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Blind Follower

"Blind Follower" (1997 Demo)

1. Gone
2. Treason
3. Blind Follower
4. Prey
5. Weight of The World

1. Gone

Sympathy and sorrow tie the tongue
Pain and sadness leave me numb
Is it destiny, is it fate
Is it God's will who's to blame?
How can you live with yourself?
How can you face the mirror?
Can you justify your life?
Can you close your eyes at night?

I'm gone

Raging in my head, seeing your death
Slow and painful, your life spent
My knuckles crush every bone
Muscles flexing sinews torn

I survived a world war, I fought for democracy
I killed for your freedom, you killed me

Gone in the blink of an eye
Gone no second chances
Gone the synapses connects
Gone as reality crushes

I'm gone

2. Treason

Treason fills the cracks of your consciousness
I sing the anthem to your extinction
You were given more than your fair share of chances
But time and time again, you stick the knife in

You plead ignorance
Your smile screams guilty
Do you have regrets for your treason?

You've betrayed all those that loved you
They've given up
Slowly now, I must kill you, your world is fucked

Crush my ego, stomp on my pride
Altruism you'll never find
Truth is not found in what you say
The truth resounds within your pain
I can see my future in your fucking demise
You have ensured a certain death
Body undone, my sickest dreams--fruition has come


Sometime in the not too distant future
You will regret all that you have done
Every time you talk shit, every time you lie
I will drive the knife deeper inside
Until the level of your suffering equals the level of your treason

When your pain, when your pain
When your pain equals your treason

Now I can rest knowing you are dead.

3. Blind Follower

Not that I would want to be known as a bitching, moaning little bleeding-heart complainer
But I'd like to share a fleeting though that once or twice occupied my mind for a moment

Have you ever stopped to question the distribution of wealth in America?

And did you know that 99% of the wealth is controlled by 1% of the population?

Do you give a shit or are you content to get the piece of shit that they see fit to give to you?

How far will you go?
Will you grovel? Will you kill yourself for a bigger piece of the American dream?

You're better off dead

Are you just a jackass led by your master cold cash
Take my advice and just once open your goddamn eyes

You are just a blind follower
Open up your eyes to the truth
Open up your mind-find your will, crush the government and media, or fuck yourself

When you close your eyes you fuck yourself.

4. Prey

Your enigmatic grace, discombobulates
Your promises of grandeur, suckle your prey

My pride is gone, ground to nothingness
My life is yours, meaningless

I was not born to run, I am not your damn prey
I am not your prey, I don't run

Your bloodshot eyes show intoxication
Your bloated belly-excess fascination

Support the status quo or suffocate
Under the massive strain of alientation
Destruction propagates within your reign
Insanity relates the hemispheres of your brain

Cog in the machine, brainless, spiritless
Do you even dream, have they stolen your consciousness?

5. Weight of The World

Crushing down upon me, I can feel the pressure on my back
Every single second, every single minute, self-inflicted torture
Always pushing harder, expectations rising, I must shine
Failure's not an option, I will succeed or die
I am just about to lose my patience
Christ, I can't take this anymore
No one ever said that life would be fair
But this unfairness shakes me to my core

Twenty four seven, fifty two
The weight is crushing you
Twenty four seven, fifty two
The weight is crushing you

Twisting turning, blinding burning
Killing myself from the inside out
Everyday it's all I can do, to keep this inferno under control

Blistered begging for sequestion
Praying for a moment of lucidity
Can not stop this torrent of shaking, that is slowly claiming my life

Is there any hope for me to find my sanity under all of this fucking anxiety?

Fifteen ulcers slowly taking their toll
Mental anguish devouring my soul
Is there any reason for me to continue with this fucked up hellish existence?


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