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Massive Killing Spree Tjolgtjar

"Massive Killing Spree Tjolgtjar" (2004 Demo)

1. Deceiver (Judas Priest Cover)
2. Rehabilitation Manipulation
3. Warsong
4. Blitzkrieg (Of Satan)
5. Massive Killing Spree Tjolgtjar
6. Unholy Offerings

1. Deceiver (Judas Priest Cover)

I am the Sun
The Light of the day
I am the Moon
Diana's Sex slave
I am the fire
I am unreal
I am the Tjolgtjar.

Praise the unholy fires of Hell
Praise the land where jesus fell
Praise the day of the dying god
Praise the place where The Devil once stood

Blitzkrieg of Satan attack
Blitzkrieg of Satan ATTACK
I am possessed by Demon
Submerged in Devil semen

Satan rise from your pit
Suck on the virgin mary's tit
Nipples pierced with Devil's bones
unholy eyes scream Codes

...Mary Magdalene, come to Me.
You don't need to pray.

2. Rehabilitation Manipulation

Spend all my days taking pills
Drinking beer having sex
Having fun with no fear
I am the one
who will take my soul
into Hell
And I don't need any
of your fucking help
fucking help

All you want to do is kill me,
And make it seem like you're helping me

I am empty as hell

I can't see anything

Empty Thoughts
Empty Words
An Empty Way
To Follow The Herd

An Empty Head
With No Thoughts Unreal
An Empty Life
With No Way To Feel

Addicted To Drugs and nowhere to go

Addicted To fucking and can't find the Hole

I want out of life.

Drug rehab, counseling,
take more pills, jail time

Accept christ, pay your fee,
what you want will never be

I don't need your love,
I don't need your god,
All I want is Death,
No more fucking laws

You guys just don't get it;
You're nowhere near getting it;
This is the last thing I need;
this kind of stupid bullshit

3. Warsong

4. Blitzkrieg (Of Satan)

We have prepared this NIGHT
so let's begin it right...

Start with the ritual
Come forth and spread Your Demon Wings
Let me kiss the Goat of Satan
See whatever Evil brings
We have a gift to bring You, Master
Bring forth unholy offerings
All for you, My God, The Devil

Bring forth the virgin, that would be nice
So we can offer a sacrifice
In Hell is where we're going to be
When we die, you'll hear them Sing
There is no place on Earth for us

Can you hear us sing to You?
Master Satan bring Us through
The Gates Of Hell
They are open wide

Right before the fire, there stands the virgin still
I can see her crying, waiting for the Kill
She waits to die
She wants The Knife
Unholy offerings,
Unholy Offerings

5. Massive Killing Spree Tjolgtjar

6. Unholy Offerings


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