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"Geneticide" (2002)

1. Into The Chaos
2. Aborted
3. Blind Eat The Blind
4. Geneticide
5. Fifth Victim
6. Here I Lay Rotten
7. Malpractice Makes Perfect
8. Curbstomp Execution
9. Injecting Utopia
10. Baptized In Excrement
11. Infanticide
12. Iron Hook Purification
13. Tortured Existence

1. Into The Chaos

2. Aborted

Electric fetal tissue finder
Unwanted malignant issue grinder
Not welcome by its protector
Fed to the unborn child processor

Raping and Collecting
The tool is inserted into her cunt
Ramming and Molesting
Malicious the fetus it will hunt
Cutting up the tissue
Aborted now the fetus it will suck
Chopping and Processing
Unwanted child it will now be flushed

Raping the womb
Now fetal tomb
Cleansing the wound
The child consumed
Spawn of the Fool
Transformed into gruel
Abortion tool
Is now removed

Lessons are not Learned
Bitch of Doom Returned
Another Spawn will come
From the diseased cunt

Lessons not learned
The bitch returns
One more conceived
But not to greave
The living flesh
Is put to rest
Her fucking fest
Another Death

3. Blind Eat The Blind

The System lied; the Vision blind
Your Vision of Controlling the Chaos
Of the Souls survived

Torturing, Torment
Goes on in their lives
Revolt, Oppression
Lives on in their Minds
Bodies in Torment
Scream out in their Pain
Twisted and Tortured
From a mind that is deranged

They are enslaved

The Revolt begun
Exposure of brain
Cannibalistic slaughter
Of the Insane
Factory of Pain
Erupting in flames
The bodies are burning
Screaming in pain
Consuming masses
No way to escape
The burning bodies
Like maggots they rape
Attacking the doctor
Creator of pain
The body of their master
Consumed by their hate

Destroying the Pain

The System lied; the vision blind
Your vision of controlling the Chaos
Of their souls
Has Died.

4. Geneticide

Break down the system
Betray your Wisdom
Your loss of vision
Has caused this cruel infliction

Bite the saw with tissue for Genetic means
Scientific mission that the world does not need
Slaughter is the testing; Genetic Holocaust
Basic cells infecting; our future is now lost

They're playing god
Generate diseased tissue
Unlock the Code
Obliterate all we dreamed of
Genocidal Spawn
Seeds of Time are mutated
Our future gone
To carry out the dreams of one

Our world will die
Mutated Time
From scientific lies

Bit the saw with tissue for Genetic means
Scientific mission that the world does not need
Slaughter is the testing; Genetic Holocaust
Basic cells infecting; our future is now lost

Genetic Vision

5. Fifth Victim

The first one died by strangulation
A puppet for my manipulation
Gone in a moment of mad frustration
But the beginning of my fascination

The Second one died from decapitation
A blood soaked whore, from mutilation
A death too quick for my satisfaction
The next one will serve my twisted passion

The third one I gutted
I laughed as she suffered
Her kicking and screaming
Intensified the feeling
My knife fucked with my passion
As her face I was bashing
Her skin I began feeling
Until I silenced her scream

The fourth one died from my dissection
Butchered flesh my new obsession
Organs used for my consumption
One more for my designation

Grotesque killing
Is my obsession
Power craving
My domination
Murder slaying
For designation
Corrupt feeding
My fascination

Die, You are my fifth victim,
Die, Your death completes my mission

I have chosen your fate
It is too late
Your death creates
The path to designate

I have now killed my Fifth Victim
My slaughter seen as "Disease"
Millions will want to bear witness
The End becoming of me

I am the one they are after
A Serial killer: I be
Forever my actions remembered
With the sound of my name

By the sound of my name.

6. Here I Lay Rotten

Here I lay rotten
Dreams of hers forgotten
Inside this virgin layer
I am the Legion of Terror

Slowly rotten
Dreams are forgotten
Inside her stare
The Legion of Death exist there

The Demon has her in Possession
To claim this virgin for Collection
Begin now the resurrection
Her body rots with infection
Holy Words of Exorcisms
To clean the demon's possession

Fucking; Raped by God

Purge the Demon
From her with my semen
I the preacher
Have God's word to teach her

I, The Demon, see through your fake healing
Your obsession to fuck caused this infection
Unholy Vision
Betrayed the holy mission
God's protector
Fucked her from Protection

The demons in her eyes
The venom between her thighs
Has opened the preacher's eyes
Christ is now denied

7. Malpractice Makes Perfect

Embrace your scars
Change who you are
Embrace your scars
Living Illusion

Embrace the scars
Change who you are
Behind the mask
The plastic becomes your flesh

Change me with your blade
With Surgery

The Scar won't hide
The wounds in your Pride
Injecting your flesh
With your Silicone Fetish

Raping Philosophy
Changing with Surgery

8. Curbstomp Execution

Beg on your knees
I control the rest of your life
Pain I'll bring to thee
Open your mouth and taste the Curb

Of the Despised

Brain paint the street
As my boot ends the rest of your life
Red is all that is seen
When your face explodes in the night

Of the Despised

You've lost your last opportunity
To change the way of your life
Now I've taken the opportunity
To put an end to your kind,
Time's wasted on an extra funeral
As my boot ends your life

The life I've taken
Won't make a difference
The path I've chosen
Makes me indifferent
When you've taken
My loved ones from me
My sweet vengeance
Was the answer
The death of me

9. Injecting Utopia

I am your dealer
I'll numb your pain
I'll tell you what you need
My truth you'll crave
My wrath is coming
I'll take your reigns
Taste my Venom
Inside your veins
I'll take your future
In just one hit
Turn what you once held dear
Into shit
I am your preacher
Your way to god
Once you take me in
All hope is lost

You let me poison; Create holes
Once you've chosen I'll take control
I'll bring pleasure for all your pain
You'll always crave me inside your veins

Take me inside
Controlling your system
The pleasure you find
Distorting your vision
I am the One
You call your master
Cravings in your veins
Will call out

Lies, Taken inside
You want me all your life
I won't hide
Calling out your name
You're insane
Forever you will crave
My Domain
To take away your pain

10. Baptized In Excrement

Lies bring to light
The falseness of their god
Live their lives without sin

Fuck your god
And all you stand for
I won't follow
I'd rather bathe in shit

They try to rape your mind
They want to be your savoir
Don't fall for their misdirection
They try to prey on
Weak minded fools
They tried to change my life
I won't fall for contradiction
I won't live their ways of faith
I'd rather live for my own sake

11. Infanticide

Genocide for your crimes
Slaughter them, I want piece of mind
Holy wars, protect your whores
I want their blood to be satisfied

On with the War, Bring Infanticide
Slaying the Hordes keeps them occupied
Preparing the youth to be sacrificed
I am the truth; heed my word or die

Live to die, breathe the lies
Only their pride makes them glad to die
Born for War, breed some more
Keep them from roaming the streets at Night

Shape their lives with our world vision
Make them kill without decision
Across the world with foul precision
Their lives serve our cold vision
The hand of cruel infliction Lied
Children die
From our own lies

They fight for power and greed
They slaughter all that they see
They are our children; we want them to die
Their masters are insane
Controlling them for their own gain
They are our children; we want them to die
The war machine has been trained
Born to kill and be slain
They are our children; we want them to die
Protecting land where they came
To fight the war that they made
They are our children; we want them to die

12. Iron Hook Purification

Envision your meeting with Ra

They drug to wrap you
Bound up wake up screaming
The altar is awaiting
Prepare for the Iron Hook Purification

Embrace the pain, Liquefy the brain
With Iron Hook

Breaking of the law brings rapture of thy
Cranium broken, Iron hook purifies your mind

Probing with red hot precision
Iron hook now rapes your system
Your butchery engages laughter
Catatonic state of mind they're after

Liquify your mind

13. Tortured Existence

Study, Analyze
Mutations of mankind
Wonder, What is to come
Twisted; your fucking son

Tortured Existence
In this World
Stripped of life's blood
A poisoned womb
Tortured Existence
In this World
Her system's nearly dead
Corrupted ground

You'll die one at a time
Your fate is this lie

Tortured Existence
In this World
Stripped of life's blood
A poisoned womb
Tortured Existence
In this World
Stripped of its lifeblood
Our mother's polluted poisoned womb

Children suffer from what we have done
Bodies lie rotting
From the Sun
They are examples of this world
Tortured Existence
Just deserved

Wake up, Reality a dream
Twisted inside your games
Victims of past undone
Crippled by their son


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