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"Fade" (2001)

1. Breath of Life
2. Myself Denied
3. Litany
4. In My Secret World
5. Fade
6. The Chronicle

1. Breath of Life

Seeing eyes that once were blind
Leaving the darkened deception behind
Killing the old man in resurrection
Taking control of abomination

Born from the Father's love, created for you
Turning from yesterday, returning to truth
Once out of sight it is out of your mind
Watching and waiting on His grand design

Time marches on
No choice when you are gone!

Put your trust in the Lord
Forgetting what has gone before
Creating life beyond death
Taking the Father's own breath

Without the Saviour, the meaning of life
Becomes but a tragedy, spoiled by strife
Desperate measures for desperate times
Purest aggression, for desolate lives

Calling Him Master, Messiah and friend
Receiving His love and peace, that will not end
Inspired creation, the death on the cross
Spilling His blood for you, with no thought of cost


In spite of your own strength, you've no place to hide
Pursued by the Spirit's call, that will not tire
Falling through life in one - endless charade
With no thought or question - "how was your life paid?"

Born from the Father's love, created for you
Turning from yesterday, returning to truth
Once out of sight, it is out of mind
Watching and waiting on His grand design


2. Myself Denied

What ever happened to hell?
What ever happened to the luke-warm?
What ever happened to denying of yourself
Being spewed out to never return.

Is there still a voice which tells us to do right
Or is the wrong accepted?
Is repentance still a word, going to hell still heard?
Does God exist in the church or is money lord of getting rich
What ever happened to I'll kiss this world goodbye
Or will you live forever, forever till you die
You'll never see forever only in torment and anger
Nothing gained will ever last.

You try to find your soul
You try to be in absolute control
You'll never see the happiness you long to find
It's only illusions that wonder in your mind

My Lord will heal of you pain
My God can you heal me of my strain
Don't you see the signs around of you
Can't you hear salvation calling you.

3. Litany

A man walks down the street today convicted by his enemies
Living in a world of conflict
His freedom is soon lost, for can't a man walk free
Without changing who he has to be?

People say love is just a word
I believe it has a face
People say it can't be heard
I believe there is a place

A life without a cause, that's what this world is
Walk alone you're always by yourself
A sense that God is near is what we're searching for
In the end love is just not another word

People say love is just a word
I believe it has a face
People say it can't be heard
I believe there is a place

4. In My Secret World

Fortune favours those who dare to walk the razor's edge
Embraced by everything that I once thought could not be there
Fact or fiction? There's no question it's the only choice
Delighted in the presence, those who hears the Master's voice

I am reaching I am seeking, I am searching for the way
I am growing, I will never been the same again

In my secret world I find all that I'm looking for
In the secret place beyond the last past hidden door
Like the sand through the hourglass my life's beyond control
I've been bought by blood - the ransom paid for my own soul
Reach out in my secret world
Reach out in my secret world

Ever changing, not a constant fear to live again
Deliverance, broken past, taken out of pain
Still you question? Need I even answer what you've asked?
Broken chains, for this once, step out beyond the mask


5. Fade

If I created moon and stars
Should I still ask you where you are?
Have you not felt the slightest pain, you've heard my name?
Is there not one part left in you
That calls to me in all you do?
A history cannot erase my perfect way

The sun will not forget to shine, and I will not forget you're mine
For you I sent my only Son to die
You know you mean the world to Me, If I could only make you see
But that's something I can do - only you

When I look into your eyes
Does the mirror speak, does the mirror lie?
It's My name that's been denied
Don't let Me fade away

You know that ice will always melt
You know the love that you have felt
Do you not understand, my outstretched hand?
There is forgiveness in a Word
For all you've done, and all you've heard
My heart will break to see you home
You're not alone


Upon the Cross I chose to die
Without a thought, a reason why
I gave up everything for you, what could I do?
I'd leave the ninety-nine for one
With ransomed blood I sent my Son
The tears I weep are just for you, will you come too?


6. The Chronicle

Part I One Moment in Time


Part II - Birth

At once, a miracle, life becoming real
The tiny seed of life seeming so unreal
Without a doubt in mind, not a reason to give
The Author has decreed that surely all born must live

One moment in time, one reason, one rhyme
One life before death, at the very first breath
Only one chance to live, only one chance to give
Only one way to say you were born by His Name
Don't turn out the light don't turn from the fight
Don't forget miracles are a part of His will
As the first shall be last we were born for His task
We've been made for His Praise worshiped in all we say

The choice of birth not mine yet I know I am me
The door stands open wide for the path that I see
The moment passing by, but yet forever I'll be
Cannot be taken back from Divine destiny


Part III - Life

Death where is your sting if in life you'll only bring
At the final curtain sing - what's the meaning?
My life has but begun still I feel a race yet run
In a search to find the Son and the meaning

If I give my life to You, will You be in all I do?
Will You give me answers to the true meaning?
I have fought but never lost, never counted for the cost
Never looked beyond the Cross and its meaning

Life is worth all to me
Through the darkness I see
Life has meaning in You and only You
Without purpose Life dies
Through these cold desperate eyes
Life has meaning in You all I see all I do

If I can't be one with You in a world with nothing true
If the light burns all I do what's the meaning?
He has died that you might live given all that He could give
All He lost so you might have the true meaning

If He calls will you still come to the feet of Christ the Son?
To the only real One with the meaning
To be born you now must die, there's no doubt there is no why
There is no place to deny Christ's the meaning


Part III Autumn


Part IV Death

Uncertainty is near you know
Still forward to the end you go
Do you understand?
Visions of the past draw near
The cloak of blindness what you fear
You can't reach His hand
Forgotten in an empty room
The memories will fade too soon
It's the same old song
The coward dies a thousand deaths
But brave fools die just like the rest
Has it all been so wrong?

You see the turning of the racing clock
The hands are burning you wish it would stop

The autumn of your life's begun
Still time to right the damage done
But when will you see?
Taken from the fear of death
Desperate in your final breath
Who holds your key?
Without the hope you long to see
The reasoning reality
There's no peace of mind
If hate now fills your empty head
And fear replaces love instead
You'll lose all that you find


Part V Resurrection of Life

Beyond all reason but for faith I walk this path
Beyond all shadow of a doubt I take my stand
Beyond the outstretched hand of all I was before
Beyond the outstretched hand my emptiness before

My life no longer has purpose but in You
In all I say, and all I do

Part VII Messiah

What has now gone before
No longer anymore
There is no final score
The end of time begun
The final rite is sung
The battle He has won


His arms are open wide
There is no place to hide
Is Heaven's gate denied?
Is your life now betrayed?
Are you still so afraid?
Your soul's debt is still paid


Part VI One Moment in Time - reprise



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