all your love,
All I need from you is all your love,
All you got to give to me is all your love.

I'm so glad I'm living and gonna tell the world I am,
I got me a fine woman and she says that I'm her man,
One thing that I know for sure gonna give her all the loving
Like nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody can.
Standing in the noonday sun trying to flag a ride,
People go and people come, see my rider right by my side,
It's a total disgrace, they set the pace, it must be a race
And the only thing I can do is run.

10. Shotgun Logic

In the beginning it was once in a while
If you could get it, it proved you had style
But now you're older and things haven't changed
It shows in your face and you don't seem the same

Ups and downs your life is a mess
You tell me you need it to cope with the stress
But I say that's bullshit, clean up your act
Open up your eyes boy, its time to face facts

It's no surpirse
With all those lies
You just killed yourself with
Shot - shotgun logic
Shot - pumped in your veins

In one ear and out the other
You just don't listen so why do I bother
You knew better and now you see
It's time to meet your maker and be set free

It's no surprise
With all those lies
You just killed yourself with
Shot - shotgun logic
Shot - pumped in your veins
Shot - shotgun logic
Shot - you lose the game

11. Time After Time

Time to understand
How my mind's been altered
To see what they want me to see
How the truth's been filtered ____
After all I've seen, so many die - die!
Living life through the screen, a life that is just a lie
And the preacher who said he was pure
And the false tears that stain the screen
When he's caught with his favorite whore

Time after time
All my thoughts are implanted
time after time
All my views have been slanted

A source of all the answers
A cause of animosity
Drugs and sex, tonight on Geraldo
A morbid curiosity

After all I've seen so many die - die!
I've seen our president telling lie after lie
And there's third world news everyday
A hunger for freedom that's needed today

Time and time again we see
The cycle continues
Programming designed to drain
The soul that's within you

After all I've seen so many die - die!
Searching for the pot of gold
Praying to the dollar sign

We could turn black and white to gray
But the bigotry and ignorance just won't go away
Save the children on a distant shore
When they're starving and homeless dying at our door

Time after time
Took my mind for granted
Time after time
My free will is abandoned
Time after time
All my thoughts are implanted
Time after time - all my views

12. Think That


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