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Thy Mesmerized

"Thy Mesmerized" (2006)

1. Black Doves
2. Reptiles
3. A Change In The Weather
4. Man And Machine
5. The Unbeloved
6. Terminal X
7. Mindcage
8. Stealth

1. Black Doves

The red sky will come sooner then we'll sink
They will rise from the ashes we left behind

It's so angry, it's all bitter
Send the message to all the stations worldwide
It's our war of pain

Symbols of life and symbols of hate
Will connect to our ground
It will grow faster then we'll sink
It will spread further then we'll know

Such a peacfull animla will become
a fatal partner to live with
And we sleep in our beds in such a tender way

Beware !!!

2. Reptiles

I shed my skin once in a while
I clean my skin from any desires I've fulfilled
It's all a timely matter,
when my past has been frozen
For that moment
And that moment is gone

Gone with the wind
Flown by the tidal wave
Now I'm new , fresh as the day of birth
So I can start again -
Reinvent myself again and again
So can you, you know that too

When I shed my skin I'm pure for that moment
I'm a sinner and a saint
It's the color you want me to paint
Paint it white or paint it black

3. A Change In The Weather

No one asked me how do I feel right now
I must say that I feel offended
I would like to know if someone cares for me
Don't you think there is a change in the weather ?
Why don't you talk about the rain ?

The winds blow so strong it's becoming a storm
Storming my feelings, storms of the beast
Can you count the number of tears?
Can you hold all of the rain ?
Flood of the earth , flood of the soul
I'm watin fot some sun

4. Man And Machine

The mechanical symphonies
Made by man have written a pattern
A musical of our everyday life
Where the wheels are turning
And the heads are burning

Man invented the machine
To serve him and to work
We became our own slaves to make it work
The use of the machine had changed
Our existence on the planet

Like a tree that needs water to grow
The machine needs the oil to flow
Burning the midnight oil in order to succeed in life

So where are we now ?

5. The Unbeloved

Cover up the things we lack
Crawling slowly and cleaning our flesh
Every second day we wake up fresh

Eat what you can , digestion is hard
Underneath the skin we climb
I treat you as you treat me
Business is usual : can't you see

Go under and hide ,
Until your prey has come
Crawl until you get to the point
Where you can attack- surprise !!!
One thing you have to remember -
You can't surprise the dead !!!

6. Terminal X

Show me the hidden path
Between the ground and the air above
The gateway to the neutral zone
Where grey matter grows
Like flowers after the rain

Touch the road that leads to ruin
And feel the burning flame
Show me a confused street
Where the houses of the holy
are a part of the damned

Virtual sins have become a local anesthetic
To relieve us from
The pointed fingers above us

The road has become a trail

7. Mindcage

I'm standing on a benchmark in time
No way to get to - I'm on trial
Sitting on an angry chair
Feeling uncomfortable and knowing
That I'm closed in a visionary cell

I feel a bit unsteady 'cause my life's on trial
Like a bird without wings I can only run
But I can't lift myself up
and free myself from these chains

I'm caged inside this cell
No walls to keep me inside
Only doors that open and close
But each one is suprise
You can go in but you don't know
When and where you'll come out

8. Stealth


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