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Paradise of Eternal Darkness

"Paradise of Eternal Darkness" (2003)

1. Runestones
2. Last Warrior
3. Abomination's Child
4. Dark Rose
5. Paradise of Eternal Darkness
6. Illusion of You
7. The Land of the Midnight Sun
8. Warcry
9. The Forgotten Myth

1. Runestones

(This song and lyrics are dedicated to Vlèák +14.6.2003, R.I.P.)

Poisoned air
Slowly moves
Across the bleak battlefield
Black sun glows
Through dusty clouds
Unfolding this horrific scene

Do you...
Still believe in nothing?
Do you...
Still run towards dead end?
Do you...
Want to mean something?
Or betray your chance to mend?

Life's a struggle no one can win
It's a game of fate
And tomorrow's dim

Dumb voices
Of dying souls
Echo above the burning ground
No one hears
Helpless cries
Of those who survived

With brother and friends at side
You've come to claim victory
Fight for future of your life
Mow down all the misery
But now when you passed away
What's here left to save?
Sorrow and pain...
The only things that are here to stay...

Sad thruth is
That in the end
Everybody will forget
And the stone
Stands here to say
That you've died alone

2. Last Warrior


Can't you see the dawn of dying sun?

You're blinded with the fury
In your enemy's eyes
We'll see who will be buried
Who will finally die

Swing your sword as hard as you can
Chop through horde of monsters dwelling from den

One by one they will fall down
At your feet, where they bleed
Armor is burial gown
Find yourself in the heat!

Crash the head with the morning star
Field of dead.
Who you truly are?!

What can you trust?
Who can you trust?
The steel blade in your hand?
The man that leads that steel?
The ruler of the land?
The bearer of the seal?

And at the end you must face
The demon in your heart
It's the everlasting chase
That's tearing you apart

Choose the suffer...
The life in the gutter...
Choose to fail...
The eternal ail...

The role of a hero
Is the hardest part
To be a leader
Of the mass behind
You're the last warrior
Last man of pure blood
You must prove yourself
Or die in pain

3. Abomination's Child


Hear the voice of Defiler
That swells above the crowd
But don't let his tongue
To obscure your still sane mind

"It's so easy to fall...
To go astray from road...
One day you walk through the mall
The other through the flames of hell"

He proclaims the only truth
The total domination over all

He brings forth the malice
The oblivion for all

His words are like plague
Spreading from the stage
Infecting all the serfs
Increasing their rage

"Obey me without limits
And I will grant you power
Be my obedient slaves
And your doom will be at hand"

Do you want to serve
A selfish despotic one?

Do you need to suffer
Under mastery of fool?

Do you want to fight for
Endless damnation in pain?

Are you all so stupid?
(Or) Are you all mad?

The speech is running to the end
The mass grows insane
They will never see through his lies
'Cos they are enchanted by his bane

"Come with me, my children
Hive and follow me
Your meaningless lives
Will be sacrificed!"

4. Dark Rose


Wicked angel's flying free
through the storm, reaching to me
I can't breathe
I can't see
'Cos I'm

Kind of vile spell
All this innocence
We shall burn in hell
For our ignorance

Don't change!
Be the same!
Once again!

Don't change!
Be the one!

Her charming scent lurs me deep
Into her womb, where I sleep
I can't leave
I can't keep
What I've

Now my heart can hardly beat
And I only lay and bleed
I can't grieve
What I need is
Pain to

Is it so hard to understand
That human lives are not for rent?
Pride and greed walk hand in hand
Crippling remains of this land

Wake Up Hate!

Make Up Fate!

Now I see it
Now I hear it
Now I know
That it's the same

I will seed it
Blood will breed it
Feeling low
But still it's game

You should gather all the rage
And break this meaningless cage
Although you've been there for an age
It's finally time to turn the page

5. Paradise of Eternal Darkness


Last dusk for the mankind
Drowning in dark-blue waters
Of all seas at the downtide
Shadows are longing...
Let enter the night!

Inhuman screams echo
In the labyrinth of mind
For restless souls
There is no calm
Let damned creatures arise!

Breaking the walls
Of man's pride
Attacking the weaknesses
Offering disease for all
Let the march of the scourge begin!

Altar of your body
Is finally prepared
To be desacreted again
To be covered with nails
That run through your veins

Let the kingdom fall!
Let the king be insane!
Let the peasants perish!
Let the earth die in vain!

Let the corpses roll!
Let the cure fail again!
Let the hope diminish!
Let the blood boil again!

Hanging upon a cross
The ruined sign of existence
Helplessly staring
On a blood-stained ground
Overflowing with human lust

See forbidden vision
An imitation of a Christ
Smell the stinking odour
Of a fallen lamb
Overdosed with angel dust

6. Illusion of You


I'm beyond death
I'm beyond life
I'm beyond all mortal sins
Here, in the bleak emptiness

And I forgive you
For you didn't know what you were doing
And I beg for your forgivness
That I was not able to help you

I'm beyond hate
I'm beyond love
I'm beyond all thoughts
Here, in the pure emptiness

And I bless you
For you were my savior
And I beg for your blessing
On my way forth eternity

I'm beyond all dreams
I'm beyond all promises
I'm beyond all hope
Here, in the devouring dark

(Main Part)
In the middle of my broken dreams
A quiet whisper sounds in my ears
Revealling all the scars and fears
I've collected through the years
From the hidden vault of memories
Pictures of violent thoughts and tears
Are manifesting like ugly beast
For which I am the final feast

I want to wake up!
From this nightmare...
I want to wake up!
From this illusion...
This can't be real
All that I felt is forever gone!
I want to wake up!
Right now!

Now it's you standing on the heel
Your lips are saying words that heal
Then the image turns to teal
Next to your dying face I kneel
As all this is some kind of deal
With your crimson blood for seal

Why it was you and why it was me?
What's all this supposed to be?

Spread the Darkness wide around me
Spread it wide, 'cos that's all I see

Spread the Madness wide inside of me
Spread it wide, 'cos that's all i feel

No more I can stand this
Unbearable inner heat
Souleater's so hungry
And there ain't much left to eat
My guilt and sins are only things
On which he can feed
If only my heart was
One day from the final beat

So he's ruining my spirit
And decaying what I need
He devours me slowly
Controlling all my deeds
He is waiting inside
Like some venomous seed
For suitable victim
He knows I one day meet

7. The Land of the Midnight Sun


The End of Days is coming near
All hope is lost now in the deepest fear

From the blackest abyss
Are rising up
All the nameless horrors
On our doors they tap
So hungry for the flesh
Of living ones
With lust to taint glory
Of heroic ones

Nightmares and wraiths
Summoned from the grave
Crawling upon gates
Like the undead wave

Under touch of Evil
all vanish and disappear
Demon, Ghost and Devil
Hail to the Unholy Trinity!

The cold wind's blow
from the realm of Death
Making eyes blind
And the ears are deaf

What was so long foretold
In ancient prophecies
Will brightly unfold
To destroy reality

Chaos at last will rule the world
And Darkness will consume us all
Is there any hope left...
After all Guardians of light fall?

The creeping shadow over human kind
The tide of Darkness all in despair binds

8. Warcry


Under the blood-red sky
Two armies stand in silence
Heavily comes down the rain
Have they come to die?
In their act of relevance
To bath in chains of pain
In this act of nonsensness
Under dictate of Faith

Black contra White
Chaos contra Order
Darkness contra Light
Evil contra Good

Thousands of swords raise then on both sides
And warriors begin to howl their war-cries
Driven by wrath of their own minds
They start to charge towards enemy lines

What difference does it make
If you kill for Evil?
What difference does it make
If you kill for Good?

This war has no winner and no loser
Our war we will always fight!

Dead silence appeard then covering the ground
The shattered bodies are lying all around
The fire's tamed for now
But it will blaze again
As soon as time will come
For this wretched world to end

And we will celebrate
Dancing around the fire
We will celebrate
The victory of Hate!

9. The Forgotten Myth


Breathing stinky nasty smoke
With its filth I only choke

Imprisoned in the shackles of dream
Hidden stalkers...
Arriving like a sorrowful stream

Their claws and teeth are cutting deep
Everytime I fall alseep

Through the blackest gate of dreams
I drift alone...
While the voices around me dreadly screams

Visions of the crying sky
Tear's glittering in my eye

Put together words that rhyme
I've sold my spirit for a dime

A prayer for oblivion coming soon
Breaking the web of nightmare's loom

There's nobody here
There's nobody near

For one taste of betrayer's lips
For those primal moves of her hips

Erase my soul, heart and mind
In Darkness forever bind


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