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The Spirit of Rebellion

"The Spirit of Rebellion" (2000)

1. Insidious Dream of Human Fear
2. Soulless and Broken
3. Chaotic Profane Phenomena
4. Crushing Defeat of The Triune Godhead
5. Thy World Inverted
6. Words Of The Prophet
7. Blindfolded

1. Insidious Dream of Human Fear

Carrion on the altar, in the temple of reformer
Guts of offering... Satan has worshipped in order
Ancient way to raise the Force of Evil
goddamned desecration to evoke the Devil

Beware the serpents... in the shadow of thy dreams
They are set io motion, to salute their master in devotion
In the house of torment, in the swing of death
Doze the reflection of embodiment of Seth.

The extremist element of the impulse of sulphur smell
Praise the snake - beat your fear
Step forward - embrace the scales
Compose the rhyme with bewitching strains

Enter the blackened garden - bleed for the oldest reptile
There is no light, it shall give you the eyes of delirium
Penetrate the mysteries - sing for the flames
Baptize your bame with the agony of sacrificial lust

Carrion on the altar is you from thy dreams
You're a chronic bastard, yet a lamb of god
In the house of torment, in the coffin of your death
Sleeps thy body without christraping flesh

2. Soulless and Broken

You, beacon of sanctimonious righteousness
Consolation prize for vulnerable souls
Primordial vengeance you shall feel, at the end of your days
The only warmth will be hellfire's sweet blaze

We'll pull you to insane shadows, beyond the wall of sleep
We'll decorate your soul and spirit
By the satanic torment against the lamenting sheep

In the deepest caverns within mind
Dwells the subliminal need to convert the sheeps
Deprivation of emotion, with knife
Conversion leading to suicide

It's raining blood from heaven on the day of doom
Scent of innocence turns to reek of putrefaction.
Since the day when virgin cunt defecated the icon of weakness
Has the lands been as verminous grave

Soulless and broken by profane agony
Struggling and yielding before insanity

Soulless and broken by profane agony
Sculptures in flesh, terrorized mind
And soul filled with fathomless horror
This is your destiny, feel the fucking pain now
Close the gates for tomorrow
triumphant are we who oppose

3. Chaotic Profane Phenomena

It's time to raise and exorcise the hater of jesus christ
To punish, to rape, to demolish
There has begun extreme aggression
To fuck, to breed, to extol the icon of destruction.

Meet thy perdition at the grave of god
As you're an imagination and spoiled freak of nature

Meet my perdition and you will kneel for pleasures
Iwill show you eternities as Satan revel in me

Spirit of rebellion - blaspheme and curse
Desire to fight - raise thy sword
The new age of Hades - not a year of grace
Infernal wolf is free - unchained are thee

Chaos rules - the whores of hell are here
Hell on earth - the trinity has falllen apart

Paradise lost - the spirit turned to flesh
Chaotic Profane Phenomena... more or less

4. Crushing Defeat of The Triune Godhead

am the broken heart of god
Non-desirable child in the masquerade of holy fuck
Proclaimer of the grimmest infernal ontogeny
So, take a step forward into my bacchanal feast
'cos now im your god

I am...
Embodiment of Satan
Incarnation of pain, earthly unholiest power
Antidote against the religious dirt
And the fix in the veins of reality

Spread the hands
Incline your head
Feel the pressure of thorns on thy flesh
Sing your own song of suffering
Be him... be christ...
On inverted cross as antichrist

Crushing defeat of the triune godhead!

Embodiment of Satan
Incarnation of pain, earthly unholiest power
Antidote against the religious dirt
And the fix in the brains of divinity

I am...
The way...
The saviour...
All that you need for...
A stone on your grave

Satanic praise-extreme way become inured to
Feel the hellfire in it's rebellion desire
There's nothing to stop the passion for Devil
And for the carnal sacrilege, which give birth to your child

I didn't need you to baptize or pray
For me you were dead forever are dead forever

Do you realize my reality, in it's blasphemy... pagan cruelty
When i look down on you - you fucking fuck!
I feel sick about your way
How you sold your soul in overprice...
...for nothing

5. Thy World Inverted

The scissors of sinful lust clip the angelic wings
All the grievance of the past now culminates
Rejected is the rotten fruit in the heavenly gardens
And praised are the names of the fallen ones

Let your slaves come to me
And i shall teach them impurity
Thy world decorated with chaos
What a pleasant sight that is

Behold the arrival of beasts and pestilence
The rope tightens around thy necks
A new sun in summoned to rise
To provide warmth in which to rot

Like souls swept in emotional intoxication
You all seek the absence of flesh (then so be it...)
Cloaked with disease and dismay
Together with the last rays of day, thou shalt fade away

A fulfilled divination
This is our paradise
Thy world inverted
Spiritual domination
Thy kingdom come... Perverted!

6. Words Of The Prophet

I read the signs from the eyes of the dead
And saw the seed of still-born tomorrow
I heard the future from the realms of hell
The symphonies burdened with sorrow

There would be a Messiah
Not quite the saviour they promised you
In Him the sensations of pain arise
He is the redeemer, the devourer of light

From the fear inside you would born disorder
Spreading like rats upon ruins
(Like despair among angels)
bringing forth the "apocalypse" and all it holds inside

The true gift from the kingdoms beyond

There would be a messiah
Not quite the saviour they promised you
In Him all nightmares resite
He is the redeemer, the devourer of fucking light...

...And there would be legions
Bloodstained hands speaking of their devotion
Thousand times thousand wings

Inbred bastards of jehovah...!
No need to fear the abyss, no need to shed a tear
Not a single soul would be sent to hell...
...For Hell is what we'd have here!

7. Blindfolded

Inconsistent ideals tend to choke on their vanity
"God-given" laws to corrupt our sanity
Fuck your values, and fuck your salvation
I laugh at inri and cherish temptation

In the evershadowed corners of my soul
Dwells the esoteric strength of mine
For the glory of the Beast
I forever raise the chalice of wine

You may be many in numbers but you are weak in the spirit
Deliverance through obedient submission?
Never have i trusted your words
Your patterns are destined to fall apart
I hereby blindfold myself from your illusions

The "truths" that you forced down my throat
I'll bleed all over you.
The hand that was promised to feed me
Has always tried to strike me down
I've bit that hand with the teeth of blasphemy
And blace a trail through constructions of christianity.

Blindfolded i am
Yet never have i seen deeper into your weak souls.
Cursed be thee
The celestial flock


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