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Thunder Attack

"Thunder Attack" (2004 Demo)

1. Storm
2. Anthem of Society
3. Your Demon
4. Vagabund Souls
5. Nature's Force
6. Battle Song
7. Fall in the Dark

1. Storm

2. Anthem of Society

I'm sick of this life
All the people think
In rest work and die

Our live is programated
To serve the system
All these haven't any sense
We are only victims

Wait a moment
Think what you do
Is your best choice?
Or just you do (it)

Without conscience
We are falling
In the slavery
Of a big dark abyss

If you are different
The most of people
Will look you strange
Like a himself evil

The money is the king
The injustice is the queen
We are his slaves
It's a symptom of decay

We must to change
We don't have much time
We have to stop
The crimes against mankind.

3. Your Demon

In your dark life
Where you only find
Problems and sadness
Just remain to fight

Fight against your demon
He pursed too much
You let him many time
And he slaved your life

If you wanna be free
You have to fight
Meet your armies
Seek and find him

When you fight
You're not alone
There are people
That don't lost

They can help you
But they will not fight
They'll heal your wounds
And give you the light

With all your strength
Pursue to him
Confront your demon
With faith you will win

If he does hide
Go down to hell
You will find him
And fight there

When you find him
With your sword
Just throw a hit
And cut in two

Now you are free
Now you are free!!!
Kill your demon
And live free.

4. Vagabund Souls

Maybe you don't believe
Because your eyes don't see
But I now they are here
Watching you watching me

I don't know what they want
Or where they will go
Something they are looking for
They are lock in this world

Something in his lives never closed
It's too late to change this curse
They will wander eternally
Until God forgive his sins

Hell or heaven never found
When they die lost his souls
The peace and the tranquility
Is the only things that they needs
For a reason they are here
A violent death change his being
Tortured souls are now
Without found the other side path

When you enter to a room
And feel that you are not alone
It's better turn on the light
And be careful with the dark

Like he shadows they go
They can possess your souls
Don't call them in the night
Cause they bring death not the life.

5. Nature's Force

Force of nature!!!!

Look the power of mankind
They think that control all
The rivers, the sky, the people
But nature will do they fall

Just a finger of God
Is a big hurricane
Can raise it all
For nature is just a game

Rage of the wind
Force of the storm
Power of the sea
Nature's force

We built a lot
We conquer the land
But a earthquake
Can make that all die

All we use the water
The countries fight for sea
They forget that it's alive
A tsunami can destroy his dreams

The forcer of the nature
Can be our extinction
Respect it and be ready
Can be our salvation

The force of the storm
The power of wind
Can make us fly
Is the only think that is free?

6. Battle Song

I came to this land
To join this fight
I bring my sword
And all my pride

The battle start
I see running blood
I feel the death behind
My king is lost
My armies are gone
I'm blinded for the dark
My sword is broke
I have no chance
To leave this war with life

My soul want to fight
But my body is hurt
I feel the cold in my heart
And I see my wasted life

Where is the king?
How many death I see
Where is the king?
Women and childrens are

praying for live
Where is the king?
A river of blood grown here
Where is the king?
I wasted my life for this

The battle is over
Where is the king?
Is better slay without him
He is a betrayer
Is full of fear
Nobody wants a king
The glory the pride
Where is this now?
Now I'm my king

The king who leave and left
His people alone in pain
Is just a mortal man
A coward with a crown in his head.

7. Fall in the Dark

You look to me
Faster I go
Inside my head
I'm loosing control

All passing by
I don't wanna stop
The life going fast
Someday I fall

Fall, fall
Fall, fall
Fall in the dark
Fall in the dark

All I can do
Is enjoy the life
Coz' anyway
I'm gonna die

When I think in the future
That never comes
Is better live the life
Before I did gone

On the speed I go
At last I fall
I lost my head
And I lost all control

I thought that the freedom
Was lived day by day
But control my life
Is the freedom that I gain.


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