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Voices from the Center of Earth

"Voices from the Center of Earth" (2005)

1. Introduction
2. Eliminating Worm Hole Corruption
3. Building the Bridge of Time
4. The Physics of Dark Magic
5. Strong Signals from the Other Side
6. Voices from the Center of Earth
7. This Life Which is Infinite
8. Satan's Hollow
9. The Journey Back from the Crypts of Black Science
10. Howls of Viignjouroth

1. Introduction

2. Eliminating Worm Hole Corruption

Shooting off in rockets to the worlds of the dead

Hunting down and murdering the lifeless spirits

Those souls who weren't allowed to pass

And still they found a way to get through again

Corrupting the wormholes where we teleport

To there and back again in no recorded time

Bait used is the foolish mortal soldiers

The ones no one cares about when they go

Suspend em outside the doorways of LIgHt

Oh the demonic parasite smells the flesh

Once eaten we capture the soul for the ritual

Tjolgtjarian transformation

As the Tjolgtjar came we gave the souls

For the beings need them more than we

And the angels sing "Ave tjolgtjarii"

When their power is being released

Back through the hole into Gehenna

A rich Purgatory awaits them

One day they are sure to come through again

This time we'll be unstoppable

3. Building the Bridge of Time

Burning on top of a dam of ash

In a pile of smoldering heaps

We constructed a road of numbers

Leading us to the thinking promise

All the way across the field

The stars below as we travel

Over the rivers of evil comets

Towards the Shadow's goal

On our way we passed Mars

In time reversed it lived again

No better reasons

Our world can't stop the war

Twisted Into Shapes Not Known

Fall Over mountains of Dead sands

The God waiting for a program

Traversing the demon lands

When the way is blocked the Unholy Magic releases

From the Wizards Seed; Into seven holiest pieces

If Time is Dead we failed

Never again years are betrayed

A shit world with no calendar

The end of the world is today

Had to leave it far behind-Went to run and try to hide

Sucked into a continuum, I passed the realms of after-life

4. The Physics of Dark Magic

Man is in overlord control of every single living thing

And every manufactured piece ever in existence

Balancing bad with good and in between dying

All over different with emotion and spirituality

A force must be used against any detractor

To push them away humanity's only defense

To pull them into the alternate line

To cast a spell that destroys the creature

We created all that is and all that ever was

And we'll create more that could never be

The Possibilities are endless for men

Chance of survival 100 rcent

The mystic ones would help the souls

Who bring the Light back to the World

From Lucifer unto every living being

Was given to Us so we could Use it

Following the North star

In boats made of Electricity

We can't get into the middle of eternity

But we can in ten thousand years

And we will

,we will

..we willl

5. Strong Signals from the Other Side

They talk to me every day through this radio-this job I've had many years

Waiting for them to give us another soundwave -- we are all their mirrors

Ruining my life with each passing message I can't stand any more talk

I hear every single word in code Even when another man speaks to me

I analyze every syllable to the point of driving me to suicide

Either way it would have ended up this way: me alone, forever

Loud pounding rhythmic chanting from the night--time air

I hear them communicating the mysteries of our life

Translated to a little box squeezing noise from the deadly fog

It just keeps getting stronger every time I turn it on

Like a horrible dream that won't stop until reality does

Turned on some water that doesn't quit flowing

Turns out I've learned everything there is to know about you,

About me and about why we're here and what we have to do

Yet nobody else can hear them like I hear them

I am animal, I am immortal, I am unique

I am warrior, I am father, I am Tjolgtjar

We are hatred, We are loved, We are Gods

6. Voices from the Center of Earth

7. This Life Which is Infinite

There is no love there is no death there is no church

Long behind the great beyond with boiling fires

There is nothing but one long day and one long night

We live on dirt and the elders can not see us well

"There is no Satan" unless you know him

Killers and criminals and whores surely don't

Not a word to say unless you're dead

Masturbatory gluttony, your own sacrifice

This life Which Is Infinite

This neverending void

This soul trapped in brain

A caged Life which is Infinite

I only set fire to three of them. To burn more would've been a lie

They blew into the great divide, After being reduced to dust

I'm trying to create museums, Ones that can hold fetal knowledge

So we can worship it until we get it right

Until we use it to make the history of A new nation!

This Life Which is Infinite

It cannot hold on to it's own

It goes on and on forever forever forever

8. Satan's Hollow

Into Hell We Ride

To Face The Impish Hordes

They Fly All Around Us,

Missiles Of Lucifer,

The GoatSpawn

destroying Our Land

no One Will Defeat

The Satan Of The Hollow

The Satan Of The Hollow

No One Will Defeat

The Satan Of The Hollow

9. The Journey Back from the Crypts of Black Science

There is no one here Where did they go How could they leave me in pain

After the Ride home My mind fell apart and I drifted through the skies

Fought in vain everything demolished by true protestant lust for gain

I questioned and found out nothing about that old stupid crypt

Until the journey to our dimension I didn't understand;

When it hit me it crushed me like a ton of corpses gaseous bloated

Now that i saw what I did I need to just die alone like i thought

Does it matter that I was a captain in the past before this light came

The people didn't care about scientific fact they need dogma still

And we all have to put gas in our cars when we live as civilians

You go to work slave for cash and then you just lose it to bills

Yeah you think I'm privileged but it isn't that way, look at me

I am a monster hiding inside the shell of a mammal waiting to feed

The blood of your children and women is the only source we need

Taking over the third won't be as hard as we thought

Tomb of the Devil where we leave you to rot

The Journey Back From The Crypts Of Black Science

10. Howls of Viignjouroth


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