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"Forsitesland" (2004 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Borders of the Woods
3. Coming of the Tide
4. Farria
5. Interlude
6. Forsitesland
7. An ascenting Spirit

1. Intro

2. Borders of the Woods

From the borders of the woods
I gaze over the plains
Covered with ice and snow,
twilight of eternal dusk.
Winter – eternally –
has captured the world,
forecasts a fire
to wipe out everything.
As I pace the woods
They whisper to me
Tales no human knows
Banned for many years.

3. Coming of the Tide

Light a torch and follow me
Into the night where thou shall see
Where we belong, to where we go
Towards a dark and distant shore

Fog arises pale and cold
No voice of man or beast does sound
An ancient spirit bleak of old
In highest branches it is bound

From the tents beneath the woods
Old songs of lament can be heard
In honour to a noble man
His forefathers called for him

With the coming of the tide
The flames burst high into the night
Cracking woods, flying sparks
Soul and body now apart

What once was floats away
Only memory to remain
Across the rainbow bridge
Golden halls eternally

4. Farria

In the dragonships they did sail
Acorss the waves, ‘cross storming seas
To discover a holy land
Namely Farria
At the early dawn they set their sails
Wishing for a safe return
With a song in ancient tongue
Towards Farria

Howling winds
Crushing waves
Ran awaits
The drowning ones
In her watery halls
On the wild
Ocean’s ground

Through the storm they now see land
White shores and forests green
Cattle grazing on the plain
Here on Farria
In the fading light they all approach
The sacred well silently
Not a word must me said
To honour Farria

5. Interlude

No Lyrics

6. Forsitesland

An island once home
To a god high and fair
In the old ancient times

Waves rushing on
Its stony shore
Fanned by the winds

This time’s long gone
Carried away
Memory fades

Old fairy tales
Tell me now
What once has been

Of what the elder knows
Told near the fire
Every Jul night

Rise like the storm
Of the northern sea
Out of your grave

You will always be
Remembered well
Forsites Land

7. An ascenting Spirit

Heading into battle
Crushing axe and shield
Arrows cut the air
Warriors fall and die
Wood and iron bursting
Blood is everywhere
Battle noise increasing
Omnipresent death

Snow starts to fall
A storm comes up
Dark clouds blackening the sky
I await the horde of the dead
They will carry me home

My life is slowly fading
Blood is running cold
Ready for my last
Voyage to begin

While they’re approaching
My spirit ascents
Joining the Wild Hunt – finally
To ride across wintery skies
Annually when Jultime’s come

When to their airy hall, my fathers’ vioce
Shall call my spirit, joyful in their choice;
When, pois’d upon the gale, my form shall ride,
Or, dark in mist descent the mountain’s side;
Oh! may my shade behold no sculptur’d urns,
To mark the spot, where earth to earth returns:
No lengthen’d scroll, no praise encumber’d stone;
My epitaph shall be my name alone:
If that with honour fail to crown my clay,
Oh! may no other fame my deeds repay,
That, only that shall single out the spot,
by that remember’d, or with that forgot.

Lord Byron,1806


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