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Dearest Vile

"Dearest Vile" (2002)

1. Harangue
2. He Rears His Head In Laughter
3. In Collision
4. Bug
5. The Devil Herself
6. Dana In Darkness
7. Chaos/Sun
8. (Upon) Seas Of Starvation
9. Meridians Fall
10. To A Flame
11. Doomcraft

1. Harangue

You find yourself alone
Riding the green fields with the sun on your face
You're not to be troubled
You are in Elysium

2. He Rears His Head In Laughter

For His ire we're the faithful target

Half the times we are at war
We don't know what we fight
As we stalk and lure our prey
We ourselves stay out of sight

The beast we hunt
The beast which preys
The prey which bleeds
The prey which feeds
A predator itself
With heaven in our hearts we find Hell within our minds

Think back and think again,
Over and over we learn to stand
The lies we're taught and the words we're fed
Are all to hide regret

We enslave ourselves with our needs
And bend our knees to face judgement
God rears His head in laughter
Slavery worldwide

Rise and fall
Bloom and wither
Oppress and slither
Welcome to deathrow earth

Bow down
Slavery worldwide

3. In Collision

Souls to planets
Planets to the eternal
A universe unfolded
A galaxy torn
A restless vacant emptiness engages
Unknown worlds in collision

Through the starsystems I've travelled so long
That I lost my soul somewhere among the stars
In trance-sentient planetary emptiness
Future astral displacement

Scream sweet melody
To dream
Dream this tragedy with me

To swarm the earth below
Discovering dimensions behind
Where I am stranded
A lifetime long

Abort the universal womb of species
Life to ashes
Ashes to the air
Modern plagues bend the zones of time
Wandering the astral kingdom

4. Bug

Insect, your host is dead

Make it come
Take it down
Back to the heavy basics

Vagrant, your host is dead
Homeward, your host is dead
Insect, your host is dead

Sleeper during the day
At night high on thin air
All that you bless
Has grown from emptiness

Between word and world
Lies the hurt and hurt the lies

5. The Devil Herself

Slow me down and lay my head
To rest and sleep with yours
Like a river runs it's course

Sometimes we grow to care too much
'Till we're a little too slow
Sometimes I say grace peacefully
When your sympathy is killing me

Exit Eden enter Elysium
Something for wounded love
Exit Eden enter Elysium
Something for the pain

Now we're sober and fucked up again
The Fall of Man fell within
Stuck inside and cutting up
Dust we are and to dust we cling

Pain is more a lover
Than the Devil herself

6. Dana In Darkness

Dana lies in darkness
Embrace after embrace
Dana lies in darkness
Time and again

None the less and all the more
We're in need of an excuse
Like the need for harbour
After a breathtaking voyage

Someone save me
Someone save us all

And here we are equal
Naked and of no concern
Here we all are lovers
In the hands of ourselves
The spirits
The gods

Slowly we move
Slowly we proceed
Slowly we grow to understand

Nobody goes the distance
As the day starts without the sun
No one's alone but on his own
When freedom is a need of nothing

Where would the birds fly
To transcend the limits of the sky?
Where would you go
To transcend the place which holds you?

7. Chaos/Sun

You caused a cry
Somewhere between dream and wake
Will you ever hear my prayer
Ever shed a tear for me?

Everyone hides away
As the nights descend
Everyone hides away
Just see if I care

A thousand songs and memories
Rise to meet the midnight sky
Towards my sun of chaos
Untill we collide

But it is you and not the wind i hear
As the light of day is swept away

Electric twilight, chaos/sun?
If it only was the dark
The dark alone

8. (Upon) Seas Of Starvation

Upon seas of starvation
Cast away and confused
Where no beacon can pervade the mist
But I have set sail to harder storms

The wind roars thunder
And whispers the word of wolves

Dearest vile
Lay your ears to the voice of the wind
Like a familiar stranger
Who has overstayed his welcome

I craft my doom
The daily world fell dead to me
The seas of starvation flood in my name
I craft my doom and burst into tears

A stream, an ocean, a dead-end in tears

The tongue used in prayer
Makes murder sound so sensual
A kiss with a searing pain
From a mouth that urges oceans to rise

The hopeless sail abandoned
Downwards drowning always deeper
In the blink of an eye swept from the sea

9. Meridians Fall

Sulphurous philosophical revolt
Chant my unspoken name
Of seven words and thirteen numbers
Drenched in the chalice of vitriol

Mazed illusions
Flesh and decay of the womb- shaped Hell
I'm king of a perishing realm
Which I rebuild to cleanse the void

I am the world
A universe dies on the screen of my eyes

Scarred be the wounds that bleed afresh
The wounds of timeless structure
From north to south meridians fall
Into oceans where the call is
From north to south meridians fall deep

10. To A Flame

We're a sigh on the wind
Like moths to a flame
Feverish to leap into it's trap
Which turns our flesh to ash
Our lust to dust

No longer words run wild
No longer we can see
No longer we need meaning
No longer we will feel

It all ends here
We cascade to the shores
We never have reached
But were so damn close

A dry mouth bids for one last kiss
A new love born will die so young

Day by day far away
As you yearn the tide will turn

11. Doomcraft


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