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Beyond Repair

"Beyond Repair" (1999)

1. No One
2. Falling Forward
3. Don't Lose Sight
4. Slip
5. Power Figure
6. Standing Tall
7. Sellout
8. Never Too Old
9. The Enemy
10. Laid to Rest
11. I Will Stand
12. As We Choke
13. Get Sick

1. No One

The first will be the last
But I will take the chance
To see if what gives life
Is what slipped through my hands
Waiting in lines
To feed me lies
Respect for myself
No one runs this life

No one

If you're gonna do it
Do it for yourself
If you're gonna say it
Speak it for yourself
That way when it all
comes back to day one
You're your fucking self

2. Falling Forward

Every day we're slowly dying
The end is far to near
To reverse the past
And build again on
The devastated full of fear

Falling forward to the end
Never learning from the past

Is there still time
Do you have what it takes
To change your narrow mind
Forget the past you imitate

Never learning from the past
We trudge atop the mud
Of humanity layering the lies
One layer upon the other

3. Don't Lose Sight

Addiction kills the mind
And leaves you dependent
Chemicals of ill intention
Mixed to break you,
break your vision

Don't lose sight

With confidence to fight addiction
Take a second step
Stand among as we stand as one
Live straight edge

Until the day you die straight edge

4. Slip

Now I'm watching
My friends slip away
Watching them stray
I'd give anything
To have them back

To my friends
I'll be there for you
Be there for me

I'll watch them drift away
I'll watch them slip away

5. Power Figure

Rot, break, steal, take
Life valued as less
Your life deceived and oppressed

Power figure
Power failure

Take what makes me less a man
With what makes me who I am
I swear I'd force you down
If the power was in my hands

We will force you down

6. Standing Tall

Where is your commitment
Your sense of loyalty
You broke your honor
Your credibility

Standing tall
Despite the rest
Do your best

Hardcore lives inside me

7. Sellout

So you fucking sold me out
And everything it meant
Well I'll move on
And remember everything

Today is the day
We start again
All that was lost
Is the past, another lost friend


I'll remember every fucking thing

8. Never Too Old

Lost faith in the cause
To old and no time
To give what gave you
What no one else could find

Never turn your back on your roots
Never forget what it gave you

Breaking the chain
You're playing their game
Into the future
And onto your shame

Never too old
Never too young
For moshing it up
And singing along

9. The Enemy

Eyes decide this wrongful right
A broken chance
To save your worthless life

Your wrongful rights
Don't change a fucking thing
Brainwashed to kill and kill again


Your worthless life don't mean shit

Who's the enemy now

10. Laid to Rest

With your hands in your pockets
You stand in the back
You give no opinion
And watch their attack
Now who is to say
Now who is the right
You've lost in the end
You lost the fight

We will stand above the rest
We will stand among the best
Do what it takes
To move ahead
And leave behind
What's laid to reat

Laid to rest

11. I Will Stand

We stand against this
This fucked up substance

Face down
Kicked in
Dying slowly

With all I have inside
I will stand against
I will stand against,
This substance

I will stand

12. As We Choke

With a grip so tight
you could make it bleed
He twists, We twist humanity
And to think we did it for this
And to know we did it for this

Too plagued to be repaired
And there's nothing left but despair
What will save us now
I choke life's apathy

Too crushed to be repaired

He twists as we choke
Twist as we choke

To think we did it for this
To know we did it for this

1,2,3,4 GO!
Too crushed to be repaired

13. Get Sick



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