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Fallen Star

"Fallen Star" (2005 Single)

1. Fallen Star
2. Red Steele

1. Fallen Star

Your shouts for help die away unheard
It seems that the world left you in it`s dirt
You were no saphead had a brilliant mind
But you stumbled through life like a blind leading the blind

Frozen illusions caused by fear of tomorrow
You wondered what future will bring
They left you alone when you were filled up with sorrow
Left to die like an eagle with a broken wing

Fallen star

They made you god , they made you king
In the end you were wearing the loss leader`s ring
They showed a lack of comprehension for all your desires

And you kept the train rolling like a car`s kept by it`s tires

You tried to escape from the void of your soul
You addicted yourself to " Jane "
You opened up your mind realized you were a fool
In this life there was nothing more for you to gain

Fallen star

You draw a conclusion , the only solution
To leave all the bullshit behind
A hole in your head , man , when you were found dead , man
The smallshot had blown out your mind .

The air`s filled with cries see the mourning in their eyes
The candles will burn for you `til dawn
You lie down in the ground , hear the grave digger`s sound
All agony and all hatred are gone

2. Red Steele

A fiery fate is what awaits you
when you march into the icy wastes
Straight into the lair of the beast
that melts steel with eyes of hate
Feel the Seasons cut through your flesh
fear steel dragons with their breath of lead
bravehearted knights you die far from home
leaving your love alone knowing the beast soon will roam

Years have gone your crusade has failed
Experience now the unleashed wrath of the beast
March towards the fading sun
On the trail of the deceased
Iron Angels haunt you night and day
Which God is it now to whom you could pray ?
Brave as you are you stand and fight
Not to let your sacrfice be all in vain

Chorus ( repeatedly )
Ride into the dawn and be like a lion
when you face the defeat
It will unlock the door to Victory


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