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Symphonies Of Infernality

"Symphonies Of Infernality" (1999)

1. Intro
2. In The Shape Of A Demon
3. Satanist
4. Black Atmospheric Madness
5. Symphony Of Infernality
6. Envenomed Suicide Angels
7. Crimson Halls Of Blood
8. Beneath The Banner Of The Unholy Satan's Cult
9. Devil Messiah

1. Intro

2. In The Shape Of A Demon

Saviour weak, sanqulnary beneath the hellish mock
My heart gain strength by the memory of thy agony, distress
With heaven's plague thou are deceased
With blood of thorns thou are greased

Behold all spirits... Ah! How god slackened by the fires in my eyes
Be defeated by my sind
As the deathreaper i will forever shed all sacred blod
...for the sake of archfiend
God our slave, we crush thy lambs again

Embrace me night's shadows, guide me to your host
Grant the place to the depths, that shall be my last step
Satanic illusions of sorcery, my infernal soul reflects
Renew my powers, demonize my being, oh! King of the hell

Now i sall to abode of the dead to beneath your throne, paragon of death
Afford the strength to follow thy path, and also once to die in you

In the eclipse of the sun, transformation has begun
The wolf infiltrate the man
Through this demonic masquerade between spirit and flesh
Between darkness and light
I wonder is this a dream, illustrated ecstasy
In the shape of a demon, Iam a witch... a wolf among the sheep

-pre chorus-
When the last journey approachm strengthen me darkness
That moment of honourable departure, darken with thy shadow
When my spirit already wither, stroke me with blood
In the most majestic ritual be my belowed

-pre chorus-

Let the cross blaze, when i fade to beyond
Taking out all oppression
I drown in your fathomless eyes...blasphemously agitating the shape of a demon lies true evil...

3. Satanist

I stand on the shadow of demoralizing cross
Divergent is my path to cryptic beyond dimensions
My soul was created to deeper values ...not to bounding extolled

I wade in stranger waters, guided with moonlight... stars as my crown
I seek nocturnal elements to nourish my satanic desires

I'm aspirant to unholy extremities
Which light won't bring for my kind and god blindly avoid
I have given my spirit to dark... to the realm of the shadows and jetblack infinities
Where the purest silence feed the devil in me
And the fires of my destiny burn kingly higher

God that thee fear and the heavenly kingdom surrounding him
Is for me a grotesque ruin... a mendacious tale

Throne, crown... sword as symbol
darkness, light, Satan and god
From that i find my life and death

In truth i am and i will be fucking
Eternally... infernally
I am something that something possess
and the one who seek the angels and the beasts

4. Black Atmospheric Madness

I raise the chalice for abode of the dead
I'm suscetible to grimness upon the throne of odium
Black starlighted imperio... decorated by tears of angels and unholy victory
Appearances through my dreams of malice, like plague in the minds of holy sick and weak
I'm the servant of darkest sacrilegious immortality...
Therefore I reign as the king in the palace of blasphemy

Presence of hatred beyond possess me
'Cos I'm the one who evoke our devilish inner immortality
Can thou become merged to these raptures of pure darkness and symbolic deathcraft
Inhale the steam of illusions to share our circle of forces vocation
Feel the desolateness and grandiloquense of mystique blackness
In the court of black atmospheric madness

Dehumanize thy outlook of life
Thus i deificatify you to see behind thy christian insignificanse
...deplorable ignorance in order that together we shall subdue the loss of thy soul

Combine to my pleasures
Black spiritual tendency is boundless an dignified
Create the sentiment about the realm
That you rule and command thy mental image to crucify jesus christ again

On the path to hell, I will laugh to humanity
To it's principless and pathetic formal simplicity

My existence is black like dragons in the mythic pages from the medieval ages
Thee assume that i'm captured by madness... Sheeps! You're wrong
'Cos i don't dwell in submissive sadness
In case that i could trespass the crystal walls of time, I would create immemorial sacrifice
Ad arma! Ad arma! I would lead the legions
And virgin's misgarriage would be the shattering part in the human's history

Within the shadows of my visions
I will take my last nordic breath
Hand in hand with the dead, so cold
I sink to the depths of black atmospheric madness

5. Symphony Of Infernality

This is the night when the rotting heaven will die
Demons with the storm arrive frm the winds of fire
Beyond description is the spreading of cruelty and fear
Open as my veins are the seven gates of hell
And the light is overlaid with dust... in carnivorous lust

...Symphony of Infernality

Repeat the spells of demonized
Behold the death of crucified
Feel the breeze from the ravines in twilight
And sense the horror of devil's advances

Symphony of infernality
Constrain my soul to lacerate with brutality
to burn the chapels of divinity
And piss on to remains of holy rotting trinity

Symhony of infernality... brutality... undivinity...
To slowly rotting trinity
Beware! Satan is near with the hammer of damnation and thyranic fear
Revelation of inner beast no longer await to release my darkest reality
I'm bewitched by demons... princes of hades
My soul belongs to hell, soon i enter the final gates
I hear the passing bells, it's time to fade and burn with strength

Darkness create the occult satanic domain
Conspires are done, the flames born with us
Powers of satan, powers of horns, we are elite in the towers of hell

I rise through the crimson clouds
I ascend my throne above the stars of god
I become prevalent with demonic rage
and bring forth my savagery ...condemnation from depths

Slay, burn, bury... impale in the name of Satan
Torture, enslave, dominate... thy hell is on the earth
I become prevalent with demonic rage
and bring forth my savagery ...condemnation from depths

6. Envenomed Suicide Angels

Shades of blackened wings
Be outlined against the remnants of the sun
And the moon in a silvering blaze arrive with infernal gales

We are gathered, demonically summoned
By the rites of sacrilegious masses
We have observed

Continuously, satanic spells reduce to powder the pearly gates
Heaven is ablaze, spoilt by chaos from the temples of devastation

Roaring troops of the golden angels
Break the silence of ceremonial night
They lapse into sadistic insanity
And succumb to temptation of gruel
Laughing legions of the fallen angels
Incite they to die
Full-blooded pain is translucent from their faces
And they commit suicide
Chaotic sentiment about the self-sacrifice sodomy
Perversions, impurity... the successors of babylonian whores
Diabolical sorcery exceed the power of resistance
We evoked the magicial aquilirium
Which enchant heaven to fall

The centre of sanctity (bloody heaven)
Turned into realm of carnage and into apocryphal
Estate full of blood
Behold those envoys of lightness
Dismembered... envenomed suicide angels

We are gathered, demonically summoned
By the rites of sacrilegious masses
We have succeed to capture the adoreds profilic plague...
With sorcery and diabolical grace

I laugh to heights of darkened bleeding skies
The moon is obscured by the blood of our golden (desecrated) slaves
There is a turning within the hearts of poisoned court
so they kneel down to Satan! lord of this world

7. Crimson Halls Of Blood

Eclipse is a key to damnation
Darkened domain of evil foundation
May the vigour of demonic primordial forces
Reborn on behalf of Satan's creation

The gates will unfold when the shadows within dusk
Tightening above the image of god
The holocaust souls which once licked the flames
Demand their victims, their blood shall boil again

Burning blood will baptize thy (rancid-filthy) flesh
And atrocities extend to heaven heights
Christians!... you shall die
At the theatre of torment and slavery

Gloria Baphomet
In thy name we were swallowed by the flames
Which run their flickering serpents
As Leviathan haunts in the veins of burning hell
Captors pharisaic past stigmatized thy flesh with
The most twisted lies...Now! Assign with us
In urge of voluptous profanity

Demons in the parish of weakness,
wolves in enclosure of lambs.
Shall be our symbol of infernal mayhem,
which chain our souls for death.

To the crimson halls of blood
The cadaverous moonlight shines
Straight through the eyes of damned
And over the surface of unholy rites
On the altar of limbonic dragonian flames...
Demonic whores cut your throats
And suck your still-born jesus motherfucking christ


Burning blood shall baptize thy flesh
Your souls will blaze with us
Terrorized is the faith for the cross
Which glow as a torch at the nightfall of blood

8. Beneath The Banner Of The Unholy Satan's Cult

To thirteen nights, i have exorcised my rites
Layed a thornwreath on a dust of holiness
Soon the fullmoon's dreariest hours prevail and the seven bridges from the hellaraised storm
Appearance beneath the archangel's ferocious shade

Shields adorned with angel's dissection, and headstalls of fallen one's might
Emerge from the squadron of fabulous styx behind the luciferian night
The nocturnal winds of demon's blasphemy crown this armageddish manifestation
And the boiling sulphur waves lick the mundane surface

I raise my sword from between the thousand spears and banners
To fulfill my impaler fantasies and carry them through children of god

I hail the king of Tyros
In antichristian devotion and dignity
I drink the blood in blasphemy, and become the triumphator of humanity
...beneath the banner of the unholy Satan's cult
Devastation and victory walk hand in hand
And I bind to burn

Soldiers of fire's beyond
Panzer's of hellish reality
Velocity of Satan's beasts...
Reflects the doom and unholiest trinity

Eternal darkness I wish to see
The flames of the pit i want to feel
Armageddon's might is what i represent
These are the times of beast himself

Master of chaos, lords of the strom
The pentagram reflects, they claw the boundary door
The gates of hell are open wide
My vision's of final destruction is at hands

I raise my sword from between the thousand spears and banners
To fulfill my impaler fantasies and carry them through children of god

9. Devil Messiah

Deep beneath the sun you lie
You are embraced by darksome night
Here we come to call thy spirit forth

Let thy presence breathe through me
Beget the spawn in sanquine blasphemy
We perpetuate thy dominions with the flesh of the angelic weak

Create horrid nightmares to them who pray
Obscure the light of a day and make them obey
Unhallowed be thy name in the hell and the earth
We shall forever sell our souls unto you
We are the symbols of thy existence and doom
Deep down below you watch through our souls
and wait our final spells

In nomine magni, you rule the earth
In nomine rex infernus, hear these words

Underneath the horns of death
Thy cult shall breed and flourish and reign
Worship the mighty Satanas, rejoice the power to rule the earth
In thy kingdom of flesh, the false prophet shall be slain and crucified again
The flames of victory shall be yours
And the creatures of thy infinite dominion
...shall burn in your dominion


Rise! The dark antichristian night
We praise the succubus of delight.
We feed your burning souls
With the agony of christ.

Deathly demons guardians of time
Praise the hymns of infernal might
To this time when all evil unite and
God is forever denied


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