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Were Stars Are Born

"Were Stars Are Born" (2005)

1. Shooting Star
2. Ancient Forest
3. When The Winter Will Come To An End...
4. Undead
5. Desert Of My Dreams
6. Till the Victory!

1. Shooting Star

Moon is waxing, sky is clear
Dominance of night
Sky is shattered, planet stunned
By majestic sight
Forests became silent,
Rivers ceased their run
Astonished by beauty of the shooting star
Lonely shooting starÖ

Oceans spellbound by starblaze
Playing in their waves
And the nature itself
Welcoming guest from outer space
ĎWhere from she came to us?
From which constellationí
What have brought her to our home,
To this distant little world?í

Born on the edge of universe
She started journey towards her fate
Disrupting laws of galactic gravity
Moving against very fabric of space
Watching ascensions and sudden falling
Of civilizations emerged and extinct
Mourning her sisters that gone supernova
Tired of melancholic and dreary being

Moon is waxing, sky is clear
Dominance of night
Moment passed, planet resumed
Her mundane life
Starblaze will disappear
Several moments will pass
And no one will remember of the shooting star.
Dying shooting starÖ

2. Ancient Forest

Late summer night. From cloudless sky
Countless stars watching down on Earth
Cold northern winds already making their way
Through crowns of ancient trees

Ancient forest stands from beginning of time
Stately pines rest against northern sky
Mighty children of nature many secrets they hold
Hundred sagas unwritten, thousand stories untold

They remember that time when gods themselves liked to walk on our earth
Theyíre so old they have witnessed the creation of men
They remember great heroes, righteous kings and countless wars
Our ancestors who lie deep below their roots

ÖAnd so I walked under trees and ancient magics I felt
And spirits of wood I saw.
And pines bowed down and crowns were rustling in wind
Like they wanted to tell something to me.

And I said my prayers to Gods
And I honored the memories of fallen
And I wished as I saw shooting star
To rest forever in this Ancient Forest

3. When The Winter Will Come To An End...

When the Winter will come to an end
And the Spring will reign in full force
Snow will thaw and fields will dress in green
And mighty northmen will launch their ships

When snowdrops will lose their bloom
And the Summer will come to itís rights
Crops be ripen and pastures be full
Drakkars will moor and northmen will strike

When will summer thunders die down
Thus heralding the coming of Fall
When will harvest be gathered in
Then tired northmen will return to their homes

4. Undead

Another cold night slowly runs through my veins
Sanity lost in lifeless deserts of thoughts
And heavy smoke creeps into my eyes
In river of pitiable tears I drown

And so I sit miserable and weak
Thrown out of game I have utterly lost
Moaning like mortally wounded beast
Agonizing earth-bound ghost

Blizzard raging inside!
Eternal winter has come!
All my tears, all my pleads, all my cries
Got broken against lump of ice
Storms of indifference
Cruelly tear me apart!
All my life, all my dreams, all my love
Turned into glittering dust

Staring at the darkness, blinding as the brightest light
I can feel my body dissolving into endless night
Trying to light the fire with my frozen limbs
To escape this real world of unconcocted dreams

Iíll uncry these tears,
Iíll unconfess my sins
Iíll overcome my fears
Tormenting from within

Iíll unfeel my pain,
Iíll unlearn to hate
Iíll unloose my life
Iíll become undeadÖ

5. Desert Of My Dreams

Night comes down
Purple colors turn to black
I'll close my eyes
And'll try to turn my mind back
Inside the walls of reality
I should live
Afraid to make
The first step
Afraid to breath

Desert of my dreams I living in
It's my hideaway, my personal sin
Will it ever be a real one?
Will the drought end when spring will come?

It's out of time
It's out of space
It's in my dream
There's no special way to arrive, to come in
If you want to stay
Just close your eyes
And take a look
Inside my mind
If you're able to feel...

Am I alive? Am I dead?
Is there any difference? Is there any sence?

6. Till the Victory!


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