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Rising Power

"Rising Power" (2005)

1. Rising Thunder (Intro)
2. Higher
3. The Power
4. Kol Matai
5. Why Are You Askin’
6. To Live Or To Die
7. Paukðtë
8. No One To Blame
9. Mes Turim Jëgø
10. Voices From The Dark (Acoustic Version)

1. Rising Thunder (Intro)

2. Higher

I'm the master of your dreams,
I'm the only one.
I will give you what you need -
I'm your secret gun…
I'm the one who takes control
In the middle of night.
My heart is cold my body's hot
Don't you feel no fright?

Hold your breath, give me your fire
We are going higher and higher!
And higher we go - you and me now and forever
All I know - we just have to be together

Forget who you are just give me your heart
Baby and your love
Midnight lady, come as you are -
Fly like a dove…

3. The Power

I wanna know when the sun goes down
I wanna know when the clouds goes away
I wanna know where is the end of this day
Then my soul'll flies away

While I was away she told me one day
It was the end of the game
Before the war , when the wind disappears
Then lonely birds flies away

We've got the power
We'll fight till the end
We've got the dreams of knights
Together forever 'till end

I wanna know when the end will come
I have to prepare for the fight
Weather I'm ready , or weather I'm not
We have to fight for our rights

There is no time to pay our debt
For numbers of nameless gods
We have to fight , we have to survive
Weather we're ready or not

4. Kol Matai

Naktis juodais sparnais atskris
Užges akių šviesa ir lyg sapne
Šalti jos atspindžiai išnyks
Juodam vidurnakčio dangaus fone

Kol dar matai ir kol girdi -
Kol žodžiuose ne vien tyla
Nėra mirties yra viltis -
Lyg saulė tunelio gale

Kur tu esi? tavo siela ugny!
Tik dvejonės šalia ir jausmai netikri...
Jeigu lauksi aklai pažadėto dangaus
Tik niūri tuštuma tavo sielą priglaus...

5. Why Are You Askin’

I'm not the only one who wants
Who just want to live
I'm not the only one who wants
Who just want to give
Candle blowing in the wind, I can't believe it's life
Price you pay is very hard , but I can't get enough

And I don't know who I am
I don't know who I want to be
I don't know where I wanna go
But I just wanna be

Why are U askin' me
I don't know who I want to be
Why are U askin' me
I don't know I don't know
Who to be...
I'm not the only one who wants
Who just want to live
I'm not the only one who wants
Who just want to give

Shadows crying in the rain
I can't believe it's life
Soldiers just fade to nothing
For what ? just for the war

6. To Live Or To Die

Don't you look for freedom!
Only breathe the air…
We have come to guide you for ages!
Take a look at your life
And you'll find nothing there.
Open up the book with empty pages!
We deny all religions
We deny…
We will make our own decisions
To live or to die!

To live or to die
Be blind or to see
The other side of you
The other side of me…

Don't you feel the anger
Buried in your soul?
Don't you realize it's forever?
Just forget your idols
And listen to the call
Now that we will fight together…
To live or to die
To run or to stop
To lie or not to lie
To love or to not

7. Paukðtë

Ne tas žmogus esu jau, kurį prašei
Ne tas žmogus esu jau , kurį meldei
Esu tik pilkas paukštis nusvilusiais sparnais
Tuo kuo tikėjai , to negavai

Naktis ir vėl apsaugos, atgaivins
Naktis labai trumpa juk , su ja išskris
Mano šešėlis ir prigimtis
Auksinio sapno auksinė paukštė pakils

Skrisk, o paukšte, auksiniais sparnais
Tegul tamsoj išnyksta nakties kerai
Tegul tamsoj pakilus , tamsoj užgimus
Maža viltis
Skrieja lyg paukštė tolyn tolyn…

Aš būsiu amžiais kol tu ateisi čia
Pilies griuvėsiai jau dūli paslapčia
Naktis labai trumpa juk , juk tu gali skrist
Tavo sparnai nebuvo pakirpti

8. No One To Blame

From the lips that never lie
From the eyes that see the sky
I heard a call in my head
It was a voice of someone strong
I felt myself as I was wrong
For all my life… and then it said:

Can you feel it coming?
Sadness of the rain…
No one left beside you
No one left to blame

Standing alone in my room
Thinking of life, watching the moon
My heart is burning in flames of pain…
I know this feel will never release
I know it's too late for dying in peace
There's no way out of this game

What ever I do, I do for my self
I'll never cry, never beg for help
But I hear in my dreams the sound all around
of pouring water. And it brings me down…

9. Mes Turim Jëgø

Šėlsta audra nerimsta
Ugninius žaibus svaido dangus
Kažkur miškuose mūsų laukia pulkai
Mes kalavijo vergai

Šėlsta audra
Juodas dangus
Dega širdis
Plieno jėga
Vėl veda mus
Mes laisvės verti

Mes dar turim jėgų
Skrisim aukštai toli virš miškų
Mes dar turim vilties
Dievai mums padės!

O mano broli ko tyli
Saugok save jei myli
Kovok dėl savęs dėl savo namų
Ir vėl širdy bus ramu

Broli pakurstyk ugnį
Sese pripilk taures sklidinai
Gersim mes iki dugno
Ir nekankins mūsų sapnai

10. Voices From The Dark (Acoustic Version)

Stop for a while
My old friend
And hear what I'm gonna say:
I've been on the road
For so many days
I've been so far away…
Under the sky
Of crying stars
I took my road to the woods -
I had a wish
To be alone
I had to find my roots

Voices from the dark
Made my soul to freeze
Remember, they said, your still have your pride -
Never fall on your knees!
Voices from the dark
I still can hear them say:
Fight for your life, fight for your love -
Fight till the end for your own way!

Crimson rivers
From the past
Will show the secret way
To the hills where in the flames
Our brothers passed away…
Day after day
Night after night
Till the end of our lifes
We'll be searching for the rest
Descendants of knights

Don't hear you? the voices…
They're coming out from your own blood…
Why don't you make choices?
Why anyone can be your god?


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