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"Pervertigo" (2002)

1. Johnny B. Dead
2. Pervertigo
3. The System
4. No Nothing
5. Fistfucking and Alienseed
6. Truth and Tragedy
7. Sleep
8. Reason to Be
9. Game

1. Johnny B. Dead

Last night Johnny died in a blink of an eye
Under flickering moon with a sinister smile
After 23 years of constant unease
He thought a bullet would make 'em voices cease
Determined to taste ice-cold hard steel
While wondering how it would feel
To fall in his knees by his own hand
Conclusion... Hey, it must be grand!

At the age of thirteen, nerves slashed the unclean
Found himself in a maze, endless, unseen
Take left, take right, reason vanished from sight
Not a thing could make him feel alright
Pull, Pull, Pull, Pull!!!
The bullet brings peace and his peace was death
One move would take him far beyond
That is how Johnny took his final breath

With this calming thought I cleanse my entity
One gentle squeeze will finally set me free

Last night Johnny died in a blink of an eye
In a gunshot clad in a messiah's disguise
After 23 years of constant unease
He thought it was time for 'em voices to cease
At the end of that day one life slipped away
No one there to beg this one to stay
One shell now lies in a crimson bed
Would you take yours instead?

2. Pervertigo

Take me to that place where
No man will meet my eyes
Take me to that room where
All life has ceased to exist
And don't look back

I am a man full of medicine
I have a heart of stone
I have no touch of reality
Nor a glimpse of the other side
I have lost my humanity
I get dizzy in the head
If there's a world that will serve my purpose
Just let it go...

Take me to that place where
No fear will blind my eyes
Take me to that room where
It's cold and nothing hurts
And don't look back

And leave it all behind
There's nothing worth fighting for
When you're dead inside
And the body screams for more

3. The System

So sick of this system
So sick of these lies
So sick of this bullshit
So sick of it all

They say everything is alright
They say everything is fine

Don't believe in this system
Don't believe in these lies
Don't believe in this bullshit
Don't believe in it at all

They say everything is alright
They say everything is fine
They say you don't have to worry
Just follow the motherfucking line

Kill the system, use your own will
Kill the system, use your own mind
See the reason with your own eyes
Kill the system!!!

4. No Nothing

You were born to be insane
They start to brainwash you from
Your very beginning
You won't even have
A chance to live your life

No hope, no choice, no chances
No escape, no nothing

You think you're doing the right thing
They made you feel this is the way
You're living the last moment
Of your life all the time

5. Fistfucking and Alienseed

Hell on earth, the unforgiven rebirth
I crept from the womb of a skeleton breed
Into a world of shit, hypocrisy and greed
I was born of fistfucking and alien seed
Stumbled through youth blindfolded and weak
Choking like hell in my enemy's grip
Found heaven in a harlot's fingertips
My manhood between her apocaLips
And wanton thoughts still plague my mind
Can't see what's good, I must be blind
Had a.44 still screaming for more
After a few good deeds and my head still sore
Took the pills and headed out to score
To find something that I knew no more
I never thought it would go this far
But I needed something to heal the scars
Kept convincing this would be my last
But you know, this thoughts pass out so fast

6. Truth and Tragedy

Somehow my world came crumbling down
she passed away and I was left all alone
without all hope
with wounds that never step aside.
Which way to go, I do not know,
what to believe, don't care.
Just pain and misery
nothing to make me feel alive.

Each time I see her face it strikes me down and breaks my spine,
cuts me to pieces deep inside.
Each time I hear her voice it burns like thousand flames inside.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Don't say I can't go on like this.
It is so hard to live with truth and tragedy.
Feelings I cannot throw away.
'Cause only I can fell you now.
What heartless acts took place that fatal summer's night.
Just pain and nothing left to say.

7. Sleep

Freak midnight hour, clock strikes nearly twelve
I bear no hope inside this barren mind which aches
As it can't get no sleep

Eyes closed I reach for a dream,
But something bulls me back
In pressure one can't rest
And there still are enemies to resist

In every corner voices, whispers, haunting screams
And pale despair
Inside this head, there's a war that awakes
As the rest of the world exhausts

This night will bring no change
To what it's been for ages now
Awake, insane
One minute an hour
One hour a day

In every move there's a glimpse of end
A last goodbye, final farewell
I may be awake,
But take my word, that's all there is...

I see myself a broken man in the mirror's crack
A wretch, just this I'm asking for
Spare me as I can't take no more

8. Reason to Be

I still remember you, my beautiful daydream
Your smile was like a neverending dawn
We were like strangers getting closer day by day
But lies drove you further and finally away

It hurt's to be with you
It hurts to be without
It hurt's loving you
'Cause you're my reason to be

I can't erase these things, these things that made you cry
Your tears are like acid, burn holes in my world
I tried to find the reasons, what went wrong
Now I'm tired dreaming dreams that will never come true

9. Game

You want to get into that game
The secret game where bet is pain
Like playing dice with no numbers
Who dares will win, but still who cares...

There are no winners or winning
Only losers and losing

By mental penetration inside

You're like possessed by things above
They are with us, inside our minds
You want to hear them, feel them, call them
Who dares will win, but still who cares...

You've heard stories of it's strength and might
It's so powerful and right but only a very big lie


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