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Neither Of Gods

"Neither Of Gods" (2001)

1. Neither Of Gods
2. Thru Sinfulness
3. Above The Aware
4. In All And Nothing
5. Seven In Heaven, Seven On Earth
6. Blackened To Be
7. The Serpent Unfolds
8. Strength Of The Flesh
9. From On High
10. Enemys Of Thy God
11. 5211131103
12. As It Has Come To End

1. Neither Of Gods

restricted rules applied, deprived on our exemption
why impose gods will
afraid of the suffering inside your own head

why do you fear the things we believe
when you speak the words you despise
how can you say we're guilty of sin
as your greed for rule has lost control

deluding the flock
their choice is only what you decide
the end of the mob, their failure your end

and now the words defied
this love you said is only hate misspelt
praise of the conflict to kill off your lamb
and you are not my god
a war to preserve our sights of rebirth
your love bestowed a hundred fold in return
pestilent creatures begone from this earth
our father is coming to bash your jesus dead

proclaim your christ descended
we laugh at your attempts
take of what's before us
but you are neither of gods

their guilt for you, no guilt for us
a tarnished heart is gained from light
come to bear his crown of thorns
oh, take his pain my sin shall be

how does it feel to become what you've feared
self-proclaimed to act gods right hand
taking his place making god to a fool
if you believe you'll be dead at the meeting with god

2. Thru Sinfulness

the sinful offering, enraptures, enslaves and incites
intertwined with the gift of the gods
pleasure to whom it is sworn
having faith in that of flesh which never betrays
stripped and tied to this covenant
being at a point of satisfaction

these tortured souls agreed to be
an elite to withstand all it's trials
come on follow the blessed ways
forever focused to preserve what's to keep

will be there as a servant to his call
the mercy that finds pleasure in itself
the energy moves and floods in every breath
and shalt not forget the word
light still shines, strengthen pride
trust unbowed, loyalty
all praise for life, an aim so high
lust erupts from sinful sights

the gift of the gods
unshackles, motivates and invites
tolerance has kept this splendour alive
not to remember it's strength
having faith in that which brings to higher elation
which glimmers and glows at eventide
the hidden magick that balances life

thru sinfulness, comes the holy path
to glory that will ever last
and marks in the deepest of hearts
transmuting will to energy, in the rapture of sin
senses follows the strongest of wills
blessed be by this bliss

3. Above The Aware

as one we stand, here and after
as one we stand in our secret places
for it is the way it must be,
our minds, our spirits merging

move in me your soul in mine
I move in you my soul in yours
for this we preserve
and all the others are left in decay

the code to creation is in us
that which was all and nothing in all itself
being everything but none
in the shape of a perfect heart

forever sworn, to protect and hold the highest
no weary eyes will leave us astray
but proud and glorious

be like the voice in a sad song
linger there where grace belongs
be my eyes when I'm blind
and I lead you through the dim lands above the aware

4. In All And Nothing

roaming on earth in pain and anguish
hushed by fear and blind to silence
now from emptiness I soar
writhing in despair as I once yearned
at gods of not my kind
tearing through me, so cold
where are the creatures of perfection

touching dawn, in the emptiest place
it?s the palace of mourning
as words of hate consumes the soul
of an even hardened mind
in seclusion the thoughts I control
are of those we remember
evoke the entrance to find the god of the dismal age

unbound from the sentence
of belief induced by falsehood
as none shalt be imprisoned
like me who was forced
to take it down to pieces
I?ve spoken the words
in the name of the horn
trembled in fever and depravation
indulging in lust to extinguish
this life of no compassion

darkness, enforces the soul of all
darkness, in all and nothing it lasts

5. Seven In Heaven, Seven On Earth

the path of greed for you to tread
take of that which may leave the rest
the part of your life you try to refuse
and when you succeed you wander in fear
call him by the name that he bear
don't put your pride down through your throat
I know you know him and that is for real
in blasphemy the question shall ring

where's your god?
when pain enfolds and hate lives on
inside your hearts

envy is the enemy
hand in hand with the snakes of lies
ambitions lost in your faith in "gold"
this way you can never be made elite

anger arise inside the shell of man
gods love is dead
as the wisdom of life reveals

why shouldn't we serve ourselves in abundance
'tis not the way of the dissident
why shouldn't we take of what is offered
gluttony the ways by the word condemned

lust for flesh for you to taste
you have to explore to complete your dreams
and what hurt can it do when the fruits are thine
forget the words of guilt for what you are
sloth comes for a future untold
for mine are of what please me now
a world of others for which we not care
here and now is our day of joy

6. Blackened To Be

too many times we've been shackled to our feet
with words of disdain from the shallow men
far too long the truth has been withheld
the genuine faith is the one that cling to our past

it's a time to abolish the standards of the weak
it's a time to put question to their rule
years of slander now coming to it's peak
now feel the anguish in your faith

what has been will be again
and woe to you who force prayers upon me
our sinful past will come alive
as we restore the kings for the future to be

screaming, begging for a world to see
converted by sins as a slave to his lies
he still not exists as you see
and your gifts felt nothing in the heart of man

it's a time to enforce the slaves to see the truth
it's a time to put hard times into light
'cause however you entreat to christ
you're imperfect to your god

7. The Serpent Unfolds

death, as long as you're blind
salvation is when you can see
break the circle of lunacy
and he'll bless your soul
with endless pain
dead, begging for life
blessed be the souls that turns black
step out of gods house
and he'll baptize your soul in flames

these hollow saints creates the beggars
the serpent unfolds to erase all the slavery
hierarchy is what he's here to expel
the serpent unfolds to save you from misery

cursed, from what you believe
religious disdain will proceed
search for the evil serenity
and he'll save your soul from being insane
pray, but nothing will change
failure of thoughts you will pay
wake up without a soul
it's of no use to end up this way

he has come to cleanse the world
(to cleanse the world from betrayal and forgery)
he has come to heal the wounds
(to heal the wounds of the earth and uphold all pain)
he has come to tame the weak
(to make them see what the future will bring)
he has come

8. Strength Of The Flesh

a temple made of flesh
in which we emerge to a world of ourselves
the rising of the strong
and strength is found in the blood of man

there's a throne for every god
a stronger aeon for each to find
there's a throne for every one
in the aeon for which we strive

this is my eminent god
my flesh my body mind and soul
rightful by nature with none above
a kingdom for itself that stands out

the ancient systems comes to chaos
becomes enslaved by gods reborn
as man merge the carnal and spiritual
to what they are and always were

remain the god in your realm by strength
by truth wealth and life
exalted high by the strength of the flesh
now when dogmas come to question

must find the kingdom inside of us
become, to be prepared, to praise
the strength of the flesh

9. From On High

their stiff and pale faces
all twisted with a terrified gaze
empty eyes, have you reached
your promised place
without a sound those spirits enticed
into the end
washed away by a frustrated mind

your mixed religions
will fail till the end
do as he plead
and you'll meet the obscene
leave the past behind
and come out on the other side
exit your corpse
and become the entwined

from on high, they say the promise comes
from on high, their empty words
from on high, you're bringing hope for millions
from on high

do as he says and his cheating consists
pleasing the one with no key to your hopes
you'll do whatever to leave unto fantasy
killed by these words
which you thought was not fiction

10. Enemys Of Thy God

no god will be above us to spread disease around
never do we bend for a lord that you've made
we respond with our hatred on you
no chance to walk the future
can't spread some made up words

he could not be able, his corpse is on the cross
and never shalt we serve

with hate invade his kingdom
we're the enemies of thy god
bring ruin as it must be
we're the enemies of thy god

eye for eye, the nemesis will bring dismay
bleed for god, consigned to hypocrisy
his misery, on the cross he takes the blame
nazarene with no doubt we'd kill again

soon you'll face the truth in a grave all alone
as he said "a religion for you"
witness and behold by your hands you're deceased
laughing in scorn as you're buried alive
the revolt shall cripple the faith
know now as your idols will burn

before me there is none
as there is no sense in god
we'll have to put an end to his lie

11. 5211131103

12. As It Has Come To End

the world has come to end
the devil is on his own
by that which has been made
this earth will be laid to waste
the presence of the one
not felt but known
by the end of time
long gone are what we feel

who's the one to take blame
into nothingness come
reason to great suffering

the flames are burning bright
it calls for demise
it has come to bless the devils work
the plague which man breeds
no gods to lead you through
to another world promised for you
in this time to come
long gone are the love of gods

a worlds demise, the crack of dawn
as it has come to end
a worlds demise, heaven falls down
as it has come to end

beneath a darkened sky
a heaven black despises man


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