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Wicked Testimonies

"Wicked Testimonies" (2004)

1. Lo Temporal
2. The Beast is Chaos
3. Pseudo Gods
4. Over the Humanity in Ruins
5. Destruction Times
6. Transmigraciones
7. First Enochian Key Recital
8. The Invocation/Transfiguration
9. Satan´s Black Light
10. Satan Inside of Me
11. 666
12. Epitaph of My Death

1. Lo Temporal

2. The Beast is Chaos

From mythical histories of ancient books
From prophetical imagination of visionary men
The horrible Beast is revelated in the past, present and future.

In its magnificent throne that is the time
Reings o'er the ages of dead and hindmost civilizations
With the scepter the abomination of its chaos,
And in its right hand with the chalice of human suffering
Like poisonous serpent infects men's hearts
With the confusion, hatred and destruction
Over a world created by the Beast of Chaos.

The Beast is the one to dominate you!

The Beast has drawn a deceit in the sky
An affliction and dead symbol over a cross
As the stupid fallacy in the putrid image of an inert God…

When the Beast and its chaos to chains
The humanity minds and makes slaves
With the religion loathsome laws.

Among blazing visions of horror that let free my mind
My hallucinated eyes are wounded with the Beast's mortal spell…

3. Pseudo Gods

Destroying with rage the dead gods' effigies
With the reality hammer and the crude existence
Frozen idols in time, silent and indolent
Fantastic images that never cried because they
Were engreived over rock.

Forgotten is the man in the inivitable path of his destiny
Thrown in the abyss where he lies lost
In the faith of his own lie,
Like senless believer of vain myths.

Contaminated by absurd illusory beliefs
Postrated to the dead gods' feet
In the laughable genuflexion of his ignorance.

Pseudo Gods (repeat)

Temples and altars to worship false deities
Gods that in a distant time the man begat
As result of the fallacy imagination,
Idols that have stolen the reason
And they're reclaming abnegation.

I abhor this dead sphinxes…

4. Over the Humanity in Ruins

Under a made old sky of dead stars
The winds of horror run the sphere
Are nefarious zephyres of the death that charges in its wings
All the hate and wrath of the man…

In a sheet lightning like fire tribulation a nuclear blast
razes the earth and a dense lethal smoke darken
the blue-eyed firmament…

The reddish sun has dark forever
And the moon bleeds without its gleam
'Cause one more day no longer borns…

Over the humanity in ruins are rising
The gods tombs that never existed
And they buried man in the most bottomless of the abysses…

Over the humanity in ruins are rising
Tombs with obscene epitaphs
Over the human creation made ashes in its auto-destruction.

5. Destruction Times

…And the dark days of the man arrived
with eclipsing time…

Absorbed by the mortuary influence
of the horrible tunes of the Lute
into eerie visions my bloody eye sees a mythical heaven in flames with
the reflex of thousands of dead faces
Marked in their front with the destruction stigma…

A burning storm with nuclear thunders devastates the orb
And mortal angels or demons incarnates in human bodies
Die in tears of blood, burn in warlike fire
Without divine salvation.
Over this earth of mythical hell. (repeat)

Oh! Hear raising mirage, apocalyptic dream where I listen
terrifying screams like suffering echoes
possessed by the despair in total annihilation…

Where the man's empire is made dust
And his history shall be only a remembrance through
centuries of forgetfulness.

The Lute played the sinister music, beginning and end's melodies
lugubrious song in the funeral of mankind.

Merciless times of destruction
Devours one and other civilization
Perpetual suffering times
pain and affliction ages (chorus)

Black is the sentence when the destruction cruel times
devours one and other civilization…

6. Transmigraciones

7. First Enochian Key Recital

8. The Invocation/Transfiguration

(Azathot: Lord of the Dark Throne)
From impious book I red the unholy distichon
Under the leaden night of frigid Saturn,
To Invoke the monster whose taciturn eye
Was boring the skies with his ignite gleam.

Proud was the presence of his granite being,
Hery and meander his nocturnal her
And one by one the shadows in insidious turn,
to the call come from fantastic rite.

From Alhazred book haughty I shouted the spell,
That ancient distichon of dark content
and the blasphemous hosts arrived victors.

So evilness possessed me with it's fraightfulness hords,
The delirious night covered me with it's mantle
and from Azathot i glimpsed his membranous wings.

9. Satan´s Black Light

When I close my eyes I imagine the horror…
I inhale narcotic zephyres and venomous ethers
I'm prisioner into the inferno of my imagination…

Asphyxiated by my desires and dreams, when the black sunset falls
I penetrate the sacred kabbalah for its golden paths
Where I hear the frost symphony of a lugubrious organ…

However, withdrawn of vile human faces
I glimpsed bloody beautiful spirits
Drugged and lost into my self by oriental strange incenses
Between psychotic rhombus and shining spirals.

I walk o'er gardens of rotten stench fetus and decayed skulls
Avid for finding the mysterious source of the Occult Light…

I raise my spirit upon the astral airs of the ten sephiraths
Of supreme knowledge: from ancestral tree of life and death.

I crossed the majestic portals of: Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Netzah
And the fire skies of: Tiphereth, Geburah, Hesed, Binah, Hochmah,

'til my arrival to the remote wrap apex of Kether's Crown
where I can see the golden flame burning forever in my spirit.

10. Satan Inside of Me

I walk on nebulous edge of my own abyss
Through the frightful fissures of my morbid brain
And I follow the silverly vestige of the faded moon…

I'm guided by lascivious angels o'er the path of dead roses
Iluminated by old and mournful stars of a moribund sky.

Satan lives inside of me, at the gloomy empty of my mind…

Mentally deranged, tremolous and languid
I stare at the murky empty of the arcan mirrors
And I find the radiancy of the winged golden beast
Entroned in my soul and hidden behind the mythical fallacy.(*)

Hell and heaven burn furious inside of me
And they are crushed like castles in the sand
Between false promises of salvation and damnation.

God and Satan die in my memory
Beyond the goodness and evilness.

The dying Beast of two dreadful heads
I call it: Satan inside of me…
Through the bloody labyrinths of my mind where dwells…
…Satan inside of me…


11. 666

From the deep of my cave, I talk to you
And my den is your soul, l'm the Devil.
I'm Satanas, the Beast, the Antichrist
That one who punches to God with the dart.
From the deep of my cave, I talk to you.

The least waited hour shall be my hour.
'Cause it's me and no God whom you must worship
Therefore now the man's end I have foressen
'Cause here the evilness increase, 'n is decorated itself.
The least waited hour shall be my hour.

I'll throw my legions o'er the world.
Perverse archangels with axes
Shall burn the nocturnal scopes,
Razing of the orb their regions.
I'll throw my legions o'er the world.

Affliction, hatred, horror, shall be my trilogy.
I have always been that one, that isn't allegory
Shall enjoy my taciturn eyes
When the man is sinking in his own agony.
Affliction, hatred, horror, shall be my trilogy.

12. Epitaph of My Death


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